I have observed something that I really haven't noticed in awhile probably because I haven't gone to the mall to make purchases. On Christmas Eve, I went shopping with my sons as they finished their Christmas shopping. We drove to Tyson's Mall,parked near Macy's. To get into the mall we walked through Macy's. I can tell you I haven't been in a Macy's in a couple of years. But as I walked through Macy's I noticed the male mannequins dressed in briefs. Actually a couple of different styles on different mannequins. The mannequins looked more life like then the ones I remember being used at the stores. The mannequin's had hard nipples and a decent looking package to fill out the underwear.

Now because I wasn't near the lingerie department, I don't know if the female mannequins are created equal. I may have to return to the mall to find out that answer.

Panties with more then bows and ribbon

I found this web site on a forum I belong to, I really love the panties on this site. Some are expensive but take a look at them and see why.

Lollipop Girl

I really love my lollipop girl

And how she makes her tongue swirl

Around and around my sweet hard candy

Sipping each drop as if it were brandy

Relishing it like it's an all-day sucker

Smiling at me she makes her mouth pucker

Firmly but gently with her hand she grips

As she slides it in and out her wet lips

I hear the sound of a slurp and a smack

She must be enjoying her delicious snack

I can take no more of her luscious licking

While sucking it with her tongue flicking

Nearing the finish her rhythm increases

And finally it's over and she releases

When she is through I feel it's my turn

Because she has something for which I yearn

She has a dessert of which I must eat

And slowly I lick her sweet tasty treat

How Can I Stop My Husband / Boyfriend Wearing Lingerie?

So you have a husband or boyfriend and in many respects he is quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, you have discovered that he likes to wear lingerie, which is obviously unacceptable. Although you like to wear jeans now and then, and think you look pretty cute when you slip into his shirt, it's quite unacceptable for him to go so far as to enjoy wearing women's clothing. Women can wear whatever they want, but men need to toe the fashion line. We can't have them dressing in whatever takes their fancy, can we now.
But how do you stop him from wearing lingerie? Well, I advise women who want to stop their male partner wearing women's lingerie to act in the same way that they would stomp out any other harmless behavior which brings him pleasure. As every woman knows, a man's pleasure and enjoyment of life should rest largely, if not entirely, in the hands of his significant other.

Who doesn't respond well to an ultimatum? Nobody I know, that's for sure. If you want your boyfriend or husband to stop wearing lingerie, simply threaten him with an ultimatum, such as, 'If I catch you wearing lingerie again, this relationship is over.' This is sure to make him stop wearing lingerie and never want to wear lingerie again. You may have to comb the house for stashes of lingerie throughout the rest of your lives, as he takes to occasionally relapsing and buying the odd pair of panties or perhaps even a bra (gadzooks!) Don't worry about this too much, once you have firmly established an imbalance of power within the relationship, you should be able to terrorize and guilt him into giving up lingerie again without breaking so much as a sweat.

Whining and Nagging
Two major weapons in any shrew wife, or aspiring shrew wife's arsenal are whining and nagging. When you use the whining and nagging method, you should be sure to bring up the issue at least once a day. You should also ruin any moments of peace and happiness you two might mistakenly be enjoying by throwing the fact that he wears lingerie in his face. He must learn that if he does not do what you want, you will punish him with emotional blackmail until he concedes.

Shame and Humiliation
If all else fails, why not try to shame him out of wearing lingerie? Tell your friends, your family, his friends and family. Laugh about it. Make sure that he knows that you think he is very silly for wearing women's lingerie. Emasculating a man is a surefire way to bend him to your will. He may be resentful for some time, but you can overcome his resentment by withholding intimacy.

Withholding Intimacy
I almost feel silly writing this here, as it is fairly obviously the first step any red blooded woman would take when trying to defend an indefensible position. Withholding intimacy deprives him of something he enjoys, and forces him to turn his desires elsewhere. If that's not a good idea, then I don't know what is.

Caveat / Warning
Please be aware that undertaking any of the courses of action listed above puts your relationship at serious risk of what some people might call failure, (divorce, breaking up, that sort of thing.) Don't let that stop you however, how are you supposed to get your way in life if you can't control and micromanage your partner all the way down to his underwear?

(hub pages of Hope Alexander)

4 Things Guys Notice

According to a new study, a person’s physical appearance allows others to form surprisingly accurate first impressions. So you may want to think twice about what kind of image you’re projecting with these traits dudes check out immediately.

1. Your Smile
Does it seem sweet and genuine? Does it seem awkward and forced? Does it seem like you ate a sesame-seed and parsley salad for lunch based on what’s lodged between every single one of your teeth?

2. Your Hair
Guys have no idea what split ends are, and if you mention roots, they just think of the band. But they do look to see if your hair looks 1. soft and 2. as though it would smell good. So don’t request “The Gosselin” at the salon, and wash it every so often. That’s all guys ask.

3. Your Cleavage
Newsflash: Dudes like to look at your chest. But they will notice how you’re showing off what you’ve got.

4. Your Skin
You know that blemish you’ve been obsessing over all day because it’s so huge? Chances are guys won’t even notice. What will they notice, if you look like a jaundiced Oompa-Loompa because of overenthusiastic tanning.

Guys what do you think agree?

Panties and bra

i love my panties and bra, especially if i can get them matching. i love the way they make me feel when i am dressing in the morning. i love the lace, sheerness, colors, embroidery, they way my breasts fills them out, the way the panties fit just right. if the lingerie shows through my blouses and slacks or skirt do be it. i don't dress for attention or to show others what i am wearing, i dress because the lingerie is sexy and i love it.
i do have a few of everyday bras and panties, cotton or other materials that i do wear but on those mornings when i feel overly sexual and want the sexy feeling all day it is the lace, embroidery sheerness that is put on. i am so pleased to know that the sexy bras and panties can be found for me, i wear a 44DD and i fill out the bra just right. just ask my pantie loving friend, he loves the idea that i wear the bras and panties i do. i know he gets aroused knowing and seeing my lingerie. there are times i cant keep him out of my pantie drawer.
every lady should have sexy bras and panties to slip into when that sexual mood hits. instead of heading to Victoria's Secret to purchase that sexy lingerie just go to the department store make that purchase and slowly build to purchasing at Victoria's Secret. there are ladies that look a VS and say to themselves not me! not young enough, over the top, i wont look as sexy as the models, the excuses go on and on. so begin at the mall department store. trust me, JCP has some gorgeous sexy bras and panties, or even fashion bug, catheriens, avenues, oh there are so many great stores.
help your lady get sexy and enjoy those items you love to see her in or you want to be in. it isn't a competition its to build a relationship you both can enjoy.

Snow Days

I hope some of you remember what it is to have a snow day. I do because every school year as a teacher I look forward to a surprise day off due to bad weather, a snow day.

Guess what, just a few hours ago my school district closed school for Monday and Tuesday, 2 snow days. Now I will try to use those days to get the Christmas shopping done. What a great Christmas gift from my school district.
BTW, it is still snowing! All you need to do is believe.

Merry Christmas,N


Good Morning,
It's snowing, lots of it! There is probably about 7" outside now with more to come. I enjoy a great a snow storm, haven't seen a storm like this since the 2003 in Front Royal. I probably won't be going to school on Monday. Now snow days is another topic all together, if I am home from school on Monday, I'll leave a posting.

Being snow bound for the day has me itching to get outside and listen for the quiet. No one in the complex has started up a car which is a blessing, my neighbor has a big ole red diesel truck that makes enough noise to wake the dead! I am eating oatmeal, I make a good bowl of hot oatmeal. Lots of milk and sugar to sweeten the cereal. Before eating I did a little straightening up, since I can't get out to begin or finish Christmas shopping. That is correct I have procrastinated for so long now I am worried I won't be ready for Christmas. I am ready for Christmas in my faith and belief in Jesus but no so when it comes to my family. I will need to be super organized when the storm moves on.

So what are we all doing when snow bound? How many of you are looking at the forecast and cursing the snow? or sitting back watching the latest CMT music videos? Dressed ready to attack, what? Undressed (in a nightie or pajamas) deciding should I dress or stay comfortably dressed after showering? Hmm choices! I am in a nightie but I will shower and dress comfortably. Then I think I will embroidery green napkins for a gift, I did the embroidery for our library volunteers. Then straighten up a little and do some decorating for Christmas.

I have other ways to spend a day like this but that friend is out checking trees, lines and roads to be certain no one loses their power, cable or internet connections!

So tell me, leave a posting how are you spending the day with a snow storm raging outside? Part of being prepared for Christmas is to sit back and enjoy life, not getting caught up in the panic and rush.
Merry Christmas, N

Sexual Pictures (porn?)

I am a genetic girl, I hope most of you realize that by now. I love tough, rugged, masculine guys. Not necessarily muscular but 100% all male guy. I have a question when it comes to pictures of guy friends. The question I have is simple I think. I have a friend that has been sending me pictures of his c--k and b-lls recently. He has a new phone so now he can take and send pictures, so daily I get pictures. He wears panties and dresses in lingerie. I have received pictures from other friends of themselves dressed in lingerie. I think that I am privileged to have pictures sent to me of my friends in all kinds of lingerie and undress. I do enjoy getting the pictures. I find the pictures arousing and exciting. I don't share their pictures with anyone nor do I upload to any site or blog without their permission. Trust me I have many pictures and enjoy all of them.

But the question I asked 'J' this afternoon is a question he has asked me once. He wants to do a threesome with another guy. I believe 'J' wants his c-ck sucked by this other guy before we 3 get together. 'J' is very protective of me. Which doesn't bother me but for me to get to know this guy 'J' has sent me pictures of this guys co-k. The question I asked 'J' is simple does looking at another guys c-ck get you aroused. 'J' couldn't really answer the question. I know I love getting pictures of my guy friends in and out of lingerie. Once before when we talked about 'J' wanting to suck another c-ck he was concerned if I thought that meant he was gay or bi. I don't think, being gay or bi has anything to do with enjoying pleasure from a same sex partner. I do think a same sex partner knows how to give pleasure to the same sex. They know the right places and touches get the person off.

I know watching 'J' get sucked or him sucking another guys c-ck would be exciting and arousing for me. I know I would want to participate in that activity. Does that make a guy gay or bi? I really don't have a answer for that question. Do you? Another question is do you get any pleasure from pictures of guys? or only from pictures of ladies?

Men Should Shave

6 Convincing Reasons Why Men Should Shave

Woman were asked to share with us why a few of them preferred a man who shaves and we gathered their talks and came up with the 6 Most Important Reasons Why They Prefer a Shaved Men.

1. It makes his erection look bigger. Yes, which papi doesn't want to look enormous and ready to produce some serious pain? Men and big go together like plump olives in martinis so tell your man if he wants to look bigger (than he already is of course cause that sentence alone can open a can of worms lol) suggest to him to shave so you can enjoy the whole view of his elephant trunk! An erection can be a gorgeous sight when we can view the penis and scrotum nicely ready for some action!

2. No hairs allow for more sensation!
I've heard that some men feel more sensations when they have no hairs and I could see why. The skin is bare and more prone to sensitivity. Ladies, haven't you noticed more sensitivity when you shave? I agree that a bare skin is more sensitive so I'm sure the same will be for the man!

3. How sensitive is his scrotum? Ladies, men love their scrotum caressed because it's a very sensitive area. The art to a toe-curling ----- is to never forget that the scrotum needs some mouth and hand TLC just like the penis. It's the man's second most erogenous spot and when it's hair-free its so inviting. The hairs in that area will cause odor and sweat and he might as well put some police tape and trust me, women will cross it cause it's not inviting!

4. It's cleaner Like we've said on here, hygiene is one of the most important reasons why we women groom ourselves and it should be the same with men. Hairs produce sweat and who wants to put her precious face on some sweaty pubes? Hairs produce sweat and body odor and that is not something we want to go near!

5. Women want to see that its healthy Ladies, let me clear this one. A clean and apparent healthy penis doesn't mean that he doesn't carry an STD or some illness. That's why Chlamydia is so common, it's undetected and produces no symptoms. But a very trimmed or hair-less penis takes the guess work of wondering if he has some unsightly critters hiding in the jungle.

6. It's more appealing and inviting to the eye A clean, very trimmed or hair-less penis is very sexy and inviting. It looks glorious and so healthy and we want to caress it with our hands and mouth and enjoy every inch of it. We want la cosa (translation: the thing) to be in full bloom and glistening so we can caress it and touch it and wonder around in those other erogenous areas that we may overlook when they're covered in hair.
(from Shine)


Saturday, yesterday was the first snow fall for where I live. I staid in most of the day, but towards the end of the day I had to go out and enjoy the snow. As I was clearing off the car, I knew by the texture it was good snow for building snowmen and making snowballs. The snow was heavy and good packing.

I did take pictures with my phone but I don't remember how to get them off my phone, I don't even know how to get them to the memory card in the phone. The last time I used the phone to take pictures my son did all the moving of the pictures. He called and said he would help again but he is in another state and I wont get to see him until Christmas. I will get the pictures uploaded so you can see my town with snow.

As I was driving to church this morning once again the mountains looked beautiful. There is a reason to live in rural parts of Virginia. I will miss my little town when I move. The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley can't be replicated in the suburbs of Virginia.

not my picture but it is the view to my town from the skyline drive.

Camisole or Bra

Perhaps both.

I know its difficult to find that perfect fitting bra. My pantie luv loves a nice fitting bra. With really no breasts to speak of he is a 36 AA, so it is difficult to find a bra for him. I have gone into the girls department to find a bra for him, I did have some luck. I found a beginning bra for him. The bra had no extra padding or fabric. When he slipped into the bra his nipples got so hard like little pebbles. I just had to caress and lick. When you can't find the elusive bra AA's are difficult to come by try purchasing a camisole. No need to worry about cup size or chest measurement. Camisole most likely come in S, M, L, and XL. I get the same reaction when he slips into a camisole; hard nipples ready to be caressed and licked. He can slip into a camisole under his shirt. If only the other guys knew what was under the shirt that makes him so horny to be with me!

Camisole Tips

Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily attire, giving them a little extra lift throughout the otherwise dreary work day. The feel of satin, chiffon, or silk caressing against your torso as you make a presentation, take the train to work, or simply walk down to the pub for lunch makes for a sexy secret that is sure to lift your spirits, and perhaps various other anatomical regions as well. Camisoles are an excellent choice for a man who is looking to perhaps expand his lingerie collection, or move away from just wearing panties. They feel great against the skin, do not require a lot of technical know how to fit properly, and are incredibly comfortable, whilst also having quite a dramatic effect.

There are a wide range of camisoles available on the market, so shop around and chose the style and fabric that suits you the best. If your love for lingerie has a tactile basis, then silk and satin are excellent choices. If you like a the look of it, then chiffon and lace can have stunning effects. Mix them up, or wear a camisole with a matching pantie (this is an excellent way to create a coherent look). Whatever you do, don't forget the one steady rule when it comes to wearing lingerie: Have fun!

Try the camisole.


Why do so many of you feel you need to be 'trained' or embarrassed or humiliated or be something different then what you are? Its one thing to wear panties/lingerie to feel feminine (sissy) but why the next step to be rejected for who you are a guy in lingerie then treated like you are worthless. I love a guy in lingerie a masculine all male guy, humiliation or training to be subservient isn't even in the picture. I love telling him how to dress, how to pleasure himself and me. when it comes to some of the stuff with hurtings, embarrassments, changing features now that is scary. I have read so many stories about guys being subservient to their so called wives or mistresses or whomever. I can't imagine giving another person the control over your life, to me that is so scary, just not normal in any kind of relationship. But who is saying you have a relationship beyond a subservient one, now that is sad. i know everyone is entitled to their views and opinions but sometimes you all scare me. I hope most of the stories are just that fiction.
You all just scare me.

this was originally posted on by me


This week I was in a room full of testosterone. It was weird for me. I guess it is because I feel comfortable having a conversation with just about anyone. I can be standing in line at the grocery store and strike up a conversation. Last week I had to take a seat and a guy pushed in and I sat down next to him. We immediately started a conversation nothing earth shaking but it was good to talk to someone who could actually hold a conversation. I pushed in to let Howard sit down next to me. I know Howard because I have had several meetings with him for a year or so. It was easy to have a conversation with Howard. First it was talk about a few of his colleagues standing up front, how he knew them through an organization, he is the treasurer. Then how different guys are from girls. How easy it is for girls when we meet to hug and kiss on the cheek, tell each other how pretty the blouse or skirt is that we are wearing then getting down to the business at hand. I asked Howard don't guys do that, don't guys tell other guys about the neat ties they are wearing or the color of the suit they have on? Howard just looked at me and chuckled with a big smile. I guess guys don't do that sort of thing. I know I do, I like to see guys in neat ties and great colored shirts. The suit or other clothing depends on the guy. I have to admit I work with some guys that would fit in GQ with no problem and that includes Howard. We then got to talking about how he would rather not be in the uniform of the day. I looked at him and then he began to explain that in his business the uniform is a suit and how he wished he could be in jeans and a t-shirt. Now we both agreed that wouldn't due for the business at hand. I told Howard how at school we have a dress down day. Howard then explained his dress down days are when he won't be seeing a client or going to court. But then I remembered that one time I met Howard in his office he was dressed casual. Damn he is a sexy guy. As well as the guy that was sitting next to me. That is the point of this posting. The room I was in where ever I looked with an exception I was surrounded by beautiful men dressed handsomely and well groomed. It was such a turn on. As I was waiting with Howard and with the other guy sitting to my right I began to wonder what these two guys would be like dressed in lingerie. Damn Oh yes in a bra and panties. I would love to see them dressed in lingerie. My mind began to wonder, my fingers got itchy. I took out my notebook and began to write a story, this day being the starting point. The story will be posted return to read it. How I miss having intelligent conversation anything beyond talking about others, sex and lingerie; I am more intelligent then that.

A side note, I do miss having conversations with friends. It is amazing how few can hold a conversation beyond talking about people, sex and lingerie. I guess with me in close proximity to DC I pay alot of attention to the news and I do love watching hockey. Since meeting a friend out of country I even pay attention to world news. How else to know who to support and those who need to be voted out of office.

Men's Health

yes I bought the magazine today. when i bought the magazine I also bought 2 CDs, Chris Young. I love his voice and especially 'gettin' you home' and 'voices'. i heard he chatted with Jeff Foxworthy a couple of weeks ago when he was in Virginia, i wish i knew where. Virginia is a large state.
back to the magazine. i bought the December issue. i really enjoyed reading it and this issue had 4 fragrance samples. so i guess those samples aren't just for the ladies anymore. i will glance through it again then pass it on.
its a pleasure to enjoy guys.

Soy Products

I know I left a post before about soy products, especially soy products eaten by men. I guess soy products are a good substitute for meat protein but only in moderation. Recently I heard on a news show that another guy was suffering with pain and developing breasts. Soy beans have female hormones (estrogen) that when consumed in a large quantities men will begin to develop breasts and have other problems associated with the increase of female hormones from eating soy products.

This is the article:
Jeremy Piven Blames Soy Milk for Man Boobs
Wednesday, November 4, 2009Last updated 9:16 a.m. PT

First Jeremy Piven blamed sushi for mercury poisoning, and now the actor claims he grew man boobs (aka moobs) from drinking excessive amounts of soy milk.
Jeremy Piven leaves Broadway show on doctor's orders
"I was the guy that dabbled in soy milk, but now I've found out soy milk has enough estrogen for me to grow breasts," Piven told Scottish STV. "I had to put the soy milk down. It was a very confusing time."
Consumer and nutritional sciences expert Jill Hamilton-Reeves told
AOL that she learned the 44-year-old Entourage actor was drinking 12 cups (about three-quarters of a gallon) of soy milk a day. "That means he was taking in approximately 360 milligrams of isoflavones a day," Hamilton-Reeves said. "And isoflavones are what people generally believe to be responsible for any effects in male reproductive hormones."
Perhaps someone needs a lesson in moderation.

Read the article or go back in my postings and read the article from Men's Health about soy products.

Ghosts of War- Ryan Smithson

I needed to share this book with someone and this was the first place I thought of. Many of you know that about 2 years ago my son joined the Army. He has never been able to tell me what happened from beginning to now. I know there had to have been good and bad times, scary times and laughable times. But he really hasn't talked about the military. Perhaps one day he well. But I had to share this book. I just finished reading it. I know from reading this book it was like therapy for the writer but it made me cry and proud and thankful for the military. A small passage from the book is why I agree this Iraq war had to take place.
pg. 240: "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for it?" "Yes" Okay he says" "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for the freedom of others?"
That is why we went into Iraq not looking for weapons or take their oil but to give freedom to those who don't have it. We need to remember how we fought for our Freedoms. We fought for them from England in the 1770's. We fight every day to keep our Freedoms. Have you been listening to what is happening in DC?
Weapons of mass destruction weren't a chemical or weapons but the dictator was the weapon of mass destruction! He took what was is given to every human because they are given naturally and unconditionally. Please read the book, see why it is necessary to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. What or Who is the weapon of mass destruction?
This is one of the best books I have read this year, I bought this book for my school library but something about this book drew me to read it, I read it, I hope it chased away the ghosts for Ryan. It made me realize the sacrifice he and others made so others may know the Freedoms we enjoy every day. So many fight to remove the number of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, we fight so others can have the Freedoms we so much enjoy every day of our lives.

Compliment or Harassment

There is a guy I work with that has been called weird. I think we all are weird or strange in our own ways. This colleague has on several occasions made comments to me that possibly said to others might make them feel creepy. Last week at school we celebrated breast cancer awareness. This colleague did make a comment to me which to me is a sign of the times of being politically correct. He said 'we can celebrate breast cancer awareness talk about cures and preventions but can't comment if you like a lady's breasts.' I had to agree with him. I grinned because that day I was wearing a similar bra to the one pictured in a previous post. Is my colleague a typical guy that wants to admire a lady's breasts without being called a perv? Is it harassment? Can it be said as a compliment? Do you give those compliments to a wife or gf? Is it sexual harassment? Is it something that is missing in relationships? I know when I see a male colleague dressed well I compliment him. I love it when I see great colored shirts and ties on guys. For once I hope guys feel comfortable wearing colors, its time to retire the white and pale blue shirts.


My new bra very sexy cream colored with pink embroidery overlay. Yes that is a butterfly tat!

Its my friend who asks most mornings what lingerie I am wearing. You ask me why? Hmm. What if you could slip a part of you between those ?

Words Women Use...

I had this tucked away on a CD, this evening I have taken a few minutes to clean up CDs and toss some of them away. Remember I am a GG. lol
Words Women Use...

FINE ~ This is the word we use at the end of any argument that we feel we are right about but need to shut you up. NEVER use fine to describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments.

FIVE MINUTES ~ This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you take out the trash, so I feel that it's an even trade.

NOTHING ~ If you ask her what is wrong and she says NOTHING, this means something and you should be on your toes. NOTHING is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last FIVE MINUTES and end with the word FINE.

GO AHEAD (with raised eyebrows) ~ This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over NOTHING and will end with the word FINE.

GO AHEAD (normal eyebrows) ~ This means "I give up" or "do what you want because I don't care." You will get a raised eyebrow "Go ahead" in just a few minutes, followed by NOTHING and FINE and she will talk to you in about FIVE MINUTES when she cools off.

LOUD SIGH ~ This is not actually a word, but is still often a verbal statement very misunderstood by men. "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot at that moment and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over NOTHING.

SOFT SIGH ~ Again, not a word, but a verbal statement. "Soft Sighs" are one of the few things that some men actually understand. She is content. Your best bet is to not move or breathe and she will stay content.

THAT'S OKAY ~ This is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can say to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before paying you retributions for whatever it is that you have done."That's Okay" is often used with the word "Fine" and used in conjunction with a raised eyebrow "Go ahead." At some point in the near future when she has plotted and planned, you are going to be in some mighty big trouble.

PLEASE DO ~ This is not a statement, it is an offer. A woman is giving you the chance to come up with whatever excuse or reason you have for doing whatever it is that you have done. You have a fair chance to tell the truth, so be careful and you shouldn't get a "That's Okay.

"THANKS ~ A woman is thanking you. Do not faint; just say "you're welcome.

"THANKS A LOT ~ This is much different from "Thanks." A woman will say,"Thanks A Lot" when she is really ticked off at you. It signifies that you have hurt her in some callous way, and will be followed by the "Loud Sigh." Be careful not to ask what is wrong after the "Loud Sigh," as she will only tell you "Nothing."

Shenandoah Region

I am not certain how many of you know where I live but I live in a very beautiful part of Virginia. The autumn foliage is beautiful this time of year. In the past I never really paid much attention to the seasonal change. For the last few weeks on my travels to school and to church I have noticed the season change. The mountains is where I see the change. Over the summer I didn't really see how tall or hilly the mountains were but with the change in foliage color I have noticed the varied elevations of the mountains. It was beautiful the reds, oranges, yellows and lately turning brown. I would say the trees are past prime color change, but it is still beautiful as the trees begin to fade from the yellows into browns.
Winter will soon arrive. Enjoy the weather it will be colder soon.

Firemen to the Rescue!

This was sent to me from a friend, its cute! Read then look!

This is one of the best blooper ads I have seen and

demonstrates what can happen when companies outsource

their ads to foreign countries in order to cut costs.

Someone who is ESL (English as a second language)

wrote the copy line for this ad. The little firemen

coming out of the bottle are supposed to be there.

It's the writing at the end.


I have been wearing PINK all week. Either panties and bra or some kind of outer clothing that is pink. This week at school is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS WEEK. The Leo Club is selling mardi gras beads in school colors and PINK as a fundraiser. We have been collecting the pink yogurt tops. Today I have on pink bra and panties. The last 2 days it has been pink blouse of some kind with pink bra and panties. The rest of the week I will be wearing PINK. Yes I still have more pink to wear. I have a pantie tattoo that is pink as a daily reminder for a friend.

Are you man enough to wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness?

Teachable Moment

I had today off from school. I needed the day. I am not a morning person so getting up at 5 AM is tough. I did learn to get up at 5 AM years ago but this school year its been tougher then normal to get up. Having today off I slept until 9 AM. It was a good morning and a nice October day.

I had to go out to the grocery store for lunch stuff. While out I got gas for my car. While I was pumping the gas another older lady had to get gas also the problem she didn't know how! This also happened when I was getting gas a few weeks back but the girl was probably in her late teens or early twenties. A guy did help the ladies out but it is something we all need to know how to do.

Gentlemen, you need to teach your daughters, wives or SOs, how to pump gas. You might think they don't, they do. Not all guys are as nice as the guy that helped the two ladies, some would laugh then walk away. Take the time to show them how to pump gas. I only know one state that actually has gas station attendants to pump gas that is New Jersey.

Make it a teachable moment. You teach them how to drive remember to show them how to fill the tank!

Behavior Modification

The childish games you sissies play when it comes to your wanking!
Every good sissy should learn self control, and how to not loose her girlishness in the afterglow of such activities. Orgasm is no reason to take off your panties and forget you're a sissy!
Much to my suspect, it has become very apparent that most of you pathetic sluts actually wank your little clitties on a daily basis! This clearly shows how poorly trained you sissies really are!
Obviously, you have yet to be taught that your oversized clitoris is owned. By your Superior even though it is attached to your body.
Because you have shown such a selfish attitude of placing your pleasures above those of your Superior, She requires you to cease all masturbation activities until a schedule is planned.

You need a Superior, and a schedule. No to self pleasure unless given permission.


'easing' into 24/7

First I need to thank friends over at for all my birthday wishes. You all are so good to me and thoughtful.

This is a posting from
Idea for 'easing into 24/7
"Here's a little idea for those not completely comfortable with jumping into wearing 24/7/365. Instead of throwing out all but an emergency pair or two of male underwear, throw out all but 6 pair. If you do laundry once a week, you will be forced to wear something other than your male underwear one day per week. If you let your laundry go for longer than that, you will have to wear "something" for each day it goes undone. If you need male underwear for the entire week, you can always do laundry a day or two early. If you want to add more "risk," you could always drop down to 5 pairs of male undies, etc. "

I think this is such a good way to get into wearing 24/7. But this is my response.

My response:
easing! can anyone really ease into wearing panties? Just do it! Until it becomes an everyday 'habit'. You know your daily routine. Will there ever come a day or time during your day when if caught in panties might prove to be inappropriate. I write this post because a friend that I do share panties with picks and chooses days not to wear panties because of his profession. He works with many guys that need to follow his 'orders'. In my friends mind if his guys found out he wears panties they might begin to question his authority. Really, how secretive are you when it comes to wearing panties? In my opinion you alone decide how often you want to wear panties.I am certain when at work 9 to 5 their are people you would prefer not to know you wear panties or lingerie at all.

I never thought about 'easing' into the pantie fetish.

I Didn't Know

Maybe you had realized or knew this but I didn't. I watch the fuel gauge to be certain I don't run out of gas but that is all. As I was driving home from school the other day I was listening to xm radio station that was doing a segment called 'thankful to God for...' you fill in the rest. A guy called in and began to explain that he is thankful for the little arrow on the gas gauge. I immediately looked at the gas gauge and yes I did have the arrow. What I heard next made so much sense. The arrow points to the side of the car where the little door is to pump gas into your car. Now did you know that, I didn't. Why doesn't the car salesperson point that out. It's trivial but worth knowing, right! Look at the picture see the arrow! That isn't the gauge in my car but it has the little arrow.

Now you may laugh at me and that is okay but I never noticed the arrow before and I have had times where I had to stop a minute, think which side of the car needs to be closet to the gas pump.

So the next time you get in the car look at the little gas pump, look for the little arrow, duh! I hope I gave you a laugh just now. enjoy.

Just a Friend

My friend left today to take a few days off, away from his every day occupation. My real first pantie friend, we have had some good times together. He is away, not just days to stay home but days on vacation away from home. I have for a few years encouraged him to take days off from work. Everyone needs days away from our everyday work stress. But he always found away to explain that he couldn't take days off. Would you believe it he finally took my advice. This morning I phoned him at work, he didn't pick up the phone so right away I thought he was once again too busy to leave for his vacation. He called me back almost immediately to tell me he was on his way to the bank and on down the road to his days away from home. My problem, I will be out of contact with him until Tuesday. The next few days will be tough because I wont be able to have any contact with him until Tuesday. He is the one I can pick up the phone at any time to call him and he would be there to answer the phone; be there to talk to about my day his day life in general just stuff. He would take time out of his busy day to talk to me, which would surprise me at times. He would be working and chatting to me at the same time. I can call him, I don't have to wait for him to call me.
I'll miss him until Tuesday but then we will have lots to talk about. Until then my phone probably won't be ringing. Its a long weekend for me, so I will need to plan my time so I don't feel the emptiness.


You know what I have realized that I like it when someone buys me panties. At first I was not thrilled about the idea. Don't ask why, I just wasn't. I have bought panties for others and sent them on their way but anyway. The panties bought for me weren't full briefs, or hiphuggers or any other style but they were boy shorts. I really never owned that style before. I have grown to like them more and more, for a couple of reasons; one being the colors, nice deep jewel tones and second because of the lace.

The person who bought these for me has found ebay and I tell him to be careful ebay can be addictive because he is also the one that bought me teddies. Which I love under a dress, such a sexy sensual feeling. Which I am beginning to like more and more.

I know the person who bought the teddies and panties for me thinks he owes because I readily buy for him and send them to him. For whatever reason he had, I am pleased he thought of me.
Those are them just different colors.


Are you ready for some hockey? I have been waiting for hockey to begin since the draft. I watched my first hockey game of the season last night. Actually I watched 2 games. I like watching the Captials play but when the game gets boring I look for another game to watch. Last nights Capitals game got boring in the second period. I bought NHL Center Ice, I flipped through the channels and found the Islanders playing the Penguins. It was good to see the Islanders begin the season. The scoring was back and forth. The Islanders fought back each time the Penguins scored. With seconds left in the game with the score 3-2 Islanders the Penguins scored to tie the game. The game went to a shoot out, the Islanders couldn't get anything pass Fluery, so the Penguins won the game. I was disappointed, the Islanders got a point for the tie. They have a couple of new young players I hope they can use them to build a winning team. The fans need to begin to wear the Islander blue to the games. Fans make a big difference. The players need to know you are there supporting them. Look in the rafters the team of the 70's had loud noisey fans.

Go Islanders

Sleeping Partner

I have a sleeping partner. I can cuddle up and squeeze him. I can take over the entire bed and take all the covers, he wont say a word. I can talk to him and he won't roll his eyes he listens, I can share my best and worst days and I can shed tears he wont blink an eye or tell me its my fault. When the radio and alarm go off in the morning he doesn't complain he knows its a work day. Finally when I ask him how I look before I leave in the morning, he has a smile for me.
Best of all he is waiting for me when I get home. My sleeping partner.

thank you

I want to thank all those that wished me a happy birthday, especially friends from PFM. I had a good day.

thank you, N

Touching and Sex

Bring her breasts into sex. Breasts are a sex organ, enjoy her breasts.

The light touch. Run your fingers just above the skin on her chest. Have her do the same to her breasts without touching her nipples or coming in direct contact with her body. Skimming her skin like this brushes the tiny hairs on your body into a delightful tease.

The new touch. Nipples get all the attention, but the areas right above the nipples—think 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock—are actually the most sensitive parts of your breast. The pressure from your tongue will activate a tiny muscle just beneath the surface that will harden her nipples so flick your tongue over her nipples gently.

The wet touch. Put your mouth on her nipple during sex. This additional point of contact increases intimacy. The sense of connection heightens the pleasure for both of you.

The hard touch. Another great nipple move is the twist. Grasp her nipple between your fingers and lightly twist. Have her do it while you are focusing on another part of her body. She will appreciate the additional sensation.

The no touch. The easiest way for her to enjoy her breasts is simply to have her look at them. Next time you're having sex, grab a mirror and let her watch how her breasts move during sex, how they look when she is lying down, how they sway when she is on top of you.

Breasts are sexy, enjoy her breasts and yours. Touch, caress, taste.

What was the subject of your last sexual fantasy?

Do you fantasize? Do you only fantasize about your partner? Or maybe you claim you don't fantasize at all! Chances are that you do fantasize and the fantasy has been erotic and illicit. But rarely, if ever, do we talk about those fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are something we rarely discuss, even among good friends. Our deepest sexual thoughts are often considered too weird, perverse, or just plain wrong to be shared amongst polite company; fantasizing might indicate there is something wrong with our relationships, or worse, ourselves. Having sexual fantasies is an absolutely normal, if not necessary, part of being a sexual being. It's not having them that is aberrant. Those of us that admit to fantasizing are reluctant to discuss what it is that gets us going.

Many people suffer shame and guilt about the perverse nature of their fantasies, even though what we think of as "perverse" may actually be quite common. Though a typical and unremarkable fantasy for both men and women is dreaming about sex with their current partner; bondage, incest, sadomasochism, and voyeurism are also part of the varied fantasy life of "normal" people.

Shame regarding sexual fantasies may stem from earlier notions about the role of fantasy in our lives. Fantasies are no more harmful for us than masturbation. Fantasies allow us to think about doing something we would never actually do, or about things we've done before and would like to do again. They allow us to sleep with celebrities. Fantasies may help our sex lives by increasing desire and arousal; those who fantasize frequently also tend to have more sex. And cerebral foreplay has certainly helped millions of masturbations to end in success.

Sometimes fantasy is a way of putting a positive spin on a negative childhood memory. For example a happily married woman whose fantasies help turn memories of sexual abuse by an older brother into an arousing experience. In this way, fantasy can be a coping mechanism. Women may fantasize about being dominated by a stranger, but we are able to control every one of their actions. Our minds are a safe place to try new and risky deeds without ever getting hurt.
Safety is the concept that functions as the key to unlocking the meaning of our fantasies." Being bound and gagged by a dominating partner may not seem safe, but somewhere in the unconscious, submission is desired.

All this is reassuring. Rather than feeling guilty about thinking about another person while having sex with your partner, we can see it as a way to help spice up the sex, without committing any transgressions. Just keep it in your head.


Gifts for Me

Happy Weekend!
Its been a long week. It has been the first complete week of school for this school year. The students make an appearance on Tuesday. A few of my students have come by to ask about book club. It was great to see them. What also is great, my school district will not interrupt the 1st day back to school for the presidents address to public school kids. I t will be great to see the students again. You should hear the buzz of the past few days. Bulletin Boards going up, teachers planning, lockers opening and the doors being slammed shut. Its the sound of a quiet school building opening up ready to greet the students. Are we ready for the 1st day no one really knows until the students arrive. Then it is a running start until we reach the end, by looking at the calendar the end is 180 school days away. So lets begin by putting on our track shoes. Oh, don't forget to wear your school spirit wear!!!

I did title this Gifts for Me. I was given a few items on Tuesday. I have been purchasing and mailing panties and lingerie around the world for a couple of years. Money would arrive in my paypal account and I would get an email telling me what they want. I would go shopping, stop by the post office to mail the items. But on Tuesday I was given lacy bold colored panties and a beautiful teddi. I wasn't given any items like this ever. My friend who gave them to me, I have known for a few years now. We met on a pantie forum and have met a couple of times. I get to select items and he allows me to dress him. Panties, stockings, garter belt, bra, slips, teddis, and more. He has many lovely lingerie items. OMy to touch and caress makes me aroused, damn he is a beautiful guy dressed in lingerie. I brought home our lingerie to launder. The only way he gets them back is to plan another meeting. He is the same guy that is 100% masculine, tough and rugged. His birthday is tomorrow, he will get a birthday greeting.
From me to you find yourself a mate that will help you dress in your sexy lingerie and let her dress for you. Then have fun. Fun I won't define you define fun!

Do Guys Crave Compliments

I know I like to be given compliments. But do guys like to be given compliments? I came across an article that mentioned 5 compliments guys crave, would you agree?

Here are the top five qualities men really love to be complimented on:

1. His Smile / His Laugh
This was by far the most common answer from all the men we surveyed. Guys want reassurance that they make you happy - and there's no better way to do that than by flattering their goofy grins and contagious laughs.

2. His Skills on the Playing Field ... or the Game Screen
Men are action-oriented creatures. Sitting down for a relationship "talk" is absolute torture for most guys, yet running around shooting paint at high velocity in attempt to cause pain and embarrassment is their idea of bliss. It may never add up to us, but we still need to praise their equation for fun.

3. His Doubts
Men try to put on a brave face and hide their inner fears, but just like us, guys come equipped with plenty of insecurities. So be a sweet self-esteem coach and prop him up on those touchy issues.

4. His Dog, His Computer, His Desk - Just not him directly
Men aren't as used to getting compliments as we are. So sometimes it's better to ease into the kudos. Select an indirect object of flattery rather than a direct target of adoration. Let the gentleman connect the dots and project that praise onto himself.

5. His Sexy Anatomy
Let's face it, complimenting men on their - shall we say, equipment - is always going to score you a home run.

Cotton VS Nylon

I have been wearing cotton panties for a few days. I hadn't spoken of my cotton panties to my friend. I knew he liked cotton panties but I also know he loves the satin, nylon and microfiber fabric panties. He loves the feel of the fabric as he plays and cums. He has many of my panties at his office. There seems to be more cotton panties in the stores. The new cotton seems so soft. I will probably pick up a few cotton panties to add to my collection. Enjoy the comfort of cotton.

I confessed to him yesterday that I was wearing my deep purple cotton panties. He does love me in anything but cotton. When we talk one of the first questions from him is what I am wearing. To throw him off I usually tell him about my nightie or the clothing I have on knowing he wants a visual word description of my panties and bra. I do try to match for him, that is definitely a turn on for him. With the humid days, the cotton felt and is more comfortable. My other panties just make me feel damp and not in a pleasurable way. As we were talking, I was driving to the Realtors office and he was driving to a local cable company to get drawings. He got to the office of the cable company and I was still making my way to the Realtor's office. By listening to him, I realized he was uncomfortable, with his c--k being hard. I am certain he was close to cumming. I tired to change the conversation so he would be able to walk into the office without embarrassing himself; either because of wet spots or because his c--k was hard. I do like the idea I can make him uncomfortable just by telling him what I have on.

Sock Fetish


A few moons ago, I happened to talk to a guy who had a sock fetish. This was during the rave of chat rooms on yahoo. This is possibly when my interest in fetishes came about. Follow my logic socks to panties to more lingerie. Weird? lol

I don't remember this guys name or even his Yahoo ID but his fetish was white socks definitely not colored socks. He would talk about white socks, how he got turned on by white socks. He would cum, orgasm from his pleasure and excitement over white socks. He liked all kinds of white socks, knee hi's, anklets with and without lace and more. He would ask me to purchase white socks take pictures of my toes then send the pics to him. I did. It was his fetish, seemed innocent enough and I didn't have a problem with it. I tried looking for a few of those pictures from back then but I couldn't find them. I am certain the sock pictures have been lost or deleted.

But back to socks. I don't wear white socks so I don't own any white socks except those little sneaker socks. I wear socks that coordinate with my jeans or slacks. I have asked guys if they wear white socks. If I have spoken to you, think back because I might have asked if you wear white socks. Its not that I don't like white socks but there is a place and time for white socks but not with dress slacks or blue/black jeans. So purchase colored socks wear them with dress slacks and jeans of any color. You will look put together and get a smile of knowing from me.

Wow! I remember this guys ID, it was spellchecker. How could I forget, I use spell check every day. Now that is weird! lol

night, tomorrow is a PD day for me, we all need to be professionally developed before the new school year begins!

My Ideal

A friend is in town for the week. He has been a friend for about 10 years. We began with IMs and emails, a phone call every once in awhile. He is married and has 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. He knows about my kids, 3 boys. We have chatted about everything in life. I would call him a good friend. We have talked about the good times in our lives and the not so good times. Tonight he told me, he will become a grandfather in October, JD is only 46. His son promised this wouldn't happen, getting his girlfriend pregnant. As we know things happen! I could see and hear his frustration with his son but also the love, compassion and the strong support he will give to his son when the baby arrives and beyond that into the future. Its something I felt and saw.

We had drinks and dinner together tonight. He is one of those techie guys. He tried to explain the classes he is taking but it is useless to explain to me, so I just nodded my head in agreement. What I realized driving home was, he is the type of guy I wish my sons had for a dad. The way he is supporting his son with the gfs pregnancy, the support he gave to his daughter as she leaves tomorrow for a semester in Italy, and I could just see it and hear it in his voice, the pride and love. I wish my sons had JD as a dad. I believe that is part of their life that is lacking. A male figure that supports them, had their back as they progress through life. Its tough to be 2 parents when I have no clue how to be a guy/dad.

I am glad JD is in town, hopefully we will have another dinner together before he heads home.

Refreshing lingerie drawer

It is a hot and humid day. I purchased new lingerie. Actually I was planning to purchase sandals but come back to the hotel with 3 bras and a purple socks instead. Yes I have been gradually retiring old lingerie that has seen better days. I just don't know what to do with them at this point. I don't think it is wise to add them to a yard sale, (yuk!) or put them in for a clothing collection (double yuk!) so what do I do with lingerie that is tired looking? It would be simple just to toss them in the trash but my environmental mind is saying no! So I ask the question what should I do with my old tired seen better days lingerie!?
The bras I bought are from winter/spring items but a very good sale. I had selected a smoky purple bra and pantie set but saw the bras on sale for $6.00 so I checked them out, and yes they are sheer embroidered lacy bras, just my kind. When I get back home I will take a picture or two to add to this posting. They are so sexy looking. I do have panties that will go along with the bras I purchased so I will be matching some what when I wear the new bras. Before I head back home, I just might purchase the matching smoky purple bra/pantie set, who knows. After a few hours at the beach I might head back to the store to shop! I did I mention it is hot and humid!

I don't mind the heat, its the humidity that is the problem. Today will be a day for lots of water and the ocean.



Today I have on cotton panties, deep rose colored, hip cut. I have a few cotton panties left in the drawer for days like today. It is too hot and humid to wear satin/nylon microfiber panties. They just don't breathe as well as cotton panties. I know if I was to make a phone call right now and tell a 'friend' I am in cotton panties, his words to me would be lashes with his hard c--k! Which I know I would enjoy because then he would get a tongue licking! He would ask me to take them off and put other panties on. My friend does know what is in my collection of panties. If I was in AC all day not to leave my home then anything but cotton panties would be okay. I am not a home body so to be comfortable it is cotton for today.

A Sunday in August

Good Morning,
Let me get a towel for my hair it is still dripping from my shower. I usually blow dry my hair but not since summer heat has set in. I get to hot to use the hair dryer, so for now it is a towel that gets to dry my hair. What can I say! LOL I get tooooo hot.

I think the milk has gone bad. I have a freshly brewed cup of coffee in front me and there are white dots! curds! I hope to drink this cup if it isn't too bad then on the way home from church get more milk for breakfast/brunch. First mouthful it seems okay. Yes I am going to church I usually do every Sunday. Attending services refreshes me for the week to come. Besides I get to hang out with a few friends and even chat with an advance man for the state department. He is always off some where around the world. No, I don't get to talk about what he is actually doing but only that he is off to another part of the world. So hopefully he will be at church this morning.
I went to see Julie & Julia yesterday. I liked the movie. I wasn't a fan of Julia Child on PBS doing her cooking shows. The movie I enjoyed, it was a quick short study of Julia Child. To this day people still ask if she was a agent for the CIA, that question was answered in the movie, go see the movie to find out what Paul's response was. I need to get a copy of Julia's cookbook. As a Home Economics teacher for many years, I never owned a cookbook written by Julia. I saw a signed copy of her book on Amazon dot com, it was being sold for $500.00, that is way out of my price range. But the movie was worth the price of the movie ticket.

I did get a chance to see Julia's kitchen at the Museum of American History its a Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. When you visit Washington DC stop in at the museum and browse Julia's kitchen.

Its going to be hot, humid, and hazy today, get your favorite book and water, then take a drive along the Skyline Drive where it will be cooler.

G-spot, what, where and How

What Is the G-Spot? Where Is the G-Spot? How Does It Work?


The "G-spot" doesn't refer to a magic button that's guaranteed to transport all women everywhere to orgasmic bliss every time it's pressed; nor does it refer to your (or your girlfriend's) own personal sweet spot (whether it's in the vagina or the armpit). No, the G-spot is a particularly sensitive area that's stimulated by applying pressure to roof of the vagina — and provoking it may or may not lead to orgasm and/or female ejaculation. Like almost everything about sex, it depends. (You'll find G-spot enthusiasts arguing this point, claiming that all women can enjoy G stim and ejaculate, but the research we've seen on the matter -- this is one study, for example -- says it ain't so. Besides, we think that's just too much performance pressure to put on a sista).
We have the '80s to thank for shoulder pads, Wham!, and the term "G-spot." Before then, research on the area was pretty flimsy. In the '40s, prominent sex guru Alfred Kinsey found that most ladies who dug having their vadge tickled, dug it most on the vadge's top wall. But since Kinsey was all about the clitoral head, he didn't send out any press releases on the matter. The '50s gave us good old German gyno Ernst Gräfenberg, the first modern scientist to identify the erotic potential of the urethral sponge, as felt through the top wall of the vagina. But the world was only ready for one orgasmic revolution, and Kinsey's clit won out. It wasn't until the early '80s that a pair of sexologists, John Perry and Beverly Whipple, picked up where Gräfenberg left off, replicating his findings and finally giving this hot zone a name in honor of Ernst: The G-spot.

If you want to talk about the G-spot, we've got to talk about the urethra. Oooh, fun. The urethra is the slender tube which carries urine (tinkle) from your bladder to your urethral meatus or opening (peepee hole), which, if you're a chick, is usually between your clit and vaginal opening. The urethra runs just above the roof of your vaginal canal, kind of like a ceiling pipe, and is surrounded by erectile tissue called the urethral sponge, sort of like outer insulation. This sponge houses a number of "paraurethral" (meaning near the urethra) and "periurethral" (meaning around the urethra) glands and ducts which secrete and expel fluid (or female ejaculate) respectively. While the G-spot has never been anatomically mapped by a body of medical professionals who can agree, it's popularly known as the part of the urethral sponge which may be felt through the ceiling of the vagina, approximately one-third to one-half of the way in — it's usually an oval area or ridge (sometimes called the "G-crest") about the size of a elongated dime or quarter. (However, some consider the G-spot to actually be the entire urethral sponge.) When you're aroused, the urethral sponge fills with blood and its glands fill with fluid, causing the area to swell and firm up — which is why many women (or their partners) are only able to locate the G-spot once they're, you know, good and ready.The urethral sponge (G-spot if you're nasty) is also sometimes — controversially — called the "female prostate." Check it out: Fetuses, whatever sex they're destined to become, all start out female. It's not until the 7th or 8th week of gestation when the Y chromosome kicks in for the boys. The same embryonic tissue that eventually develops into the prostate gland in boys is what eventually becomes the para- and periurethral glands in girls. New research suggests that the female urethral sponge with these glands and ducts is not just leftover tissue, but is actually its own working organ with similar functionality (i.e. it enables female ejaculation in some women).

You or your partner can do this: Lie lie on your back (you can pull your knees up or place a pillow under your bum for better access), and insert one or two fingers about two inches in and up, as if you were aiming behind the pubic bone. You're feeling for a rough, ridged area on the front or upper wall of the vagina, about the size of a stretched-out coin. Remember, the G-spot actually sits behind this wall – again, it's the spongy tissue that surrounds her urethra (a.k.a. the female prostate). Since you'll be pressing on the urethra (and in the vicinity of the bladder), it's only natural that you might feel like you have to wee when you do this. If you urinate first, then you'll know you can ignore this feeling and you can keep on G-spotting. Once there, curve your fingers in a "come hither" gesture and massage the area firmly and steadily. Some women find this sensation downright uncomfortable and can't get past the resulting "urge to purge". But others actually require this kind of stimulation for orgasm, or even ejaculate as a result of it. We hope that helps!
from shine (yahoo) click on picture

That next purchase

Have you stopped or limited your purchases? Yanbu, China this is the town that bras built. More than 200 underwear manufacturers have thrived for decades in Yanbu. The industry provides more than 20,000 jobs. A cut back in consumer purchasing of lingerie especially bras manufacturing across southeast China that depend upon exports are struggling, and so is Yanbu.
Don't stop making purchases, one good quality bra is better then 3 lower quality. shop wisely.


I was sent a hub page that I find curious. I am not a follower of the author of the hub page. It wasn't titled purging or throwing away your lingerie. Have you ever been asked to purge or stop wearing lingerie/panties? Have you ever had your gf or wife or family ask you to stop wearing lingerie?
I have been asked how to tell your gf or wife and family but I haven't been asked how to stop the bf or husband from wearing lingerie. The other question I have for you do you want to stop wearing lingerie? Is purging, getting rid of your stash the way you halt your desire for wearing lingerie? If you purge how do you feel about buying new items to satisfy your need?

What do you all think? Do you have any support from your gf or wife? Is it toleration or acceptance or something else? Has your desire changed the relationship you have with gf or wife? If so have you sought out others for support and acceptance?

Guide to Hugging

I must be in one of those crazy moods and needing to share but I saw this little thing on Shine and had to post it. Dont we all at times wonder about hugs and if a hug might lead to something more! Just in a crazy mood. But do you remember when people had signs for 'free hugs'!

Venus vs Mars

I am posting a Washington Post article from their style section. I had to laugh alittle as I was reading the article. For the past several weeks I have had my sons staying with me. After a couple of chilly nights I had to put on my woolly socks and a sweatshirt and it was 90 degrees outside but only hovering in the low 70's inside. I was freezing! Even as I write this posting my toes remember how cold it was in the apartment. This is definitely a guy thing unless they are worried about the cost of the energy used, $$$$.

Enjoy the article something to share over a hot cup of tea.

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth, its a movie in the theaters now. I laughed all the way through it, from beginning to end. The sexual innuendos led to the predictable romance in the end.
I am not certain if it is a good date movie because of the sexual innuendos and the 4 letter words spoken through out the movie, but I loved it, along with The Proposal.

Go see them and enjoy, laugh out loud, I did.

Look at yourself

Its after lunch,
I left a posting a few days ago about pantyhose. The need to wear pantyhose to have that finished look when going out. I did make that mistake recently but quickly corrected it by putting on pantyhose when I got where I was going. I wish I had stockings with me. Even in summer there are stockings/pantyhose made for the summer season. I know ladies are wearing skirts longer these days. I don't. As a matter of fact I purchased a denim skirt that needs to be hemmed so that it falls just at my knees. I cant imagine myself wearing anything longer. But back to the long skirts. Even if i had to wear a dress that was to the floor or mid calf, I would need to wear pantyhose or stockings. I wouldn't want to have a gust of wind blow up and have my skirt caught in the breeze to show that I wasn't wearing stockings or pantyhose but knee highs or bare legs! Knee highs are meant to be worn with slacks not skirts of any length. I would recommend purchasing stockings or pantyhose that are of a summer weight to give yourself that complete finish look.

I don't own flip flops, none. I do have sandals, a few pairs of them. It seems flip flops no matter the color or style have made a permanent mark on the dress of today. Rarely is there a dress code that is enforced by the employer but perhaps we shouldn't wait for a dress code but once again look at ourselves; ask what impression we want to give to others. Or what message is our dress saying about us. Who are the others, they can be a future partner, employer, colleague or just a person you meet.

I am a observer, I watch people. A style of dress which I had hoped had fazed out is the jeans that hang below the butt cheeks. I have seen boys try to run holding up the jeans, I have witnessed boys not being able to walk down the hall but waddle because their legs cant move with the crotch of the jeans so low and I once had a Principal hand out lengths of rope when boys at school refused to buy the appropriate size or wear a belt.

Make a good impression, look at yourself in the mirror or your reflection, what does it say about you?

Prevent Razor Burn

There’s nothing like a good clean shave to start your day off right. A well-shaved face leaves a good impression with potential clients and lady friends. Unfortunately, legions of men are walking around right now with a nasty side effect of improper shaving: razor burn. We’ve all had it at one time or another- that horrible itchy feeling that pops up a few hours after you shave. Razor burn not only ruins a good shave, it just looks bad. But with the proper attack plan, razor burn and razor bumps can be prevented. Here’s yours:

The Art of Manliness

Take a look at the site, There are headings for dressing, family and relationships, health and sports, manly skills, money and careers and finally a man's life.

Underpants Museum

I found this on the net. A museum dedicated to underwear. I wonder is there a famous guy who wears panties/lingerie.


Good Morning,
I am substituting today at Summer School, a teacher brought her class in to use the computers to create a DNA project. She is wearing white capri's. She was standing at the printer when I looked up and noticed she is wearing a dark colored thong. I had to take a second look to be certain. And she is.
I think it is another dressing tragedy when dark colors are worn under lighter colored clothing. Unless the person is intentionally wanting their lingerie to be noticed. This also occurs with teenagers when they wear a dark colored bra under a light colored blouse.

Maybe its me, but dark colored lingerie should be under dark colored blouses, unless as I stated before you want to be noticed!

Luray Caverns


Luray Caverns are in Luray, Virginia. I have been to Luray before but this time I drove down to share other parts of Virginia with my family. You can only do so much shopping! These caverns are near New Market, you might see civil war reenactments there as well. The other Caverns to visit are the Skyline Caverns near the entrance to the Shenandoah National Park. Neither caverns are the same each have unique findings.

Enjoy a staycation come visit Virginia.

Fact or Fiction

I might need to clarify my postings. Well maybe not. For those who know me and venture to, then you know I have written some stories. All the stories are fiction with some truth to them. Not necessarily because of personal experiences. There are some postings here that are fact, my experiences or findings. Please don't confuse fiction from non fiction. I do have a email friend that loves to get 'down and dirty' with emails. I hadn't posted his emails here just my responses to them. His emails are sexually explicit more so then mine. Because of that I couldn't and wouldn't post them here. He loves my responses for personal sexual reasons, he gets off by them. He wears panties and other items but please know he is 100% masculine, tough and rugged. His wearing of panties and lingerie his a side of him primarily left at home. I had a conversation with him the other day, I asked when was the last time he wore panties and bra to work, I laughed because he had to think when was the last time. So hopefully when I get an email this week he will be wearing panties to work. I know when the office meetings begin and less field work, he will be to wearing panties. I might need to nudge him more often for him to wear lingerie to the office meetings, jackets and ties tend to hide bra straps and lace!