Lollipop Girl

I really love my lollipop girl

And how she makes her tongue swirl

Around and around my sweet hard candy

Sipping each drop as if it were brandy

Relishing it like it's an all-day sucker

Smiling at me she makes her mouth pucker

Firmly but gently with her hand she grips

As she slides it in and out her wet lips

I hear the sound of a slurp and a smack

She must be enjoying her delicious snack

I can take no more of her luscious licking

While sucking it with her tongue flicking

Nearing the finish her rhythm increases

And finally it's over and she releases

When she is through I feel it's my turn

Because she has something for which I yearn

She has a dessert of which I must eat

And slowly I lick her sweet tasty treat

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