Underground Railroad

This will be the last post of the class I was taking, African Americans, slavery and education of free slaves. todays bus trip took us to a couple of slave graveyards ( flag markers). Then the last stop on the bus trip was a stop on the underground railroad. It is unusual for anyone to have a marker of the underground railroad. The routes of the underground railroad was never marked for fear of retribution.

I am glad I took this class even though on many class days I didn't get home until very late. I also learned that growing up in the north (NJ/NY) I didn't know of segregated schools but people of my same age went to segregated schools in Virginia. Life was different north and south of the Mason/Dixon line.
Now to wait for the fall classes to be listed, I want to take the next class on the civil war.

New Bed

I get a new bed today, it is quite expensive, I got sticker shock when I saw the cost of new matress and boxspring. Its been so long since I purchased a bed, I couldnt believe it.
But I did it! I also purchased a head and foot board to go along with it. I was tired of my bed looking like it was still at the show room.
So now I am waiting for the delivery. When it is all set up I will post a picture of it.

Monday, the place gets a new coat of paint. I am so unsure of colors but I hope the one I selected will transition nicely from the living area to the kitchen/dining area. It will take some time to get everything together and in place. I don't want to rush to make purchases then realize I don't like what I have purchased.

I thought I had phone service, only to plug the phone into the wall and realize I don't have any service. No longer does a repairman come out to check the line, I need to do that, if i ask for a repairman from the phone company to come out, it is a additional cost. When did customers become the repair person? So now I hope I can check out the phone myself to find out if it is the house wiring or the wiring coming into the town house! I was even told if it is raining don't do anything, damn when did I become the repair person?

the bed is here now, now to assemble and check out the phone service
that is my new bed, i love it. this week the place gets painted a beautiful lavendar color for the bedroom.