Panty Lines

Pantie lines or no pantie lines. That all depends on who the pantie lines are on. I really don't mind pantie lines on any one individual unless the wearer of the clothing is wearing clothing so tight that they don't look attractive. It isn't the pantie line that is the problem it is the person who doesn't know how to shop for the correct size of clothing. I have come to notice that more girls really don't know how to shop for clothing. Some continually have the need to pour themselves into clothing that is a size or 2 too small giving everyone a chance not only to see their pantie line but every curve or bulge. I have it from authorities (guys) that girls need to take a second like at themselves before leaving home. When guys roll their eyes or make a comment about a girl that walked by them it isn't always a nice comment. It isn't your body size or type but does your clothing make you look attractive.

I am waiting for the day when I am out shopping or dining that I will see a guy with pantie lines. I do check out butts often, even where I teach school and always when I am out away from school. Perhaps guys who wear panties know how to dress to hide VPLs because of the fear of being 'caught'. But alas it is usually the girls that have the VPL. When you see me out and about and you are wearing panties, give me a hint so that i may check out your behind for VPLs.

Sexy Legs

This is a picture of my Aussie friend. We have been chatting online for awhile now. I love his legs in stockings and heels. The heels and stockings define his gorgeous legs. My Pantie Luv also has stockings that I purchased for him. His stockings are white opaque with little bows on the top. He wears a garter belt with them but the garter belt isn't necessary for the stockings but it does add the sexy sensualness of our times together. I love to touch his legs feel the silkiness of the stockings as I slip my hand up to his thigh. That all leads to more touching and playing. I admit he likes to slip his hands up my legs to feel the silkiness of my stockings. I rarely wear pantyhose but more often when I am teaching. I feel more comfortable when I am with my students with pantyhose on then when I am in a garter belt and stockings. I do wear the more sexy lingerie when I want to feel sexier on a particular day. I do dress for myself.

Guys wear stockings for the same reason us girls do. To have shapely sexy legs. We love to show off our legs especially when we wear heels. I don't wear skirts or dresses that fall below my knees. Its only because I want my legs to be seen. Is it the same reason guys wear the short skirts and shorts to have their legs noticed as well? So please wear the stockings or pantyhose. Purchase them the same way I do by height and weight. Then don't be afraid to touch the samples offered by the different stores, different brands have a different feel, usually price increases the silkier they feel to your touch.

Oh my his legs are just so beautiful.

Snow Day!!!

Yes, today is a snow day! All the hype for snow and I finally get a snow day. It does feel good to wake up and hear that your school is closed due to weather. I get to sleep in a bit longer. I am really not a morning person but had to learn to do that because of my profession. I love teaching but just wish the day didn't begin so early in the morning.

But let me get on with this posting. On mornings like this I get to play alittle bit more. Hitting the high climax and sexual, sensual peak. I did reach the sexual peak several times this morning. If you know me from other forums then you know where I keep toys that give pleasure. Today one special play toy got to play hard bringing me to several high peaks. They say a guy needs to view pictures or videos and have sound to get himself off. I don't know if that is true but I do know I can visualize a soft cock, wrapping my hands around it, stroking it so that is becomes firmer, letting my tongue and teeth slip up and down with the cock getting firmer yet. The feel of his balls in my hands as I gently touch and squeeze. Allowing my tongue to taste and mouth to swallow. I slip a toy into myself and slide it out, over and over using another toy to fill my mouth and yet another toy to hit the spot to really set the orgasm in motion. And to keep the climax going taking away toys, resting, listening to music only to repeat the actions to reach yet another plateau.

That is how I spent 4 hours this morning, playing on a snow day. After the last orgasm I realized I had to pee. Now if my Pantie Luv was here, he would have said go ahead pee on me. I would have knowing that is one desire he has had for me to pee on him. But because of his profession he was up early ready to repair lines (wires) just in case the lines came down due to the snow and ice.

It's not to say I wont play more as the day progresses, I probably will. I will even try to put a call through to him. When we play I know it is a stress releaser and he can continue on with his day more relaxed with less stress.

My Pantie Luv will be here, his favorite panties and lingerie waiting for him.

Shopping For My Pantie Luv

This week I had time to go shopping for something new. I am always looking for new styles or fabrics in panties. This one afternoon as I was walking toward the store, I happened to call my Pantie Luv, I do call him to arouse him about my shopping trips. It may be mean but I know once I arouse him he will cum for me. When I go shopping, I try to find something he might like in panties, especially new styles. The last time I bought him panties, I purchased the same ones for myself. They were a light pink/blush with ruffles. I knew he would like them because his fetish for panties is out there. I have bought panties for him since I met him. I have also given him my panties, panties that belonged to girlfriends and panties stolen from laundry hampers.

My pantie Luv and I have shopped online together, I am not easily shocked by him. If anything I encourage his lingerie/pantie fetish. For both oursakes, I hope as winter leaves and spring comes new pantie styles, colors and fabrics will make it into our shops.

Good Morning,
VPL or visible pantie lines. Being who I am I dont like to see pantie lines on women. For me I take care in what I look like before walking out the door. I do check myself to be certain everything looks just right. I am not a quick shopper, it takes me forever, to make clothing decisions, it has to be just the right color, fit, style etc. Its time to purchase the correct size, a piece of clothing might be too tight or too small just doesnt look good. Look in the dressing room mirror and purchase a full length mirror for your home. Give yourself that once over critical look and ask yourself do I look good in what i am wearing? I wish more women would take that last minute before leaving the house to check themselves. Do that last minute twirl. I have also learned to wear slips, full and half, (black and white), camisoles, and something new that I recently purchased it wasnt a girdle but a under garment to smooth out all the bumps and lumps our bodies go through as we age. I am not saying I am ancient but I have 3 children, that I gave birth to and breast fed.
Anyway back to VPLs. Over the years I have looked at many guys trying to find that one or more guys that do wear panties. I know you guys are around but you all are so discreet that I havent found you in my neighbor. I want to view and feel your behind when you are wearing panties, slide my hands down the back of your slacks, touching your firm butt knowing you are in panties. So every once in awhile go ahead drag on those worn out jeans and let me see you wearing panties. It would be a treat for me, I am a people watcher.


Panties comes in various fabrics. I will get to style and colors at another time. Fabric is what touches our skin as we slip our panties on, up over our calves, thighs and finally to our hips or waist depending on the style. I know some of you prefer cotton panties. I do own cotton panties I wear them when it is very hot, usually in the summer months. The feel of satin or nylon on those days isnt comfortable. The fabric that probably most of us have in panties is nylon/ satin type. Some may have bows, lace and embroidery,ruffles or many other adornments.
So what is the big deal with fabrics, none really except when purchasing panties touch, feel the fabric. Dont look in one store's lingerie department go to several stores each store has panties but feel the softness, pass your hand over the panties as you pass by them, slide the pantie over your hand and arm do you like the feel of the fabric. The store you shop at speaks alot about the quality of the fabrics which the panties and lingerie are made from. Touch and feel the differences in each store before making that purchase. When in the mall visit all the stores before making a purchase. For me a few really nice, soft beautiful panties is better then hundreds that don't feel soft or sit in a drawer or at the back of the closet not to be slipped on over legs and butt.
As I explained to my son last week about bed sheets, the higher the thread count the softer the bedsheet and the more expensive it is. The same holds true of panties/ lingerie. Take my advice shop for your panties wisely purchase your panties and lingerie by feel and touch not price. Its the fabric that rubs against your skin don't you want the fabric to be soft,enticing, and arousing not just the right size!?

Guidelines for Guys: What is Sexy Lingerie?

this will help you with your purchases for the other half and give you ideas for yourself.


Today is a day off for me, school is closed due to the federal holiday. As I sit here in the comfy of my apartment wondering what my pantie guy is doing this fine morning. I was going to call him but thought at the last minute he maybe working. I didn't want to disturb him at work especially if he has any of his crews around. I do know he gets aroused when he hears my voice. I do think it is time to once again go pantie shopping for him, just to remind him want is important on days when the school is closed!

He doesn't send me photos of himself and over the times we have played we haven't taken photos. I would love to have a photo of him all dressed in panties and bra, he being so rugged and masculine he gets me aroused when dressed in panties, bra and other lingerie. Speaking of lingerie I think I have more of his lingerie at my place then he has at his place. I will be talking with him today, its time for more play time. I do mean PLAY time.

Photos,hmmm. So easily shared now more then ever. I have many photos. I mean alot. Most were sent to me by guys from the different forums I belong to and some I have found. I love guys in panties so I am pleased that they trust me enough to send me their photos. I don't share any photos unless I ask their permission before hand. I am respectful of their privacy and I am discreet. The photos I have are of guys that are rugged, masculine, sexy and sensual guys. Their professions run from being the carpenter to executives, to police officers and military officers, what they do for a living is of no consequence for me but they are a guy. Some are as young as 25 and others are retired from their professions. It isn't their age but just how sexy, sensual they are in their lingerie.

I do have one gentleman who actually pays me to keep his photos in a separate folder. In away I keep them hostage for payment. It is a arousing and sensual for him to know that I can expose him to the world at one simple click of my mouse. Each month I get paid a fee to keep them in his folder, safe and sound away from prying eyes of the world. I tell him what I want and he does the photographing. I have him in red ribbons and bows for Christmas, red lipstick and panties with bra on Valentine's Day and others of him in various poses with panties and bra on.

Take your photos enjoy yourself, post them to a forum so I may enjoy them as well. Photos I post here are with permission from my pantie guys. The photo posted here is my pantie friend after I have convinced him to wear panties to work under his suit. What would the other guys at the office think, if they knew he was a pantie wearing guy?

Good Morning

I have been asked for along time to set up a blog or web page. I really don't know why except that I love guys in panties. Because I do I encourage every guy I know and meet to wear panties. Some guys will say to me are you crazy, I would never wear panties. That is okay until I tell me just how soft and beautiful panties. Then I get a smile. Most guys at one time in their life have taken panties from the hamper, those panties either belonged to a sister or his Mom. If that guy waited a bit of time he stole from the college dorms laundry facilities. You see guys are sneaky when it comes to panties. They have the desire but are afraid, let me be one of the ladies online that will encourage you to go to the department store, make your way to the lingerie department. Scout out the department looking at all the racks of beautiful satiny, sexy panties and bras, then take that step among the racks, touch and feel all the beautiful items. Maybe not this time you won't make that purchase but at least you entered the lingerie department.
The picture I have added maybe further then you want to go at first but then you need to remember who I am and I do love satin and lace for me as well as for my guy.