Good Morning

I have been asked for along time to set up a blog or web page. I really don't know why except that I love guys in panties. Because I do I encourage every guy I know and meet to wear panties. Some guys will say to me are you crazy, I would never wear panties. That is okay until I tell me just how soft and beautiful panties. Then I get a smile. Most guys at one time in their life have taken panties from the hamper, those panties either belonged to a sister or his Mom. If that guy waited a bit of time he stole from the college dorms laundry facilities. You see guys are sneaky when it comes to panties. They have the desire but are afraid, let me be one of the ladies online that will encourage you to go to the department store, make your way to the lingerie department. Scout out the department looking at all the racks of beautiful satiny, sexy panties and bras, then take that step among the racks, touch and feel all the beautiful items. Maybe not this time you won't make that purchase but at least you entered the lingerie department.
The picture I have added maybe further then you want to go at first but then you need to remember who I am and I do love satin and lace for me as well as for my guy.


  1. its alittle unnerving going to the lingerie dept,i try to go to the outlet malls they dont seem as intimidating mostly the vf stores , i enjoyed going to the shadowline outlet store in st. augustine fl but unfortunately they closed,i need to find someone to go with it would be a little more relaxing ,then i could take my time and pick and choose the styles and colors maybe you would be interested

  2. I have to say this, but I find it TOTALLY DISGUSTING that you are a teacher. You are supposed to be a role model for children and the things that are on this site are in no way, shape or form what ANY child should strive to be or do! Frankly it's appalling and as a pre-service teacher myself this really disappoints and scares me as to the types of teachers that are teaching our youth. You should be ashamed of yourself for acting this way then posting it for everyone to see and so someone, including a child, could just stumble on it on accident (like I did)!