Shopping For My Pantie Luv

This week I had time to go shopping for something new. I am always looking for new styles or fabrics in panties. This one afternoon as I was walking toward the store, I happened to call my Pantie Luv, I do call him to arouse him about my shopping trips. It may be mean but I know once I arouse him he will cum for me. When I go shopping, I try to find something he might like in panties, especially new styles. The last time I bought him panties, I purchased the same ones for myself. They were a light pink/blush with ruffles. I knew he would like them because his fetish for panties is out there. I have bought panties for him since I met him. I have also given him my panties, panties that belonged to girlfriends and panties stolen from laundry hampers.

My pantie Luv and I have shopped online together, I am not easily shocked by him. If anything I encourage his lingerie/pantie fetish. For both oursakes, I hope as winter leaves and spring comes new pantie styles, colors and fabrics will make it into our shops.

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