I have observed something that I really haven't noticed in awhile probably because I haven't gone to the mall to make purchases. On Christmas Eve, I went shopping with my sons as they finished their Christmas shopping. We drove to Tyson's Mall,parked near Macy's. To get into the mall we walked through Macy's. I can tell you I haven't been in a Macy's in a couple of years. But as I walked through Macy's I noticed the male mannequins dressed in briefs. Actually a couple of different styles on different mannequins. The mannequins looked more life like then the ones I remember being used at the stores. The mannequin's had hard nipples and a decent looking package to fill out the underwear.

Now because I wasn't near the lingerie department, I don't know if the female mannequins are created equal. I may have to return to the mall to find out that answer.

Panties with more then bows and ribbon

I found this web site on a forum I belong to, I really love the panties on this site. Some are expensive but take a look at them and see why.

Lollipop Girl

I really love my lollipop girl

And how she makes her tongue swirl

Around and around my sweet hard candy

Sipping each drop as if it were brandy

Relishing it like it's an all-day sucker

Smiling at me she makes her mouth pucker

Firmly but gently with her hand she grips

As she slides it in and out her wet lips

I hear the sound of a slurp and a smack

She must be enjoying her delicious snack

I can take no more of her luscious licking

While sucking it with her tongue flicking

Nearing the finish her rhythm increases

And finally it's over and she releases

When she is through I feel it's my turn

Because she has something for which I yearn

She has a dessert of which I must eat

And slowly I lick her sweet tasty treat

How Can I Stop My Husband / Boyfriend Wearing Lingerie?

So you have a husband or boyfriend and in many respects he is quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, you have discovered that he likes to wear lingerie, which is obviously unacceptable. Although you like to wear jeans now and then, and think you look pretty cute when you slip into his shirt, it's quite unacceptable for him to go so far as to enjoy wearing women's clothing. Women can wear whatever they want, but men need to toe the fashion line. We can't have them dressing in whatever takes their fancy, can we now.
But how do you stop him from wearing lingerie? Well, I advise women who want to stop their male partner wearing women's lingerie to act in the same way that they would stomp out any other harmless behavior which brings him pleasure. As every woman knows, a man's pleasure and enjoyment of life should rest largely, if not entirely, in the hands of his significant other.

Who doesn't respond well to an ultimatum? Nobody I know, that's for sure. If you want your boyfriend or husband to stop wearing lingerie, simply threaten him with an ultimatum, such as, 'If I catch you wearing lingerie again, this relationship is over.' This is sure to make him stop wearing lingerie and never want to wear lingerie again. You may have to comb the house for stashes of lingerie throughout the rest of your lives, as he takes to occasionally relapsing and buying the odd pair of panties or perhaps even a bra (gadzooks!) Don't worry about this too much, once you have firmly established an imbalance of power within the relationship, you should be able to terrorize and guilt him into giving up lingerie again without breaking so much as a sweat.

Whining and Nagging
Two major weapons in any shrew wife, or aspiring shrew wife's arsenal are whining and nagging. When you use the whining and nagging method, you should be sure to bring up the issue at least once a day. You should also ruin any moments of peace and happiness you two might mistakenly be enjoying by throwing the fact that he wears lingerie in his face. He must learn that if he does not do what you want, you will punish him with emotional blackmail until he concedes.

Shame and Humiliation
If all else fails, why not try to shame him out of wearing lingerie? Tell your friends, your family, his friends and family. Laugh about it. Make sure that he knows that you think he is very silly for wearing women's lingerie. Emasculating a man is a surefire way to bend him to your will. He may be resentful for some time, but you can overcome his resentment by withholding intimacy.

Withholding Intimacy
I almost feel silly writing this here, as it is fairly obviously the first step any red blooded woman would take when trying to defend an indefensible position. Withholding intimacy deprives him of something he enjoys, and forces him to turn his desires elsewhere. If that's not a good idea, then I don't know what is.

Caveat / Warning
Please be aware that undertaking any of the courses of action listed above puts your relationship at serious risk of what some people might call failure, (divorce, breaking up, that sort of thing.) Don't let that stop you however, how are you supposed to get your way in life if you can't control and micromanage your partner all the way down to his underwear?

(hub pages of Hope Alexander)

4 Things Guys Notice

According to a new study, a person’s physical appearance allows others to form surprisingly accurate first impressions. So you may want to think twice about what kind of image you’re projecting with these traits dudes check out immediately.

1. Your Smile
Does it seem sweet and genuine? Does it seem awkward and forced? Does it seem like you ate a sesame-seed and parsley salad for lunch based on what’s lodged between every single one of your teeth?

2. Your Hair
Guys have no idea what split ends are, and if you mention roots, they just think of the band. But they do look to see if your hair looks 1. soft and 2. as though it would smell good. So don’t request “The Gosselin” at the salon, and wash it every so often. That’s all guys ask.

3. Your Cleavage
Newsflash: Dudes like to look at your chest. But they will notice how you’re showing off what you’ve got.

4. Your Skin
You know that blemish you’ve been obsessing over all day because it’s so huge? Chances are guys won’t even notice. What will they notice, if you look like a jaundiced Oompa-Loompa because of overenthusiastic tanning.

Guys what do you think agree?

Panties and bra

i love my panties and bra, especially if i can get them matching. i love the way they make me feel when i am dressing in the morning. i love the lace, sheerness, colors, embroidery, they way my breasts fills them out, the way the panties fit just right. if the lingerie shows through my blouses and slacks or skirt do be it. i don't dress for attention or to show others what i am wearing, i dress because the lingerie is sexy and i love it.
i do have a few of everyday bras and panties, cotton or other materials that i do wear but on those mornings when i feel overly sexual and want the sexy feeling all day it is the lace, embroidery sheerness that is put on. i am so pleased to know that the sexy bras and panties can be found for me, i wear a 44DD and i fill out the bra just right. just ask my pantie loving friend, he loves the idea that i wear the bras and panties i do. i know he gets aroused knowing and seeing my lingerie. there are times i cant keep him out of my pantie drawer.
every lady should have sexy bras and panties to slip into when that sexual mood hits. instead of heading to Victoria's Secret to purchase that sexy lingerie just go to the department store make that purchase and slowly build to purchasing at Victoria's Secret. there are ladies that look a VS and say to themselves not me! not young enough, over the top, i wont look as sexy as the models, the excuses go on and on. so begin at the mall department store. trust me, JCP has some gorgeous sexy bras and panties, or even fashion bug, catheriens, avenues, oh there are so many great stores.
help your lady get sexy and enjoy those items you love to see her in or you want to be in. it isn't a competition its to build a relationship you both can enjoy.

Snow Days

I hope some of you remember what it is to have a snow day. I do because every school year as a teacher I look forward to a surprise day off due to bad weather, a snow day.

Guess what, just a few hours ago my school district closed school for Monday and Tuesday, 2 snow days. Now I will try to use those days to get the Christmas shopping done. What a great Christmas gift from my school district.
BTW, it is still snowing! All you need to do is believe.

Merry Christmas,N


Good Morning,
It's snowing, lots of it! There is probably about 7" outside now with more to come. I enjoy a great a snow storm, haven't seen a storm like this since the 2003 in Front Royal. I probably won't be going to school on Monday. Now snow days is another topic all together, if I am home from school on Monday, I'll leave a posting.

Being snow bound for the day has me itching to get outside and listen for the quiet. No one in the complex has started up a car which is a blessing, my neighbor has a big ole red diesel truck that makes enough noise to wake the dead! I am eating oatmeal, I make a good bowl of hot oatmeal. Lots of milk and sugar to sweeten the cereal. Before eating I did a little straightening up, since I can't get out to begin or finish Christmas shopping. That is correct I have procrastinated for so long now I am worried I won't be ready for Christmas. I am ready for Christmas in my faith and belief in Jesus but no so when it comes to my family. I will need to be super organized when the storm moves on.

So what are we all doing when snow bound? How many of you are looking at the forecast and cursing the snow? or sitting back watching the latest CMT music videos? Dressed ready to attack, what? Undressed (in a nightie or pajamas) deciding should I dress or stay comfortably dressed after showering? Hmm choices! I am in a nightie but I will shower and dress comfortably. Then I think I will embroidery green napkins for a gift, I did the embroidery for our library volunteers. Then straighten up a little and do some decorating for Christmas.

I have other ways to spend a day like this but that friend is out checking trees, lines and roads to be certain no one loses their power, cable or internet connections!

So tell me, leave a posting how are you spending the day with a snow storm raging outside? Part of being prepared for Christmas is to sit back and enjoy life, not getting caught up in the panic and rush.
Merry Christmas, N

Sexual Pictures (porn?)

I am a genetic girl, I hope most of you realize that by now. I love tough, rugged, masculine guys. Not necessarily muscular but 100% all male guy. I have a question when it comes to pictures of guy friends. The question I have is simple I think. I have a friend that has been sending me pictures of his c--k and b-lls recently. He has a new phone so now he can take and send pictures, so daily I get pictures. He wears panties and dresses in lingerie. I have received pictures from other friends of themselves dressed in lingerie. I think that I am privileged to have pictures sent to me of my friends in all kinds of lingerie and undress. I do enjoy getting the pictures. I find the pictures arousing and exciting. I don't share their pictures with anyone nor do I upload to any site or blog without their permission. Trust me I have many pictures and enjoy all of them.

But the question I asked 'J' this afternoon is a question he has asked me once. He wants to do a threesome with another guy. I believe 'J' wants his c-ck sucked by this other guy before we 3 get together. 'J' is very protective of me. Which doesn't bother me but for me to get to know this guy 'J' has sent me pictures of this guys co-k. The question I asked 'J' is simple does looking at another guys c-ck get you aroused. 'J' couldn't really answer the question. I know I love getting pictures of my guy friends in and out of lingerie. Once before when we talked about 'J' wanting to suck another c-ck he was concerned if I thought that meant he was gay or bi. I don't think, being gay or bi has anything to do with enjoying pleasure from a same sex partner. I do think a same sex partner knows how to give pleasure to the same sex. They know the right places and touches get the person off.

I know watching 'J' get sucked or him sucking another guys c-ck would be exciting and arousing for me. I know I would want to participate in that activity. Does that make a guy gay or bi? I really don't have a answer for that question. Do you? Another question is do you get any pleasure from pictures of guys? or only from pictures of ladies?

Men Should Shave

6 Convincing Reasons Why Men Should Shave

Woman were asked to share with us why a few of them preferred a man who shaves and we gathered their talks and came up with the 6 Most Important Reasons Why They Prefer a Shaved Men.

1. It makes his erection look bigger. Yes, which papi doesn't want to look enormous and ready to produce some serious pain? Men and big go together like plump olives in martinis so tell your man if he wants to look bigger (than he already is of course cause that sentence alone can open a can of worms lol) suggest to him to shave so you can enjoy the whole view of his elephant trunk! An erection can be a gorgeous sight when we can view the penis and scrotum nicely ready for some action!

2. No hairs allow for more sensation!
I've heard that some men feel more sensations when they have no hairs and I could see why. The skin is bare and more prone to sensitivity. Ladies, haven't you noticed more sensitivity when you shave? I agree that a bare skin is more sensitive so I'm sure the same will be for the man!

3. How sensitive is his scrotum? Ladies, men love their scrotum caressed because it's a very sensitive area. The art to a toe-curling ----- is to never forget that the scrotum needs some mouth and hand TLC just like the penis. It's the man's second most erogenous spot and when it's hair-free its so inviting. The hairs in that area will cause odor and sweat and he might as well put some police tape and trust me, women will cross it cause it's not inviting!

4. It's cleaner Like we've said on here, hygiene is one of the most important reasons why we women groom ourselves and it should be the same with men. Hairs produce sweat and who wants to put her precious face on some sweaty pubes? Hairs produce sweat and body odor and that is not something we want to go near!

5. Women want to see that its healthy Ladies, let me clear this one. A clean and apparent healthy penis doesn't mean that he doesn't carry an STD or some illness. That's why Chlamydia is so common, it's undetected and produces no symptoms. But a very trimmed or hair-less penis takes the guess work of wondering if he has some unsightly critters hiding in the jungle.

6. It's more appealing and inviting to the eye A clean, very trimmed or hair-less penis is very sexy and inviting. It looks glorious and so healthy and we want to caress it with our hands and mouth and enjoy every inch of it. We want la cosa (translation: the thing) to be in full bloom and glistening so we can caress it and touch it and wonder around in those other erogenous areas that we may overlook when they're covered in hair.
(from Shine)


Saturday, yesterday was the first snow fall for where I live. I staid in most of the day, but towards the end of the day I had to go out and enjoy the snow. As I was clearing off the car, I knew by the texture it was good snow for building snowmen and making snowballs. The snow was heavy and good packing.

I did take pictures with my phone but I don't remember how to get them off my phone, I don't even know how to get them to the memory card in the phone. The last time I used the phone to take pictures my son did all the moving of the pictures. He called and said he would help again but he is in another state and I wont get to see him until Christmas. I will get the pictures uploaded so you can see my town with snow.

As I was driving to church this morning once again the mountains looked beautiful. There is a reason to live in rural parts of Virginia. I will miss my little town when I move. The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley can't be replicated in the suburbs of Virginia.

not my picture but it is the view to my town from the skyline drive.

Camisole or Bra

Perhaps both.

I know its difficult to find that perfect fitting bra. My pantie luv loves a nice fitting bra. With really no breasts to speak of he is a 36 AA, so it is difficult to find a bra for him. I have gone into the girls department to find a bra for him, I did have some luck. I found a beginning bra for him. The bra had no extra padding or fabric. When he slipped into the bra his nipples got so hard like little pebbles. I just had to caress and lick. When you can't find the elusive bra AA's are difficult to come by try purchasing a camisole. No need to worry about cup size or chest measurement. Camisole most likely come in S, M, L, and XL. I get the same reaction when he slips into a camisole; hard nipples ready to be caressed and licked. He can slip into a camisole under his shirt. If only the other guys knew what was under the shirt that makes him so horny to be with me!

Camisole Tips

Nothing screams sexy like a well made camisole. Lightweight, innocuous under clothing, but oh so feminine, many men love to wear camisoles as part of their daily attire, giving them a little extra lift throughout the otherwise dreary work day. The feel of satin, chiffon, or silk caressing against your torso as you make a presentation, take the train to work, or simply walk down to the pub for lunch makes for a sexy secret that is sure to lift your spirits, and perhaps various other anatomical regions as well. Camisoles are an excellent choice for a man who is looking to perhaps expand his lingerie collection, or move away from just wearing panties. They feel great against the skin, do not require a lot of technical know how to fit properly, and are incredibly comfortable, whilst also having quite a dramatic effect.

There are a wide range of camisoles available on the market, so shop around and chose the style and fabric that suits you the best. If your love for lingerie has a tactile basis, then silk and satin are excellent choices. If you like a the look of it, then chiffon and lace can have stunning effects. Mix them up, or wear a camisole with a matching pantie (this is an excellent way to create a coherent look). Whatever you do, don't forget the one steady rule when it comes to wearing lingerie: Have fun!

Try the camisole.