I have observed something that I really haven't noticed in awhile probably because I haven't gone to the mall to make purchases. On Christmas Eve, I went shopping with my sons as they finished their Christmas shopping. We drove to Tyson's Mall,parked near Macy's. To get into the mall we walked through Macy's. I can tell you I haven't been in a Macy's in a couple of years. But as I walked through Macy's I noticed the male mannequins dressed in briefs. Actually a couple of different styles on different mannequins. The mannequins looked more life like then the ones I remember being used at the stores. The mannequin's had hard nipples and a decent looking package to fill out the underwear.

Now because I wasn't near the lingerie department, I don't know if the female mannequins are created equal. I may have to return to the mall to find out that answer.

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