Men in Shorts

I have a question do you wear shorts. if so, how short are your shorts? And do you have great looking legs? go ahead leave a post, please

Fancy Nancy

Good Morning,

First let me say it was very dark this morning. Yesterday the clocks went an hour forward, and this morning at 5:30 it was dark. I am not a morning person and I need sunlight. It seems this winter has been going on much too long. Saturday was a nice day a bit too chilly in the morning, didn't see any sunshine until the afternoon. I guess it took a little longer then usual to chase away the storm clouds from Thursday. I was at the National Zoo in DC. Let me tell you it was a walk up hill to the zoo from the metro station and a walk down and back in the zoo. I remember being at the zoo many many years ago but for some reason didn't remember the zoo being on a decline or incline depending which way you are walking in the zoo. So to say I walked a mile is an understatement, I probably walked close to 3 miles just inside the zoo. The length of the zoo from entrance to down by the tigers and lions they say is at least .8 of a mile. So I did get a lot of exercise which is great for me. I am ready to get outdoors and do stuff. This winter was too cold just like last summer was too hot.
The reason for this entry is the title of this posting. My AP at school addressed me as Fancy Nancy as a hello this morning, then he went on to say his daughters read Fancy Nancy. I know Fancy Nancy because there are a few books about her. I have seen them in the book store. When I see them I have to smile and remember my Grandad. And that is exactly what occurred when my AP said to me Fancy Nancy. You see when I was little, wow that is many many many years ago now, my Grandad use to call me Fancy Nancy. I am not certain if Fancy Nancy existed when I was younger but she does exist now. Every now and then I am tempted to purchase a Fancy Nancy book title, just to keep the memory alive for me. Possibly one day I will.
enjoy your day. Nancy