Is this true, for you?

When most bra wearing humans think about brassieres, they think about support, comfort, picking one that doesn’t dig into their shoulders painfully, ones they won’t accidentally fall out of, ones that flatter the figure. But there are some bra wearing humans for whom the mundane applications of brassiere wearing are irrelevant. There are some for whom a bra is not just an item of clothing, but a fashion accessory that says, Yes! I Dare!
I disagree with the writer of that hub page. I don't purchase bras solely for the purpose of support or comfort. The bras I purchase are sexy, sensual and erotic. But I do also have ugly bras that i wear when i want just comfort and support but they are not at all sexy, at least not in my mind.

the pictures are of my lingerie, i wear daily
so what do you think?