Silk Panties

They have finally arrived in the mail from ebay. I received a card from my mailman telling me to pick up a registered piece of mail. I couldn't imagine who would have sent me a registered letter. Today I went to the post office to find out what was the item. As soon as I saw the package I knew what was in the envelope. I just smiled and couldn't wait to make a quick call to my pantie luv. I guess because it had come through customs it probably required that I sign for the package. Anyway I signed for the package and left the post office.

I walked to my car and made that phone call to my pantie luv. I left a message because it is the weekend and we usually don't talk on the weekends. I had to tell him what arrived in the mail. I didn't want to disturb him but i had to make a second call to him to make certain I had his correct mailing address.

So on Monday after school is out, I will be sending some of those silky beautiful panties to him. I will encourage him to dress up so we can play. I can testify that these panties are soft and silky and my pantie luv will love them.

Penis Festival but No Balls

I was sent a email with pictures celebrating the penis. Being the kind of person I am and because of my profession I just had to investigate to see if there is such a thing as a Penis Festival in Japan. I did a google search and yes there is a penis festival. In actually it is a celebration of fertility. "The Penis Fertility Festival /Chiwawa Matsuri or Ho­nen Matsuri is a celebration of fertility and a fresh harvest- the Spring time. " March 15 in Japan try a town called Komaki.
I have read alittle and watched a YouTube video, sounds bizarre but it is real. If you are wanting to get pregnant, to begin a family or have another child this maybe a vacation trip you need to take this year.

women and their lovers

I read this in a novel, is it true?

"So who was your first serious lover?"

"I havent had one yet."

Well, that's ashame. You've missed all the wild passion the bitter arguments, the mad yearnings. Sex is fun without it, but all the rest adds intensity."

"Still women are more prone to look for all that emotion. It's genetic- hormonal."

"We're more sexually satisfied, as a gender, when we let our emotions engage, and believe- even if the belief is false- our lover's emotions are as well"

so is it true?

nora roberts, the pagan stone, p.46

Happy Valentine's Day

Wow, I just got my computer back. I hope it is finally repaired but only time will tell.

I want to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I haven't been wished a happy valentine's day ever. At least not as far back as I can remember and I was married. He never remembered. But that isn't why I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I do that because everyone should have that special someone even if it is only a friend you share time with online, by emails or IMs. I had a great valentine gift this morning. My pantie luv was dressed in a slip, panties and bra. All for me. I was surprised but I know he loves to dress but this morning is even more special because he did this at his office, then he called me and we played together. He loves phone sex. I wish I was at his office to be able to caress his nipples and hard cock before he came in his panties. We have to plan a meeting to play, I miss not being in the same place when he is dressed. A day will come. It seems work gets in the way.

Happy Valentine's Day, remember that special someone, they deserve it because that person makes your every day special.

Silk Lingerie

Silk panties and bra! That is what I have bought for my pantie luv. I bought them off ebay. I bought the bras in June. I wasn't certain if they would fit but he loved them. His nipples got so hard and he is so sexy in the bras. Now I have bought the silk panties for him. I hope they arrive before Valentine's Day, I know that would be great for him. And a total surprise! I won't tell him if you won't tell him.
I love flowers and tulips is one of my favorites.