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Wow, I can't believe that it is almost March, today was a nice day in northern Virginia.

I was first introduced to guys in panites about 8 years ago. It was by chance that I fell onto a story , emailed the writer and now its been 8 years. I guess the first pantie group I was told about was '', then a second group which was ''. I now know the PFM ( has crashed and probably never to be heard of again, too bad. I do participate as a member on My postings aren't as frequent but when I have something to add to a thread I do add my thoughts. I have missed PFM, there for awhile I had to force myself to stay away. I thought I had a few guys that enjoyed my postings but a falling out with the moderators and a few of their members forced me to just stay away and now its gone for good. I hope some of the members from PFM have found their way to pantiesetc. Its a good place.

I have managed groups that first began on MSN, but MSN did away with all their groups and sent them to World Groups. One group I managed with a friend closed, the owner of the group was having health problems and decided it was too much work to keep it going. The other World Group I helped manage is alive, I checked this evening. I can't believe the owner still has me as a member. A few years ago, I thought, he terminated my membership, but I guess he changed his mind. I don't add to any of the postings on that site and it was by chance I found that group again. I am not even certain the name of the group.

With all that drama I write my own blog now. My blog is more then about guys in panties. I do try to keep it to panties but there are times I drift away from panties. I do know a few guys who wear panties every day, or only to play in and they all love to purchase panties and lingerie. I probably know more about these guys sexual habits then their wives or SOs. Its amazing to me that guys know about fabrics, styles, colors and even designers or brands. I know I wear panties, the colors and styles but not always the designer and brands. I love guys in panties, the softness, the arousal, sexuality and yes the manliness of a guy in panties. That to me is even more sexy, a 'real' guy in panties. I hope one day to find a 'real' guy who can wear panties for self pleasure but be a guy in panties.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is for the guy who loves to wear panties.

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I have been AWOL from here for a bit of time. I might have even gotten away from the pleasure I get from my friends wearing panties. I don't want to convince guys to wear panties. That isn't something I try to do, if a guy wants to wear panties and lingerie he will. If he feels the need to full fill a desire and pleasure that panties and lingerie gives him so be it and I will be pleased by his decision to wear panties. But on the other hand I would love for my guy to wear panties because it gives me pleasure. I might ask him to wear or try panties on for my pleasure but if it isn't something he likes to do then the one try is all I would expect from him. Then he would need to understand I would collect pictures of guys in panties and lingerie. Who knows he may surprise me one day and begin to enjoy the pleasure of panties.
What I have found out this week was my friend who lives a couple of hours from me, he did wear panties to work. He even emailed me a picture of him in those panties from work. I was so surprised by this new adventure on his part. I am not certain if he wore them all day, but I do hope he did. I do know he was uncomfortable as he was driving to work, he still gets a had co-k after all this time when he wears panties. Maybe one day I will get him to wear more then panties to work. Should I encourage him to wear panties another day this week??? With a smile on my face, when I first meet up with him several years ago, I couldn't convince him to wear panties to work but now he has taken that step, now its for me to get him to do it on a regular basis.
Hmmm! Maybe he needs a reward as encouragement.
I would include his picture but he has asked me not to post his pictures, for now I am the one who gets to enjoy his pictures.