Pantie groups...

Wow, I can't believe that it is almost March, today was a nice day in northern Virginia.

I was first introduced to guys in panites about 8 years ago. It was by chance that I fell onto a story , emailed the writer and now its been 8 years. I guess the first pantie group I was told about was '', then a second group which was ''. I now know the PFM ( has crashed and probably never to be heard of again, too bad. I do participate as a member on My postings aren't as frequent but when I have something to add to a thread I do add my thoughts. I have missed PFM, there for awhile I had to force myself to stay away. I thought I had a few guys that enjoyed my postings but a falling out with the moderators and a few of their members forced me to just stay away and now its gone for good. I hope some of the members from PFM have found their way to pantiesetc. Its a good place.

I have managed groups that first began on MSN, but MSN did away with all their groups and sent them to World Groups. One group I managed with a friend closed, the owner of the group was having health problems and decided it was too much work to keep it going. The other World Group I helped manage is alive, I checked this evening. I can't believe the owner still has me as a member. A few years ago, I thought, he terminated my membership, but I guess he changed his mind. I don't add to any of the postings on that site and it was by chance I found that group again. I am not even certain the name of the group.

With all that drama I write my own blog now. My blog is more then about guys in panties. I do try to keep it to panties but there are times I drift away from panties. I do know a few guys who wear panties every day, or only to play in and they all love to purchase panties and lingerie. I probably know more about these guys sexual habits then their wives or SOs. Its amazing to me that guys know about fabrics, styles, colors and even designers or brands. I know I wear panties, the colors and styles but not always the designer and brands. I love guys in panties, the softness, the arousal, sexuality and yes the manliness of a guy in panties. That to me is even more sexy, a 'real' guy in panties. I hope one day to find a 'real' guy who can wear panties for self pleasure but be a guy in panties.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it is for the guy who loves to wear panties.


  1. Hi Nancy!
    It looks like pantiesetc is gone too. Haven't been able to log in for over a week. It may have been gone longer since i don't check every day. You have been a great support and commentator there and your blog is a friendly place. I'm back in Virginia now (Richmond area). It's good to be home. Hope to visit here occasionally but with work and moving, it might be infrequent for a while. Take care and keep up the great blog!

  2. I also can`t find pantiesetc any longer.I visited the site and posted a few times I do miss the interaction with other pantie wearers and the stories they had to tell.I think a guy should be encouraged to wear panties rather than waiting for him to try on his own.I would never have tried panties w/o the help of my ex wife she asked me to model her black lace and satin panties on our honeymoon she took pictures and it was vary evident that I enjoyed the panties well she had me try on and pose in her other panties ending up in pink silk briefs.I was hooked and would never have been w/o her push.I am still wearing panties to this day and do so 24/7 thanks Mike If any one has questions or comments they can e mail me

  3. Having worn panties since I was about 12, now in my mid 40's my introduction to the internet years ago and finding places others who enjoy wearing panties were hanging out, it really surprised me just how many others enjoyed wearing panties. I found many friends into wearing panties and found acceptance. Having a place to go to hang out with others into wearing panties is very important to me, sadly what happened time and time again is those places disappeared. It seemed like once you found a group, community, site, etc and started to visit it regularly posting messages, finding friends, posting pics the next time you visited it was no longer there. It got very frustrating and depressing. I know that most were created on free services and I know that many of these places were not meant for adult type material but yet people still created places there only to eventually have what they created disappear. All of them were free which was great but I guess you then realize that they could also be gone just as quickly as they were created since the places they were created on have control. Another thing I noticed was that in the beginning they were updated and maintained, but as time went on they became cluttered with irrelevant material and not maintained, they became a mess to say the least. Perhaps the creators did not realize the amount of time it took to maintain what they created and they gave up. Looking back just about all of my favorite places to visit are gone, its very sad, all the friends, all the material like pics, messages, stories all vanished. I wonder why I put myself through the disappointment, but at the time I had no idea they could vanish. I realize that me enjoying panties is an adult subject and realize that most of my favorite places to hang out were created on sites which did not allow this type of material, its no wonder they vanished. Still it was sad and frustrating when going back to enjoy those places only to see they vanished, now the search was on to find another place to hang out, not realizing that the viscous circle of my favorite places to hang out vanishing would continue. I know all of us have been through this and have felt the disappointment, I realize now and understand why they vanished. Having a place to hang out with others who enjoy wearing panties is very important to me as I am sure its important to others who wear panties. I have given up on the vanishing type places which I know will eventually disappear, its to disappointing to loose your connection with friends, and also all the time everyone has put into posting pics, messages, etc. I am one that has never thought of joining a site but I understand why so many do join sites or communities, they want a place that lasts, that someone puts time and effort into updating and maintaining. So upon coming across men wearing panties club I was intrigued and when I found out how long they have been around I knew it was the community for me, finally a place I could come back to year after year. Only wished I had realized this long ago instead of all the years of frustration. As mentioned its important for me to have a place to go and be around others who also enjoy wearing panties, a community were I can meet others into wearing panties, to post my pics and view others pics, read others experiences and advice, just a place were I can go after a stressful day to enjoy my love of wearing panties with others, thats very important to me. I know many complain about paying for anything on the internet, I don’t know about you but I do not know of any free adult stores where you can walk in and everything is free, I guess that theory put things in perspective for me. I know for sure to create, operate and maintain a community like men wearing panties club its not free for sure. So to me its well worth donating to help them continue to provide a great community were me and others who wear panties can visit. I do hope that others into wearing panties check out its a great community to be apart of.