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underwear VS panties

I have a tattoo, actually I have 3 tattoos. My first was a butterfly, I just had to get because it was valentine's day when I got it and I realized then I was headed to a divorce, butterfly= freedom. My second tat is of a Celtic knot in the shape of a heart. My dream is to see Scotland, especially the castles of Scotland. One day that dream will come true. Third tat I have is of a pink pantie. The reason I have the pink pantie is because I love guys in panties but that is not what I tell those who ask about the tat. One day a colleague of mine asked about it recently, she called it underwear. I just smiled and nodded. It seemed as if she was afraid to use the word pantie. I don't know why women won't acknowledge the name of the garment for what they are panties. It seems it is a difficult word for women to use when referring to this garment but not for the guys. To me it just seemed strange a garment I wear all the time, I refer to as panties why can't other women use the word.

Just another thought after looking at the Fruit of the Loom advertisement, panties VS underwear does it make a difference? The picture is my pantie atttoo.

underwear for every man

I have been trying to get back to this blog for days now, if not weeks, but with school back in session it seems my life has been taken over by my profession. I am a Teacher Librarian at a middle school. As a librarian I get to look at the mail as it comes into the library. I happened to pick up the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview issue. I like to read a little about sports so I can at least know and understand what is happening in the world of sports.

Anyway as I was flipping through the magazine I came across an advertisement for Fruit of the Looms. The ad caption is underwear for every man. I had to smile and laugh because I know a few guys that Fruit of the Looms aren't the underwear for all men! But I also know guys who wear panties but keep boxers around. Even my own pantie guy loves panties but when it comes to work wears boxers because he feels if his work crew found out he wear panties there might be a revolt or a lack of respect. Anyway take a look at Sports Illustrated are Fruit of the Loom the underwear for all men?