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As some of you know I am a teacher of middle school students. Middle school is the new junior high but grades 6-8. The age which students enter middle school would be as young as 10 depending on the birth date and we have some students who are 15 yrs old, still not in school high school. There is something that I had noticed even in my own home, boys standing in front of the mirror with a counter filled with products. Everything from deodorant to hair gel. Not one scent but a variety of scents. In a way I was pleased to see my sons take care of themselves, you know shower, brush the teeth and use deodorant but when did grooming go from that to all the other products??
My problem isn't the amount of products but the scents. They are just overpowering! I am not certain if it is the scent or the quantity or what? but I get such a headache and sick feeling. At one time I have had to roll the windows down of the car just to drive. I even had to tell the boys to stop with all the scents. What gives???

Help me out, please, I go to school tomorrow and have the same problem with too many products used by some boys and no products used by others!

Black Bra II

Black Bra II

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Okay, every one if you have HBOZ there is a program titled Real Sex: Orgasm.
You must view it! There is a sex therapist that has a collection of vibrators, all kinds and shapes. Some dating back to 1900's it amazing. A pron movie maker from Japan.
Wow an entire program dealing with orgasms!

As usual, it is possible this program has been on before but I never saw it before. I take that back I have seen parts of this particular program, I remember because I am viewing the part where there is a sex expert putting dildos in the dishwasher to clean them. I believe this is where I learned more about giving hand jobs and blow jobs. Oh, yes this needs to be watched, if not saved and copied.

Look for it on HBOZ

Microfiber Bras for men

I'm a big fan of microfiber for many reasons, its smooth, it has a sheen to it, it is comfortable, and it is the way of the future. When all the cotton dies out due to global warming, those of us who have already adapted to polymer clothing will have an advantage over those who keep whining about the fact you can't drink the water anymore.

Prominent online lingerie retailer, Her Room, agrees, saying 'Microfiber bras are composed of a synthetic material made up of an extremely fine material. Finer than silk or satin, microfiber is generally considered one of the highest qualities of brassiere materials in terms of comfort and wearability. In addition, the microscopic threads, which can be packed much tighter than lace or satin, help to trap moisture while at the same time allowing airflow.'

Most major bra manufacturers produce microfiber bras, from Wonderbra, to Lily of France, even Olga have come to the 21st century party with their seamless microfiber bra that delights the wearer with its stealthy comfort.

Most, if not all, (not all,) microfiber bras are seamless, which is perfect for men who want to wear a bra underneath their everyday attire. The lack of seams mean that you will be free to stretch like a gorilla as much as you desire and all that will be visible under your shirt is nothing, nothing at all.
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Has anyone noticed

that the days are getting longer. I have! Its not so much the mornings right now because I still leave the apartment when it is dark outside and when I am about half way to school that is when the sun comes up. Since I am late leaving school 2 afternoons a week, I have noticed the sun is still up but setting at 5:30 PM. At 5:30PM if all is well I should be home so it is a good feeling to see the sun is shining. I know that spring can't be very away. Even with the very cold temperatures and the snow/ice from our Christmas snow storm. Spring is coming.

Yesterday at school we had a committee come to school to help decide if we are a school to watch. This is a very prestigious award for any school. As we were cleaning up the library at the end of the day, the tulips (purple and yellow) school colors, the question was what do with them. I love flowers, i will need to get to the grocery store to purchase more flowers, a treat for myself. I was asked to bring home the purple and yellow tulips. They are a sign that spring will be arriving soon, even if the tulips were delivered from a warmer climate. The tulips sit near my desk among my Christmas decorations they still need to be put away.

Spring is coming and soon we will be setting out clocks forward. Irony is I love snow! Now we need fresh snow.

Enjoy your day.

The Black Bra

To wear a black bra, you must be daring. To wear a black bra, you must be bold. In wearing a black bra, you come to understand that although lingerie lies next to your skin, safely tucked away under your outer clothing, it is nevertheless a very real presence. The man who wears a black bra is a man who has mastered the arts of lingerie, he is one with the essential nature of lingerie.

Black lingerie is stylish, timeless and often lasts a great deal longer than lighter colored lingerie which becomes discolored over time and in the wash as dyes from other items of clothing invariably find their way through the aqueous medium in your wash tub and stain pale fabrics a darker color.

Anyone can purchase and wear a black bra, but only the man who has devoted serious time to his study of the nature of lingerie can wear a black bra with total confidence. He knows how the black bra can be hidden for stealth effect, he knows how it can be subtly displayed as a means of lingerie pride, and he knows how it can be shown in all its glory for full effect.

If you happen to be a man who loves lingerie, a black bra is an essential part of your wardrobe, but it is not a part of your wardrobe that you should wear lightly. Many have tried on black bras and many have failed the challenges that come with being a wearer of a black bra.

In order to successfully wear the black bra in a subtle fashion, you must have a deep understanding of the opacity of your outer garments. Is that shirt somewhat translucent under fluorescent lights? Will it give away your secrets if someone takes a picture with a powerful flash? Is there even the remotest possibility that today, somebody will throw a bucket of water over your head, and will your outerwear stand up to the challenge if that happens?

The black bra is perhaps one of the most beauteous pieces of lingerie. It comes in many forms, sometimes soft and padded, sometimes delicate and lacy, sometimes closing at the front, sometimes closing at the back, sometimes with adjustable straps that can be swapped around to form a halter bra. Do not underestimate the potential complexity of the black bra. Respect it, and wield it as you would any other totem of potent femininity.

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