Boy to Man

As some of you know I am a teacher of middle school students. Middle school is the new junior high but grades 6-8. The age which students enter middle school would be as young as 10 depending on the birth date and we have some students who are 15 yrs old, still not in school high school. There is something that I had noticed even in my own home, boys standing in front of the mirror with a counter filled with products. Everything from deodorant to hair gel. Not one scent but a variety of scents. In a way I was pleased to see my sons take care of themselves, you know shower, brush the teeth and use deodorant but when did grooming go from that to all the other products??
My problem isn't the amount of products but the scents. They are just overpowering! I am not certain if it is the scent or the quantity or what? but I get such a headache and sick feeling. At one time I have had to roll the windows down of the car just to drive. I even had to tell the boys to stop with all the scents. What gives???

Help me out, please, I go to school tomorrow and have the same problem with too many products used by some boys and no products used by others!


  1. Sorry. I don't think there's any help possible. I'm sure parents have been searching for years to find the antidote for adolescent behavior. You could try explaining the error of their ways, but little Sally at school probably disagrees with you, so good luck!

    Just as an aside, about ten years ago I finally had a talk with a long time friend about too much cologne. If they don't outgrow it, they will eventually respond to reason. Now if you can only hold out that long.

  2. I'm not surprised that they want to use these products with all the advertising that goes on for Axe and other cologne soaps and such. I've been using Gillette body wash which has a distinct and strong smell while I'm in the shower, but I don't really notice it after that.