he wears panties

Since a couple of the sites have crashed and doesn't seem they will be back, I was surprised to get emails from 'he wears panties'. The person that owns that site, I thought she was finished with men and panties or lingerie, is back with pantie emails. Recently I have gotten emails showing panties I really would love to see on a guy. I will try to post a few of the pictures.
These white hikini panties with lace,mmm a smooth touch to the butt and caress  the package!
"sometimes a man who wears lingerie wants to feel a little more covered than that. Sometimes smooth fabric from lower back to belly button is the panacea for that which ails one"

bisexual men

I am wondering, this isn't the first time I have thought about this but the first time I am  writing about it. I met a guy online several years ago. Not until recently maybe last year he said he was bi and didn't I know it all the years before. I said 'no'. He lives quite a distance from me so meeting up was out of the question and besides we weren't heading in any direction but a friend online to chat with and share woes.

My question is if a guy who is married has a wife but after a few years she doesn't want to have a sexual relationship him any longer for whatever reason, no separation or divorce, they somewhat  enjoy each others company and wealth together, why would a guy instead of looking for another lady to full fill his sexual needs  turn to a guy for that need to be full filled.  Is having a male partner to full fill your sexual needs make it legitimate as opposed to having a relationship with a lady.  Can the guy then say he isn't having an extra martial affair ?  Tell the wife he is hanging out with the guys but actually meeting up with his guy lover?

Just wondering?