Do Guys Crave Compliments

I know I like to be given compliments. But do guys like to be given compliments? I came across an article that mentioned 5 compliments guys crave, would you agree?

Here are the top five qualities men really love to be complimented on:

1. His Smile / His Laugh
This was by far the most common answer from all the men we surveyed. Guys want reassurance that they make you happy - and there's no better way to do that than by flattering their goofy grins and contagious laughs.

2. His Skills on the Playing Field ... or the Game Screen
Men are action-oriented creatures. Sitting down for a relationship "talk" is absolute torture for most guys, yet running around shooting paint at high velocity in attempt to cause pain and embarrassment is their idea of bliss. It may never add up to us, but we still need to praise their equation for fun.

3. His Doubts
Men try to put on a brave face and hide their inner fears, but just like us, guys come equipped with plenty of insecurities. So be a sweet self-esteem coach and prop him up on those touchy issues.

4. His Dog, His Computer, His Desk - Just not him directly
Men aren't as used to getting compliments as we are. So sometimes it's better to ease into the kudos. Select an indirect object of flattery rather than a direct target of adoration. Let the gentleman connect the dots and project that praise onto himself.

5. His Sexy Anatomy
Let's face it, complimenting men on their - shall we say, equipment - is always going to score you a home run.

Cotton VS Nylon

I have been wearing cotton panties for a few days. I hadn't spoken of my cotton panties to my friend. I knew he liked cotton panties but I also know he loves the satin, nylon and microfiber fabric panties. He loves the feel of the fabric as he plays and cums. He has many of my panties at his office. There seems to be more cotton panties in the stores. The new cotton seems so soft. I will probably pick up a few cotton panties to add to my collection. Enjoy the comfort of cotton.

I confessed to him yesterday that I was wearing my deep purple cotton panties. He does love me in anything but cotton. When we talk one of the first questions from him is what I am wearing. To throw him off I usually tell him about my nightie or the clothing I have on knowing he wants a visual word description of my panties and bra. I do try to match for him, that is definitely a turn on for him. With the humid days, the cotton felt and is more comfortable. My other panties just make me feel damp and not in a pleasurable way. As we were talking, I was driving to the Realtors office and he was driving to a local cable company to get drawings. He got to the office of the cable company and I was still making my way to the Realtor's office. By listening to him, I realized he was uncomfortable, with his c--k being hard. I am certain he was close to cumming. I tired to change the conversation so he would be able to walk into the office without embarrassing himself; either because of wet spots or because his c--k was hard. I do like the idea I can make him uncomfortable just by telling him what I have on.

Sock Fetish


A few moons ago, I happened to talk to a guy who had a sock fetish. This was during the rave of chat rooms on yahoo. This is possibly when my interest in fetishes came about. Follow my logic socks to panties to more lingerie. Weird? lol

I don't remember this guys name or even his Yahoo ID but his fetish was white socks definitely not colored socks. He would talk about white socks, how he got turned on by white socks. He would cum, orgasm from his pleasure and excitement over white socks. He liked all kinds of white socks, knee hi's, anklets with and without lace and more. He would ask me to purchase white socks take pictures of my toes then send the pics to him. I did. It was his fetish, seemed innocent enough and I didn't have a problem with it. I tried looking for a few of those pictures from back then but I couldn't find them. I am certain the sock pictures have been lost or deleted.

But back to socks. I don't wear white socks so I don't own any white socks except those little sneaker socks. I wear socks that coordinate with my jeans or slacks. I have asked guys if they wear white socks. If I have spoken to you, think back because I might have asked if you wear white socks. Its not that I don't like white socks but there is a place and time for white socks but not with dress slacks or blue/black jeans. So purchase colored socks wear them with dress slacks and jeans of any color. You will look put together and get a smile of knowing from me.

Wow! I remember this guys ID, it was spellchecker. How could I forget, I use spell check every day. Now that is weird! lol

night, tomorrow is a PD day for me, we all need to be professionally developed before the new school year begins!

My Ideal

A friend is in town for the week. He has been a friend for about 10 years. We began with IMs and emails, a phone call every once in awhile. He is married and has 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. He knows about my kids, 3 boys. We have chatted about everything in life. I would call him a good friend. We have talked about the good times in our lives and the not so good times. Tonight he told me, he will become a grandfather in October, JD is only 46. His son promised this wouldn't happen, getting his girlfriend pregnant. As we know things happen! I could see and hear his frustration with his son but also the love, compassion and the strong support he will give to his son when the baby arrives and beyond that into the future. Its something I felt and saw.

We had drinks and dinner together tonight. He is one of those techie guys. He tried to explain the classes he is taking but it is useless to explain to me, so I just nodded my head in agreement. What I realized driving home was, he is the type of guy I wish my sons had for a dad. The way he is supporting his son with the gfs pregnancy, the support he gave to his daughter as she leaves tomorrow for a semester in Italy, and I could just see it and hear it in his voice, the pride and love. I wish my sons had JD as a dad. I believe that is part of their life that is lacking. A male figure that supports them, had their back as they progress through life. Its tough to be 2 parents when I have no clue how to be a guy/dad.

I am glad JD is in town, hopefully we will have another dinner together before he heads home.

Refreshing lingerie drawer

It is a hot and humid day. I purchased new lingerie. Actually I was planning to purchase sandals but come back to the hotel with 3 bras and a purple socks instead. Yes I have been gradually retiring old lingerie that has seen better days. I just don't know what to do with them at this point. I don't think it is wise to add them to a yard sale, (yuk!) or put them in for a clothing collection (double yuk!) so what do I do with lingerie that is tired looking? It would be simple just to toss them in the trash but my environmental mind is saying no! So I ask the question what should I do with my old tired seen better days lingerie!?
The bras I bought are from winter/spring items but a very good sale. I had selected a smoky purple bra and pantie set but saw the bras on sale for $6.00 so I checked them out, and yes they are sheer embroidered lacy bras, just my kind. When I get back home I will take a picture or two to add to this posting. They are so sexy looking. I do have panties that will go along with the bras I purchased so I will be matching some what when I wear the new bras. Before I head back home, I just might purchase the matching smoky purple bra/pantie set, who knows. After a few hours at the beach I might head back to the store to shop! I did I mention it is hot and humid!

I don't mind the heat, its the humidity that is the problem. Today will be a day for lots of water and the ocean.



Today I have on cotton panties, deep rose colored, hip cut. I have a few cotton panties left in the drawer for days like today. It is too hot and humid to wear satin/nylon microfiber panties. They just don't breathe as well as cotton panties. I know if I was to make a phone call right now and tell a 'friend' I am in cotton panties, his words to me would be lashes with his hard c--k! Which I know I would enjoy because then he would get a tongue licking! He would ask me to take them off and put other panties on. My friend does know what is in my collection of panties. If I was in AC all day not to leave my home then anything but cotton panties would be okay. I am not a home body so to be comfortable it is cotton for today.

A Sunday in August

Good Morning,
Let me get a towel for my hair it is still dripping from my shower. I usually blow dry my hair but not since summer heat has set in. I get to hot to use the hair dryer, so for now it is a towel that gets to dry my hair. What can I say! LOL I get tooooo hot.

I think the milk has gone bad. I have a freshly brewed cup of coffee in front me and there are white dots! curds! I hope to drink this cup if it isn't too bad then on the way home from church get more milk for breakfast/brunch. First mouthful it seems okay. Yes I am going to church I usually do every Sunday. Attending services refreshes me for the week to come. Besides I get to hang out with a few friends and even chat with an advance man for the state department. He is always off some where around the world. No, I don't get to talk about what he is actually doing but only that he is off to another part of the world. So hopefully he will be at church this morning.
I went to see Julie & Julia yesterday. I liked the movie. I wasn't a fan of Julia Child on PBS doing her cooking shows. The movie I enjoyed, it was a quick short study of Julia Child. To this day people still ask if she was a agent for the CIA, that question was answered in the movie, go see the movie to find out what Paul's response was. I need to get a copy of Julia's cookbook. As a Home Economics teacher for many years, I never owned a cookbook written by Julia. I saw a signed copy of her book on Amazon dot com, it was being sold for $500.00, that is way out of my price range. But the movie was worth the price of the movie ticket.

I did get a chance to see Julia's kitchen at the Museum of American History its a Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. When you visit Washington DC stop in at the museum and browse Julia's kitchen.

Its going to be hot, humid, and hazy today, get your favorite book and water, then take a drive along the Skyline Drive where it will be cooler.

G-spot, what, where and How

What Is the G-Spot? Where Is the G-Spot? How Does It Work?


The "G-spot" doesn't refer to a magic button that's guaranteed to transport all women everywhere to orgasmic bliss every time it's pressed; nor does it refer to your (or your girlfriend's) own personal sweet spot (whether it's in the vagina or the armpit). No, the G-spot is a particularly sensitive area that's stimulated by applying pressure to roof of the vagina — and provoking it may or may not lead to orgasm and/or female ejaculation. Like almost everything about sex, it depends. (You'll find G-spot enthusiasts arguing this point, claiming that all women can enjoy G stim and ejaculate, but the research we've seen on the matter -- this is one study, for example -- says it ain't so. Besides, we think that's just too much performance pressure to put on a sista).
We have the '80s to thank for shoulder pads, Wham!, and the term "G-spot." Before then, research on the area was pretty flimsy. In the '40s, prominent sex guru Alfred Kinsey found that most ladies who dug having their vadge tickled, dug it most on the vadge's top wall. But since Kinsey was all about the clitoral head, he didn't send out any press releases on the matter. The '50s gave us good old German gyno Ernst Gräfenberg, the first modern scientist to identify the erotic potential of the urethral sponge, as felt through the top wall of the vagina. But the world was only ready for one orgasmic revolution, and Kinsey's clit won out. It wasn't until the early '80s that a pair of sexologists, John Perry and Beverly Whipple, picked up where Gräfenberg left off, replicating his findings and finally giving this hot zone a name in honor of Ernst: The G-spot.

If you want to talk about the G-spot, we've got to talk about the urethra. Oooh, fun. The urethra is the slender tube which carries urine (tinkle) from your bladder to your urethral meatus or opening (peepee hole), which, if you're a chick, is usually between your clit and vaginal opening. The urethra runs just above the roof of your vaginal canal, kind of like a ceiling pipe, and is surrounded by erectile tissue called the urethral sponge, sort of like outer insulation. This sponge houses a number of "paraurethral" (meaning near the urethra) and "periurethral" (meaning around the urethra) glands and ducts which secrete and expel fluid (or female ejaculate) respectively. While the G-spot has never been anatomically mapped by a body of medical professionals who can agree, it's popularly known as the part of the urethral sponge which may be felt through the ceiling of the vagina, approximately one-third to one-half of the way in — it's usually an oval area or ridge (sometimes called the "G-crest") about the size of a elongated dime or quarter. (However, some consider the G-spot to actually be the entire urethral sponge.) When you're aroused, the urethral sponge fills with blood and its glands fill with fluid, causing the area to swell and firm up — which is why many women (or their partners) are only able to locate the G-spot once they're, you know, good and ready.The urethral sponge (G-spot if you're nasty) is also sometimes — controversially — called the "female prostate." Check it out: Fetuses, whatever sex they're destined to become, all start out female. It's not until the 7th or 8th week of gestation when the Y chromosome kicks in for the boys. The same embryonic tissue that eventually develops into the prostate gland in boys is what eventually becomes the para- and periurethral glands in girls. New research suggests that the female urethral sponge with these glands and ducts is not just leftover tissue, but is actually its own working organ with similar functionality (i.e. it enables female ejaculation in some women).

You or your partner can do this: Lie lie on your back (you can pull your knees up or place a pillow under your bum for better access), and insert one or two fingers about two inches in and up, as if you were aiming behind the pubic bone. You're feeling for a rough, ridged area on the front or upper wall of the vagina, about the size of a stretched-out coin. Remember, the G-spot actually sits behind this wall – again, it's the spongy tissue that surrounds her urethra (a.k.a. the female prostate). Since you'll be pressing on the urethra (and in the vicinity of the bladder), it's only natural that you might feel like you have to wee when you do this. If you urinate first, then you'll know you can ignore this feeling and you can keep on G-spotting. Once there, curve your fingers in a "come hither" gesture and massage the area firmly and steadily. Some women find this sensation downright uncomfortable and can't get past the resulting "urge to purge". But others actually require this kind of stimulation for orgasm, or even ejaculate as a result of it. We hope that helps!
from shine (yahoo) click on picture

That next purchase

Have you stopped or limited your purchases? Yanbu, China this is the town that bras built. More than 200 underwear manufacturers have thrived for decades in Yanbu. The industry provides more than 20,000 jobs. A cut back in consumer purchasing of lingerie especially bras manufacturing across southeast China that depend upon exports are struggling, and so is Yanbu.
Don't stop making purchases, one good quality bra is better then 3 lower quality. shop wisely.


I was sent a hub page that I find curious. I am not a follower of the author of the hub page. It wasn't titled purging or throwing away your lingerie. Have you ever been asked to purge or stop wearing lingerie/panties? Have you ever had your gf or wife or family ask you to stop wearing lingerie?
I have been asked how to tell your gf or wife and family but I haven't been asked how to stop the bf or husband from wearing lingerie. The other question I have for you do you want to stop wearing lingerie? Is purging, getting rid of your stash the way you halt your desire for wearing lingerie? If you purge how do you feel about buying new items to satisfy your need?

What do you all think? Do you have any support from your gf or wife? Is it toleration or acceptance or something else? Has your desire changed the relationship you have with gf or wife? If so have you sought out others for support and acceptance?

Guide to Hugging

I must be in one of those crazy moods and needing to share but I saw this little thing on Shine and had to post it. Dont we all at times wonder about hugs and if a hug might lead to something more! Just in a crazy mood. But do you remember when people had signs for 'free hugs'!

Venus vs Mars

I am posting a Washington Post article from their style section. I had to laugh alittle as I was reading the article. For the past several weeks I have had my sons staying with me. After a couple of chilly nights I had to put on my woolly socks and a sweatshirt and it was 90 degrees outside but only hovering in the low 70's inside. I was freezing! Even as I write this posting my toes remember how cold it was in the apartment. This is definitely a guy thing unless they are worried about the cost of the energy used, $$$$.

Enjoy the article something to share over a hot cup of tea.

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth, its a movie in the theaters now. I laughed all the way through it, from beginning to end. The sexual innuendos led to the predictable romance in the end.
I am not certain if it is a good date movie because of the sexual innuendos and the 4 letter words spoken through out the movie, but I loved it, along with The Proposal.

Go see them and enjoy, laugh out loud, I did.