Do Guys Crave Compliments

I know I like to be given compliments. But do guys like to be given compliments? I came across an article that mentioned 5 compliments guys crave, would you agree?

Here are the top five qualities men really love to be complimented on:

1. His Smile / His Laugh
This was by far the most common answer from all the men we surveyed. Guys want reassurance that they make you happy - and there's no better way to do that than by flattering their goofy grins and contagious laughs.

2. His Skills on the Playing Field ... or the Game Screen
Men are action-oriented creatures. Sitting down for a relationship "talk" is absolute torture for most guys, yet running around shooting paint at high velocity in attempt to cause pain and embarrassment is their idea of bliss. It may never add up to us, but we still need to praise their equation for fun.

3. His Doubts
Men try to put on a brave face and hide their inner fears, but just like us, guys come equipped with plenty of insecurities. So be a sweet self-esteem coach and prop him up on those touchy issues.

4. His Dog, His Computer, His Desk - Just not him directly
Men aren't as used to getting compliments as we are. So sometimes it's better to ease into the kudos. Select an indirect object of flattery rather than a direct target of adoration. Let the gentleman connect the dots and project that praise onto himself.

5. His Sexy Anatomy
Let's face it, complimenting men on their - shall we say, equipment - is always going to score you a home run.

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