Refreshing lingerie drawer

It is a hot and humid day. I purchased new lingerie. Actually I was planning to purchase sandals but come back to the hotel with 3 bras and a purple socks instead. Yes I have been gradually retiring old lingerie that has seen better days. I just don't know what to do with them at this point. I don't think it is wise to add them to a yard sale, (yuk!) or put them in for a clothing collection (double yuk!) so what do I do with lingerie that is tired looking? It would be simple just to toss them in the trash but my environmental mind is saying no! So I ask the question what should I do with my old tired seen better days lingerie!?
The bras I bought are from winter/spring items but a very good sale. I had selected a smoky purple bra and pantie set but saw the bras on sale for $6.00 so I checked them out, and yes they are sheer embroidered lacy bras, just my kind. When I get back home I will take a picture or two to add to this posting. They are so sexy looking. I do have panties that will go along with the bras I purchased so I will be matching some what when I wear the new bras. Before I head back home, I just might purchase the matching smoky purple bra/pantie set, who knows. After a few hours at the beach I might head back to the store to shop! I did I mention it is hot and humid!

I don't mind the heat, its the humidity that is the problem. Today will be a day for lots of water and the ocean.

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  1. Perhaps you could recycle your used panties, bras, slips, etc. to some of your readers. I am sure there are some guys out here (like me)in the internet world that would love the opportunity to try on your lingerie and play in it.

    BTW sure would like to see how you look in your new panties and bras.