A Sunday in August

Good Morning,
Let me get a towel for my hair it is still dripping from my shower. I usually blow dry my hair but not since summer heat has set in. I get to hot to use the hair dryer, so for now it is a towel that gets to dry my hair. What can I say! LOL I get tooooo hot.

I think the milk has gone bad. I have a freshly brewed cup of coffee in front me and there are white dots! curds! I hope to drink this cup if it isn't too bad then on the way home from church get more milk for breakfast/brunch. First mouthful it seems okay. Yes I am going to church I usually do every Sunday. Attending services refreshes me for the week to come. Besides I get to hang out with a few friends and even chat with an advance man for the state department. He is always off some where around the world. No, I don't get to talk about what he is actually doing but only that he is off to another part of the world. So hopefully he will be at church this morning.
I went to see Julie & Julia yesterday. I liked the movie. I wasn't a fan of Julia Child on PBS doing her cooking shows. The movie I enjoyed, it was a quick short study of Julia Child. To this day people still ask if she was a agent for the CIA, that question was answered in the movie, go see the movie to find out what Paul's response was. I need to get a copy of Julia's cookbook. As a Home Economics teacher for many years, I never owned a cookbook written by Julia. I saw a signed copy of her book on Amazon dot com, it was being sold for $500.00, that is way out of my price range. But the movie was worth the price of the movie ticket.

I did get a chance to see Julia's kitchen at the Museum of American History its a Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. When you visit Washington DC stop in at the museum and browse Julia's kitchen.

Its going to be hot, humid, and hazy today, get your favorite book and water, then take a drive along the Skyline Drive where it will be cooler.

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