Cotton VS Nylon

I have been wearing cotton panties for a few days. I hadn't spoken of my cotton panties to my friend. I knew he liked cotton panties but I also know he loves the satin, nylon and microfiber fabric panties. He loves the feel of the fabric as he plays and cums. He has many of my panties at his office. There seems to be more cotton panties in the stores. The new cotton seems so soft. I will probably pick up a few cotton panties to add to my collection. Enjoy the comfort of cotton.

I confessed to him yesterday that I was wearing my deep purple cotton panties. He does love me in anything but cotton. When we talk one of the first questions from him is what I am wearing. To throw him off I usually tell him about my nightie or the clothing I have on knowing he wants a visual word description of my panties and bra. I do try to match for him, that is definitely a turn on for him. With the humid days, the cotton felt and is more comfortable. My other panties just make me feel damp and not in a pleasurable way. As we were talking, I was driving to the Realtors office and he was driving to a local cable company to get drawings. He got to the office of the cable company and I was still making my way to the Realtor's office. By listening to him, I realized he was uncomfortable, with his c--k being hard. I am certain he was close to cumming. I tired to change the conversation so he would be able to walk into the office without embarrassing himself; either because of wet spots or because his c--k was hard. I do like the idea I can make him uncomfortable just by telling him what I have on.

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