Sock Fetish


A few moons ago, I happened to talk to a guy who had a sock fetish. This was during the rave of chat rooms on yahoo. This is possibly when my interest in fetishes came about. Follow my logic socks to panties to more lingerie. Weird? lol

I don't remember this guys name or even his Yahoo ID but his fetish was white socks definitely not colored socks. He would talk about white socks, how he got turned on by white socks. He would cum, orgasm from his pleasure and excitement over white socks. He liked all kinds of white socks, knee hi's, anklets with and without lace and more. He would ask me to purchase white socks take pictures of my toes then send the pics to him. I did. It was his fetish, seemed innocent enough and I didn't have a problem with it. I tried looking for a few of those pictures from back then but I couldn't find them. I am certain the sock pictures have been lost or deleted.

But back to socks. I don't wear white socks so I don't own any white socks except those little sneaker socks. I wear socks that coordinate with my jeans or slacks. I have asked guys if they wear white socks. If I have spoken to you, think back because I might have asked if you wear white socks. Its not that I don't like white socks but there is a place and time for white socks but not with dress slacks or blue/black jeans. So purchase colored socks wear them with dress slacks and jeans of any color. You will look put together and get a smile of knowing from me.

Wow! I remember this guys ID, it was spellchecker. How could I forget, I use spell check every day. Now that is weird! lol

night, tomorrow is a PD day for me, we all need to be professionally developed before the new school year begins!

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