Why do so many of you feel you need to be 'trained' or embarrassed or humiliated or be something different then what you are? Its one thing to wear panties/lingerie to feel feminine (sissy) but why the next step to be rejected for who you are a guy in lingerie then treated like you are worthless. I love a guy in lingerie a masculine all male guy, humiliation or training to be subservient isn't even in the picture. I love telling him how to dress, how to pleasure himself and me. when it comes to some of the stuff with hurtings, embarrassments, changing features now that is scary. I have read so many stories about guys being subservient to their so called wives or mistresses or whomever. I can't imagine giving another person the control over your life, to me that is so scary, just not normal in any kind of relationship. But who is saying you have a relationship beyond a subservient one, now that is sad. i know everyone is entitled to their views and opinions but sometimes you all scare me. I hope most of the stories are just that fiction.
You all just scare me.

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This week I was in a room full of testosterone. It was weird for me. I guess it is because I feel comfortable having a conversation with just about anyone. I can be standing in line at the grocery store and strike up a conversation. Last week I had to take a seat and a guy pushed in and I sat down next to him. We immediately started a conversation nothing earth shaking but it was good to talk to someone who could actually hold a conversation. I pushed in to let Howard sit down next to me. I know Howard because I have had several meetings with him for a year or so. It was easy to have a conversation with Howard. First it was talk about a few of his colleagues standing up front, how he knew them through an organization, he is the treasurer. Then how different guys are from girls. How easy it is for girls when we meet to hug and kiss on the cheek, tell each other how pretty the blouse or skirt is that we are wearing then getting down to the business at hand. I asked Howard don't guys do that, don't guys tell other guys about the neat ties they are wearing or the color of the suit they have on? Howard just looked at me and chuckled with a big smile. I guess guys don't do that sort of thing. I know I do, I like to see guys in neat ties and great colored shirts. The suit or other clothing depends on the guy. I have to admit I work with some guys that would fit in GQ with no problem and that includes Howard. We then got to talking about how he would rather not be in the uniform of the day. I looked at him and then he began to explain that in his business the uniform is a suit and how he wished he could be in jeans and a t-shirt. Now we both agreed that wouldn't due for the business at hand. I told Howard how at school we have a dress down day. Howard then explained his dress down days are when he won't be seeing a client or going to court. But then I remembered that one time I met Howard in his office he was dressed casual. Damn he is a sexy guy. As well as the guy that was sitting next to me. That is the point of this posting. The room I was in where ever I looked with an exception I was surrounded by beautiful men dressed handsomely and well groomed. It was such a turn on. As I was waiting with Howard and with the other guy sitting to my right I began to wonder what these two guys would be like dressed in lingerie. Damn Oh yes in a bra and panties. I would love to see them dressed in lingerie. My mind began to wonder, my fingers got itchy. I took out my notebook and began to write a story, this day being the starting point. The story will be posted return to read it. How I miss having intelligent conversation anything beyond talking about others, sex and lingerie; I am more intelligent then that.

A side note, I do miss having conversations with friends. It is amazing how few can hold a conversation beyond talking about people, sex and lingerie. I guess with me in close proximity to DC I pay alot of attention to the news and I do love watching hockey. Since meeting a friend out of country I even pay attention to world news. How else to know who to support and those who need to be voted out of office.

Men's Health

yes I bought the magazine today. when i bought the magazine I also bought 2 CDs, Chris Young. I love his voice and especially 'gettin' you home' and 'voices'. i heard he chatted with Jeff Foxworthy a couple of weeks ago when he was in Virginia, i wish i knew where. Virginia is a large state.
back to the magazine. i bought the December issue. i really enjoyed reading it and this issue had 4 fragrance samples. so i guess those samples aren't just for the ladies anymore. i will glance through it again then pass it on.
its a pleasure to enjoy guys.

Soy Products

I know I left a post before about soy products, especially soy products eaten by men. I guess soy products are a good substitute for meat protein but only in moderation. Recently I heard on a news show that another guy was suffering with pain and developing breasts. Soy beans have female hormones (estrogen) that when consumed in a large quantities men will begin to develop breasts and have other problems associated with the increase of female hormones from eating soy products.

This is the article:
Jeremy Piven Blames Soy Milk for Man Boobs
Wednesday, November 4, 2009Last updated 9:16 a.m. PT

First Jeremy Piven blamed sushi for mercury poisoning, and now the actor claims he grew man boobs (aka moobs) from drinking excessive amounts of soy milk.
Jeremy Piven leaves Broadway show on doctor's orders
"I was the guy that dabbled in soy milk, but now I've found out soy milk has enough estrogen for me to grow breasts," Piven told Scottish STV. "I had to put the soy milk down. It was a very confusing time."
Consumer and nutritional sciences expert Jill Hamilton-Reeves told
AOL that she learned the 44-year-old Entourage actor was drinking 12 cups (about three-quarters of a gallon) of soy milk a day. "That means he was taking in approximately 360 milligrams of isoflavones a day," Hamilton-Reeves said. "And isoflavones are what people generally believe to be responsible for any effects in male reproductive hormones."
Perhaps someone needs a lesson in moderation.

Read the article or go back in my postings and read the article from Men's Health about soy products.

Ghosts of War- Ryan Smithson

I needed to share this book with someone and this was the first place I thought of. Many of you know that about 2 years ago my son joined the Army. He has never been able to tell me what happened from beginning to now. I know there had to have been good and bad times, scary times and laughable times. But he really hasn't talked about the military. Perhaps one day he well. But I had to share this book. I just finished reading it. I know from reading this book it was like therapy for the writer but it made me cry and proud and thankful for the military. A small passage from the book is why I agree this Iraq war had to take place.
pg. 240: "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for it?" "Yes" Okay he says" "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for the freedom of others?"
That is why we went into Iraq not looking for weapons or take their oil but to give freedom to those who don't have it. We need to remember how we fought for our Freedoms. We fought for them from England in the 1770's. We fight every day to keep our Freedoms. Have you been listening to what is happening in DC?
Weapons of mass destruction weren't a chemical or weapons but the dictator was the weapon of mass destruction! He took what was is given to every human because they are given naturally and unconditionally. Please read the book, see why it is necessary to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. What or Who is the weapon of mass destruction?
This is one of the best books I have read this year, I bought this book for my school library but something about this book drew me to read it, I read it, I hope it chased away the ghosts for Ryan. It made me realize the sacrifice he and others made so others may know the Freedoms we enjoy every day. So many fight to remove the number of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, we fight so others can have the Freedoms we so much enjoy every day of our lives.