Why do so many of you feel you need to be 'trained' or embarrassed or humiliated or be something different then what you are? Its one thing to wear panties/lingerie to feel feminine (sissy) but why the next step to be rejected for who you are a guy in lingerie then treated like you are worthless. I love a guy in lingerie a masculine all male guy, humiliation or training to be subservient isn't even in the picture. I love telling him how to dress, how to pleasure himself and me. when it comes to some of the stuff with hurtings, embarrassments, changing features now that is scary. I have read so many stories about guys being subservient to their so called wives or mistresses or whomever. I can't imagine giving another person the control over your life, to me that is so scary, just not normal in any kind of relationship. But who is saying you have a relationship beyond a subservient one, now that is sad. i know everyone is entitled to their views and opinions but sometimes you all scare me. I hope most of the stories are just that fiction.
You all just scare me.

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  1. The experience.

    That's not really fair because I'm not a "lifestyle" person either. I'd no more want to live permanently as a denied, submissive, sissified, cuckold maid than I would a lights out, in the dark, missionary sex once a month existence.

    But to play at it for awhile? Who can say? Maybe not that exact scenario. I certainly don't care to be beaten and made to eat feces, either.

    But a strong woman who gets off on domination, control and humiliation? Someone with the magic that gets me so hot I'll go beyond my comfort level to please her. A woman who could captivate me mentally such that I'd be willing to be captive physically. Yeah, I'd like giving that a try.

    I've had some mild public humiliation. It's different. I've also tolerated some non-consensual cuckolding. It is incredibly complex, magnificent and awful.

    I don't think of any of this as scary, but maybe I should because I do keeping searching for that next high.