Ghosts of War- Ryan Smithson

I needed to share this book with someone and this was the first place I thought of. Many of you know that about 2 years ago my son joined the Army. He has never been able to tell me what happened from beginning to now. I know there had to have been good and bad times, scary times and laughable times. But he really hasn't talked about the military. Perhaps one day he well. But I had to share this book. I just finished reading it. I know from reading this book it was like therapy for the writer but it made me cry and proud and thankful for the military. A small passage from the book is why I agree this Iraq war had to take place.
pg. 240: "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for it?" "Yes" Okay he says" "Do you appreciate your freedom so much that you're willing to fight for the freedom of others?"
That is why we went into Iraq not looking for weapons or take their oil but to give freedom to those who don't have it. We need to remember how we fought for our Freedoms. We fought for them from England in the 1770's. We fight every day to keep our Freedoms. Have you been listening to what is happening in DC?
Weapons of mass destruction weren't a chemical or weapons but the dictator was the weapon of mass destruction! He took what was is given to every human because they are given naturally and unconditionally. Please read the book, see why it is necessary to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. What or Who is the weapon of mass destruction?
This is one of the best books I have read this year, I bought this book for my school library but something about this book drew me to read it, I read it, I hope it chased away the ghosts for Ryan. It made me realize the sacrifice he and others made so others may know the Freedoms we enjoy every day. So many fight to remove the number of soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan, we fight so others can have the Freedoms we so much enjoy every day of our lives.

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