This week I was in a room full of testosterone. It was weird for me. I guess it is because I feel comfortable having a conversation with just about anyone. I can be standing in line at the grocery store and strike up a conversation. Last week I had to take a seat and a guy pushed in and I sat down next to him. We immediately started a conversation nothing earth shaking but it was good to talk to someone who could actually hold a conversation. I pushed in to let Howard sit down next to me. I know Howard because I have had several meetings with him for a year or so. It was easy to have a conversation with Howard. First it was talk about a few of his colleagues standing up front, how he knew them through an organization, he is the treasurer. Then how different guys are from girls. How easy it is for girls when we meet to hug and kiss on the cheek, tell each other how pretty the blouse or skirt is that we are wearing then getting down to the business at hand. I asked Howard don't guys do that, don't guys tell other guys about the neat ties they are wearing or the color of the suit they have on? Howard just looked at me and chuckled with a big smile. I guess guys don't do that sort of thing. I know I do, I like to see guys in neat ties and great colored shirts. The suit or other clothing depends on the guy. I have to admit I work with some guys that would fit in GQ with no problem and that includes Howard. We then got to talking about how he would rather not be in the uniform of the day. I looked at him and then he began to explain that in his business the uniform is a suit and how he wished he could be in jeans and a t-shirt. Now we both agreed that wouldn't due for the business at hand. I told Howard how at school we have a dress down day. Howard then explained his dress down days are when he won't be seeing a client or going to court. But then I remembered that one time I met Howard in his office he was dressed casual. Damn he is a sexy guy. As well as the guy that was sitting next to me. That is the point of this posting. The room I was in where ever I looked with an exception I was surrounded by beautiful men dressed handsomely and well groomed. It was such a turn on. As I was waiting with Howard and with the other guy sitting to my right I began to wonder what these two guys would be like dressed in lingerie. Damn Oh yes in a bra and panties. I would love to see them dressed in lingerie. My mind began to wonder, my fingers got itchy. I took out my notebook and began to write a story, this day being the starting point. The story will be posted return to read it. How I miss having intelligent conversation anything beyond talking about others, sex and lingerie; I am more intelligent then that.

A side note, I do miss having conversations with friends. It is amazing how few can hold a conversation beyond talking about people, sex and lingerie. I guess with me in close proximity to DC I pay alot of attention to the news and I do love watching hockey. Since meeting a friend out of country I even pay attention to world news. How else to know who to support and those who need to be voted out of office.

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  1. Recently discovered your blog. Interesting. . . .

    By the way, I couldn't agree more regarding your take on flip-flops. Anyone wearing them anywhere but the beach or pool should be shunned. Will this "fashion" please go the way of the track suit?!?!