Talk Line

OK... you want to talk about our underwear? What it feels like? What is looks like on a model? What style we're wearing today? What you're wearing today? How it feels? What it looks like? Hear descriptions of our favorites.. and more

The above statement is from "Brief Tales". They offer time for sale to talk about the panties you want to purchase. I have been to this site before but didnt really notice that the site had a talk line. I think I will make a call during the week . I will get back to you about how the call goes down. If you make the call before I get back here please leave a posting. The first 20 minutes is $30.00. Click on the picture, I love the lace and sheerness of those panties. Hmmm, love the panties and what is in them!

Bikini Wax

Beware the killer bikini wax!

Looking hot in your swimsuit shouldn’t mean risking your health. But surprisingly, one common pre-beach beauty ritual—getting a salon bikini wax—can be dangerous, even deadly. And the popular practice of taking it all off (also known as a Brazilian wax) may carry special risks. “Pubic hair is there for a reason—to protect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes in the genital region,” explains Linda K. Franks, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. “Getting a wax literally strips away that layer of protection.” And that can lead to skin infections (including staph), folliculitis (an infection of the hair follicles), and even cellulitis—a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection of the skin and the underlying tissue.
I’m not suggesting you forgo hair removal—just that you take a few precautions.

Here are five easy ways to stay safe:

1. Choose a facility carefully
Before you make an appointment, drop by to see how clean the place is, or ask a friend to recommend a salon she trusts. Be sure the cosmetologist or aesthetician you choose is licensed by your state and has received training in Brazilian waxing, if you plan to go bare down there.

2. Ask about the wax
Hard wax works best because it’s gentler and sticks to your hair, not your skin. You can also try sugaring, a natural method that’s kinder to the skin than waxing.

3. Keep an eye on hygiene
Before beginning, the practitioner should scrub up or (at least) apply hand sanitizer. Also, double dipping into the wax is taboo because it introduces bacteria to the pot. Make sure your waxer has a brand-new spatula available for each swipe to your skin. And to prevent burns, she should check the wax’s temperature on the inside of her wrist before applying it to your skin. If you don’t see the practitioner taking these steps, speak up or leave.

4. Prevent irritation
For a few days following your wax, apply an over-the-counter topical antibiotic cream and an anti-inflammatory 1 percent hydrocortisone cream to the area. This will ease irritation and help ward off potential infection.

5. Know the signs of infection
With a hand mirror, check yourself where the sun doesn’t shine for inflamed ingrown hairs, rashes, or raw, open sores or cuts. And see a doctor ASAP if you develop any redness, swelling, itching, or burning in the area—especially if you develop a fever.
(from shine)

You have heard about the Wonderbra but have you heard about....

the Wondershirt. I have heard. I was checking out my RSS feeds and happen to see an article from one of the Toronto papers about the Equmen Wonderhirt. When I went searching the net for the shirt I came across the Undershirt Guy Blog. On the blog there is a posting about the wondershirt. The wondershirt is a new cool looking, body slimming, compression undershirt line.

The company offering it is Equmen and their product is a new core precision undershirt that uses a HELIX-MAPPING Body Response Technology.
a few beautiful guys, click on the smaller of 2 pictures

Women's Brains Recognize, Encode Smell of Male Sexual Sweat

Socioemotional meanings, including sexual ones, are conveyed in human sweat. Nineteen healthy female subjects inhaled olfactory stimuli from four sources, one of which was sweat gathered from sexually aroused males.
Click on picture to read more.

Golf-5 the end

In the Car
With the bottled water in hand, I walk back to my car, unlock it, get in, put the seat belt on, keys in the ignition, start the car, put the car in drive, step on the accelerator and slowly slip out of the parking lot. Thinking about what just transpired, I get so embarrassed. Where did that wild girl come from? If anyone beside you knew that I like to play with you in lingerie and with toys, they just woulds’t believe it of me. The somewhat quiet and mild mannered teacher of middle schoolers. Who would of thought?
With the windows down stereo on, I hear my cell phone ring just barely. I roll up the windows and answer the phone. I didn’t have to look; I knew who would be calling. There is your laugh and one question? Call me tomorrow?! I answer yes, then ask higher then today’s temperature or lower? We both laugh and I tell you I will talk to you tomorrow, knowing my floral panties are in good hands.


My Panties
Knowing how much you like my panties, I am not even certain you have any of my panties in your collection now. We have shared panties back and forth for a few months now. After our time together, all the panties and play things are put into one bag and the laundry is done, I may have more of your panties then you have of mine. I slip my purple floral sheer panties down over my thighs, calves, ankles and toes. I use them to soak up any and all my wetness, slipping them into a bag to keep them moist. I clean up my front seat, putting the seat in the up right position, straighten my clothing so I am able to step out of the car. One more call to you, I get that crazy Nextel operator but I leave a message. Opening up my car door, slipping on my sun glasses, straightening myself again, I walk over to your truck; open the door, leaving my panties on the seat. I close the door, knowing you will enjoy the surprise I have left for you.
Before returning to my car, I walk over to the course, not knowing where you would be at this time, which tee or green, I stand taking in the breeze and peacefulness. Turning around, I realize I am thirsty; I walk to the outside deck, got a bottled water, open the bottle swallowing a mouthful. With a grin on my face I begin to wonder, to pee or not to pee!


The Cell Phone
Letting the vibrator slip up and down between my pussy lips, I begin to wonder did the text message get to you. I can hear the Nextel Operator saying,” please hold while I locate the Nextel owner you are calling“. Enjoying the pleasure but not certain, I wait. My cell phone startles me out of my pleasure dream, images of you in pink, in panties, slip, stockings and garter belt and my desire to have you in a bra. My fingers begin to tingle with anticipation. Wanting to touch and caress. I pick up the cell phone from the console the caller ID says it is you; you did receive the text message. In a most serious voice, no laughter, you ask just how wet I am. I tell you “very and close to going over the top”. I ask you to keep the phone in your pocket, set it on vibrate. I want your cock to feel me cum. I will have you hard, wanting to play but unable because of your commitment to the others you are with on the course. You to put the phone in your pocket and set it for vibrating only. I am so close and so wet, gushing, I call so you can feel me cumming; in your pocket the phone is vibrating against your cock as I cum. I know if I am gushing you are wetting your pink panties.

Golf -2

The Drive Home

Once I am in the car, I slip on the seat belt, put the key in the ignition start the car. I am not really quite ready for the drive home. Leaning back in the seat, the 70’s playing on the stereo, and I can’t believe what I just did. But I wanted to see him in shorts. He knows I just love the curve of his butt, the firmness, and a chance to catch him with his male friends in panties. If only they knew! Thinking about the situation my hands get itchy, I get warm and begin to feel that desire for pleasure. I pull out my cell phone and pocket vibrator out of my purse. I turn them over and over in my hand. I wonder! My brain is clicking and my panties are getting damp. I know I don’t want to embarrass him but I do want him to know what he is missing. I decide to send a text message to him, I am not certain he can receive a text message but why not find out. It will be a simple message, scrolling down to get to the text messaging screen, I type “I am licking my lips”, send the text message to him and now I wait. I wait letting the pocket vibrator slip and slide over my pussy lips and clit.

Golf -1

By now you know I am not a participant of sports. I do make a great spectator. I know today is Thursday and you will be taking off for the golf course, I decided to be there also. This is crazy, but whoever said my life was dull.
It was easy to get in the club and onto the golf course. I just had to see your sexy legs without stockings. He plays golf in shorts! Whenever I mentioned I wanted to see you in shorts you just laughed and changed the conversation. Yes legs can be sexy, when combined with a firm butt; all you need to do is let your eyes travel from ankles to knees to butt. I know you wear panties but do you have them on today? My bet is that you are in panties, will I win the bet, only time will tell. I walk around getting a feel for the place not really paying attention to anyone. I get a bottled water and settle into a deck chair waiting for you.
Watching as people come and go, some leaving to go on to the course others walking towards the parking lot. As I take a swallow of water I see you walk out onto the deck. Now I really do turn away hoping I am hidden enough for you not to notice I am around. I stretch my neck to get a glimpse to see what you are wearing on the outside. You didn’t let me down. There you are in shorts and a typical golf shirt. I get up from the deck chair and walk around to the other side to get a better look at those legs and butt. Damn! I do like your butt. Do you have panties on right now? Knowing that you are getting ready to walk out on to the course, I leave the deck and walk towards the first tee. I want to see if you are in panties. Staying near the tree line, I watch as you come up to the tee. I step out of the tree line to get closer; close enough to see the stance, feet spread apart, shoulders square to the feet, as the club rises over your shoulders, shorts hug the butt and oh yes!!!! There it is! a nice line that slips around, caressing cheeks. I let my breath out slowly, wetting my lips, bringing them together, letting out a low whistle, as you hit the ball. I didn’t mean for anyone to hear including you, but you did hear it. Turning around you do see me, give me one of those serious looks, laugh your laugh then look away. I am not the least bit embarrassed. I watch you walk towards that little white ball. Yes absolutely that butt is covered in panties. Did I see you tug at your butt as if to unstick panties from your butt cheeks?
I walk back towards the parking lot, get into my car. My cell phone is ringing. I look at the caller ID and it is you. I am surprised but I listen and respond, telling you I came to see what I saw. You in shorts and that firm butt in panties. No denial, and then I ask what color, pink is the response, I tell you that I will talk to you in the morning and enjoy the game. On the other end is your laugh and agreement that we will talk in the morning.

Lay Back

“Lay back, hold your breasts together for me,
I will be using them tonight like I do every other part of you"
Pressing them together, I feel his hard long cock sliding in between them, using my tongue to
flicker over the tip of his cock, I knew he wanted me to do
Watching the intense _expression on his face, seeing the sweat beading up on his forehead, hearing him moan deep and low, I knew he was ready to cum for me
Feeling his warm cum hitting my breasts, his pace slowing down,I move my hands over them, getting his sweet juice on my fingers as I raise them to my mouth and lick them clean for him to see

Underwear through the Ages

(click on picture)

Underwear through the ages: New exhibition charts the rise and fall of the humble braFrom the pointy bras of the 1950s to the high-tech control pants of today, women's lingerie has gone through dramatic changes over the years and a stunning new exhibition charts the rise and fall of cleavage through the ages.

(from shine, yahoo)

Should Thong Showing be Fined?

From Shine(yahoo)
Britney Spears>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Britney's thong peeks out via Splash News
Thanks to the increased popularity in high-waisted jeans, thongs popping out in the back of a woman's denim is slightly less of a problem. That said, we still cringe at the sight of a g-string in public. When wearing low rise jeans, having your undies peek out is sometimes unavoidable, but this is wear a longer tee covering your waist comes in. Trust us, you may think revealing a hint of satin or lace is hot, but look at this picture of Britney Spears on the left. Ew. Not cute.The city of Yakima, Washington is fed up with the panty party and has imposed a fine of up to $750 on women caught showing off "cleavage of the buttocks." This includes either see-through dresses or G-strings, which officials have deemed offensive to the public. In addition to the hefty fine, women caught revealing their backsides face up to 90 days in jail.Do you agree with this new law? Do you think any other "fashion crimes" deserve a punishment, and if so which ones? [The Sun]

Men's Health

I am reading or have read 2 issues of Men's Health. For all you guys that are fed up, tired of reading all the women's magazines at the doctors office, I recommend getting a subscription of this magazine. It is similar to a woman's magazine, it has cologne samples,guy adds, articles for guys nutrition, health etc, sex secrets, food helps (cooking), and lots more. I paid $5.00 for the June 09 issue. I bought it a Walmart after checking the grocery store for the magazine.

Ladies you should subscribe to the magazine for the cuties inside it.

Men's Health and Soy products

The unassuming soybean has silently infiltrated the American diet as what might be the perfect protein source; It's cheap and egetarian, and could even unclog our hearts. But there may be a hidden dark side to soy, one that has the power to undermine everything it means to be male. (click on picture)

Tasting and Enjoying

(this isnt mine but not certain where I got it from, its been awhile)

Panties or sex

So here's the question - for those of you afflicted with this love for women's lingerie is sex what happens with her or with her panties? Or is it both?

I read a posting on another blog asking this very question, it has been a question I have been wondering about myself. I have sent my panties to friends as close as an hour away and as far as 10 hours away, cross country and to friends north of the border. It only takes a request to get me to purchase panties for you! But once you get the panties are they for wearing or for sexual gratification with or without a partner? Does it matter the style or color or fabric??
Not certain? Then next time in a quality department store, take a stroll through the lingerie department. Do what I do, I touch everything to feel the fabrics, check out the styles, don't know about you but any fabric that touches me needs to be soft not rough. The only way to know how soft and silky panties/lingerie is, is to feel touch the lingerie. Don't worry about the sales help, guys do purchase items for their SO's besides the sales help will want to assist you to make a purchase. I do like it when I see a bf or husband with his lady in the lingerie department, I am certain it adds to the excitement in their relationship.


I don't even know how to begin this, but here it goes. Last night or very early this morning, I was once again talking to my friend from Australia. I am never certain about the time difference. When Steven found out I was still up a 2 am my time, he sent me to bed. Maybe one day I will get to meet him. It makes no difference my nights have been very restless. Lots on the brain, hope by September there will be less to worry about. And yesterday my carpal tunnel started acting up, it has been difficult to dress, so tomorrow it will be the simplest of clothes for me to dress in.
But anyway, the conversation we were having has been one we have been going around and around about for awhile. The issue isn't the typical fetish question, panties, lingerie, socks or any of the others discussed on forums. But the question he asks me is always why can't guys wear whatever they want, when they want, where ever they want. I give him the pat answer, you know the answer its because our societies and culture would have difficultly accepting guys in female clothing. Notice I used the word 'guys'. I am talking about the 100% male all masculine, rugged tough guy. oh maybe not so rugged or tough but you get the idea.
Yes there are guys who want to wear the clothing that makes them feel most comfortable, whatever that clothing is. They want to be able to have all the choices that women have. Not to be limited to just slacks and a shirt! I personally don't understand why a guy would want to wear heels or stockings or dresses or skirts. When I wear those items I behave differently, more feminine or 'lady like'. Which is different then when I am wearing slacks and a blouse. Not to say I leave my 'lady like' behavior at home on those days but I can bend over, climb ladders and all that other stuff without worrying about who can see what! Remember I do teach school.
The question still is the same WHY? why is it that guys can't slip on heels, it has been proven in history that men wore heels way before women took over the fashion, history proves that men have been wearing clothing that resembles skirts or dresses for centuries in the eastern world, when did this become a ladies only fashion trend. Guys were the peacocks through out history, wearing the brightest of colors. At least that has changed over the years. I love seeing the male teachers at school in the their colorful dress shirts. I do compliment the guys on the colors they wear.
So I am game, Why??? can't guys wear whatever they want, when they want, where ever they want? Please give me a history lesson. It's time to have a revolution. The 60's and 70's the age of women's liberation, had women wearing men's clothing, maybe its time we have a men's revolution! A new decade will be here in a few short months 2010, is it time for a revolution?

I am tired of giving the same pat answers, after awhile the pat answer has no meaning, no definition, just rhetoric. Lip service. Help me out, give me another answer to WHY??

Panty Glossry

Panty Glossary from Bali Website

PANTY GLOSSARY Trying to pick your perfect panties? Here’s your easy guide to what panty design terms mean, and what the cuts can do for you. Take a look, and then choose your look…sleek or lacy, demure or racy…smooth microfiber or soft cotton.

Full to Moderate Coverage Panties

Traditional Brief Panties that give you generous coverage, front and back. Typically the waistband comes to the natural waistline. Has a low leg line with a squared off appearance.

Modern Brief Provides smooth, generous front and back coverage. The waistband sits 1-2 inches below the natural waistline, for a lower rise than traditional briefs. The low leg line has a squared off appearance.

Hi-Cut Gives coverage in back, leg-lengthening higher-cut leg openings in front. Full rear coverage comes to the natural waistline. The leg opening hits the high point of the hip.

French Cut Designed to flatter legs. Panty gives full rear coverage that comes to the natural waistline. The leg opening hits the high point of the hip and is positioned more to the front than a standard hi-cut.

Control Brief Looks like a brief or hi-cut, but also slims you. Can be as smooth as a conventional panty or include control panels for extra trimming.

Hipster A panty with a lower rise than a brief or hi-cut, for less show-through with low cut pants and shorts. Hipsters usually sit 3 inches below the natural waistline. Provides full seat coverage. The hipster has a lower leg line that is squared off in appearance.


Boy Short The boxy design is cute and comfortable. Boy shorts have a variety of rises in the waistline (sit at the natural waist to 3 inches below the natural waist). The leg line typically hits below the buttocks, but some are more “cheeky”. Typically Boy Shorts have a fabric hem instead of leg elastic.

Girl Short Squared off like boy shorts, but a little more lacy and racy. Instead of the leg line hitting below the buttocks, the girl short usually shows part of the butt cheek.

Moderately Revealing Panties

Bikini Typically sits 3 inches below the natural waistline, making bikinis a good choice for lower-cut pants. Full seat coverage plus a scooped-out leg line.

String Bikini The same rise and coverage as a bikini, but the front and back panels are connected with a small amount of material or “strings” at the sides, for a flirtatious look.

Low Rise Bikini Has a very low rise, typically 4-5 inches below the natural waistline. Combines full seat coverage with a more scooped out leg line.

Revealing Panties

G-string Full coverage in front, but only a very thin (string-like) band of fabric in the back that rests between the buttocks. Comes in a variety of rises in the waistline (from just below the natural waist to 4 inches below the natural waist).

Tanga “V”-shaped for “very sexy”. Tanga has the same V-shaped coverage in the front and back. Typically shows off about half of the buttocks. A European-style cut of panty.

Thong Gives full frontal coverage, but in back just a narrow piece of fabric rests between the buttocks. Comes in a variety of rises in the waistline (from just below the natural waist to 4 inches below the natural waist).



We meet at the coffee shop. You know the one. Of course I know the both of you, having met you here and Him at the gym. I arrive first taking a window booth hoping to catch you as you walk in. Knowing you have had a rough day you come in first to relax, a chance for us to catch up with each other, our day begins so early and can be stressful we get comfortable. I notice you fidgeting, you know I can tell by the cigarettes being smoked and the conversation isn’t as smooth as normal.
After about 30 minutes or so, I happen to see His car pull into the lot. I get a little nervous or is it excitement. Not certain, I know you both but to bring you together may be a mistake. I do know guys get uncomfortable when talking about sexual experiences and playing together. He walks to the coffee shop, I get up to meet Him and bring Him to the booth. I introduce you to Him and Him to you. Looking at both of you I wonder who is bi and who is just curious. I sit across from Him with you to my left. I slip my hand to your lap and already know there is sexual tension. Is it me or Him that has aroused you? We chat and I give out the room keys. We all have our own vehicles. I ask you to leave first and I’ll meet you at the room. I want to be there when you shower and change. I stay with Him a little longer making certain he is comfortable, willing to play and okay with the situation. I leave, paying the check, leaving him to wait a few minutes before arriving at the hotel.
Let me tell you about Him. He is all male as you are all male but loves to play with the ladies but has those tendencies to want to play with the guys. He will wear panties and lingerie when asked to play. Tonight he will be in panties. Tonight he will be all male, to play with you and I. As I said he plays with both.
At the hotel, I walk into the room. Hearing the shower, I step into the bathroom starting a conversation with you. I want you to be comfortable with Him coming tonight to play with us. This is His first time with us. Stepping out from under the shower I hand you a towel. You quickly dry off and I let you pass me as my hands brush over your torso and damp short hairs to feel your arousal. Stepping into the shower I warm up the water, shower in my scent, stepping out to have a towel given to me by Him. When did he arrive? Wrapping the towel around me, he enters the shower turns the water temp down, he doesn’t use my soaps but the hotel soap.
I see you pacing not certain what to do. You are in panties, bra, garter belt with white stockings and a full slip as I sit in the chair, to begin to dress, I beckon for you to come to me; I slip my hands around and into your panties, caressing your butt coming around to your semi hard arousal. Right now this is for me. Slipping my hands out, I caress your arousal between my palms, feeling you get harder. I don’t want you to cum, not yet. My tongue gently wets the outside of your panties. I hear the water is off; music is playing in the background. He approaches us. Standing behind you, he lets his hands come around to gently rub your erection as my tongue licks the outside of your panties. I see he wants to touch more; I slip out of the way to give Him access to you. He steps in closer to you bringing his hands to caress your torso rubbing over your nipples. He touches as I watch, I dress slipping into a garter belt and stockings, panties, bra and finally a full slip. I want to touch Him and you, join in the pleasure but right now it is just the two of you. I am the observer. I listen, watch the playing. I know by your look. You are still a bit leery of this situation. I take your hand bring you to the bed having you sit; I let my hands slide over your torso, just how we always play. Letting my hands slip over your nipples, letting my fingertips roll over them causing them to get hard like pebbles, as my tongue replaces my fingers, my hands travel to your lap. Letting my hands caress, spreading your legs wider to let my hands slide up and down. I see His reflection in the mirror. He has dressed in pink panties, soft cup bra and white thigh highs. He looks good, as you do in panties and stockings, a firm butt and gorgeous legs. He comes to me bends over to caress my breasts. You watch knowing this is what you wanted to have happen, me to play with you as I am being touched. You push back letting me lick and caress your cock and balls on the outside of your panties. As I move onto the bed He comes behind me and runs his hands over my now damp panties. You excite me with the simplest of touches, causing my pussy to wet my panties. His hands touching the outside not slipping into my panties, it isn’t me He is interested in. Keeping my hands wrapped around your pantied cock I move to the side. Giving Him access to both of us, he moves away from caressing me to you. He replaces my hands with his own. Caressing and sliding on the outside of the panties. I come close to you, to lick your nipples then slip away. I want my vibrating dildo. Getting it I lean into the chair pulling my panties to the side, you both watch as I slip the vibrator in. Slipping deeper into the chair I notice He has taken your cock out of your panties, giving me full view of his intentions. He licks your cock as you grab hold of the bed sheets. Is it as intense as when I do it? You watch as I slip the dildo in and out. I see you as He slips his mouth down over your cock. You know it isn’t me giving you the blowjob. I hear you; it is a whisper of pleasure. He knows how to please as he rides your cock with his mouth, sliding up and down. I know I am close to cumming. I want to cum as you fill up his mouth. With encouraging words from Him I am ready so ready so hot, I hear you; the tremble in your voice as He erupts into your mouth. He takes all of you in, licking up every last drop; I soak my panties, causing a wet spot to form. He comes to me and pushes my panties off to the side taking my wetness fully into His mouth. Finding my clit to suck on and then down to my lips, spreading them apart as He slips his tongue into me. Getting a cigarette and drink you sit back to watch me being pleased, letting another orgasm slowly cum as He licks out all the wetness.
Catching my breath I get up to get drinks, offering one to Him and another to you, separating ourselves, settling into the chair and bed in the room. Offering Him and you lubrication. I sit back and watch you both bring yourself to an arousal but not cum. It is something I have wanted to watch. To have a guy bring himself to arousal and as he cums then to take him into my mouth fully to swallow every last drop, this time as I watch you both stroke your cocks, it will be my pleasure to join in, slipping a dildo in and out, feeling the wetness cum, it is so easy to slide in and out. Leaning my head back I just let the sensation take over but I feel a hand reach out. Not certain who it is I come up out the chair, eyes closed, being led to the bed. Leaning back on the bed, I feel a tongue caressing the outside of my damp panties, nibbling on the mound made by my hard clit being aroused by the licking of a talented tongue. A tongue I have felt before and enjoyed. I raise my hips to meet a mouth a warm breath blows over my panties made damp. I feel my panties being pushed to the side. I feel my garter strap being snapped on my thigh. This is what it is like to have two guys playing, one to eat and lick, while the other teases, caressing and touching. Who is licking and who is teasing? With warm hands from Him I feel my breasts being caressed my nipples harden waiting to be suckled and licked. I hear a soft moan a purr. It didn’t come from me but you. Why what made you purr? Pushing myself up on my elbows I see He has come up next to you. Slipping His hands into your panties, he is caressing your cock. Making you aroused, getting you hard. He slips your cock out of your panties continually stroking, as He and I listen to the purring, the pleasure. You come up closer to me our eyes meet. We both know what is to happen. My panties pushed to the side I feel the dildo being slipped in and out, all the pleasure rises up in me, I feel the final stroke of the toy as a very hard cock is pushed in. I open my eyes, I knew it was you. I didn’t think He would slip his cock into me, as you push in and out I see Him stand up and come up behind you. Our eyes meet again; I know you want to know the feeling of a hard cock being slipped inside, to be penetrated. We have chatted so many times about this; I feel lubrication dripping onto my legs. He has squeezed lubrication on his cock as he slips your panties down letting His cock rub between your butt cheeks. Rubbing between your cheeks, rimming your rose bud with His cock head the question is there before us even now. We have a code, if it doesn’t feel right everything stops. No code is spoken as I feel you push in and hold on to me. He pulls your panties up pushes them to the side, He rubs up and down feeling your satiny nylon panties on your butt as His pantied cock slips in a little and out. You slip out of me. This next time as He pushes into you, you push into me. I feel you holding on, getting harder. Still no code as He continues and we continue. I feel the intensity from both of you. In rhythm we are being fucked. I bring my legs up around you to feel his hands reach out to bring the three of us into one. I hear us, the grunts, moans, and purr; we are all so ready to cum. I whisper please more in and out, please, I feel the agreement from you and Him that is all it takes Oh My! I feel the pleasure the tightening of my pussy caressing your cock inside me more and more push in and we are cumming together, riding in and out together, stroke for stroke letting the orgasm take us higher, higher over the edge trembling, Oh Yes the feeling of us all cumming at once, together holding on waiting waiting for the tremors to subside for the orgasm to subside. But not yet, sliding my legs down you push up over me so that your cock is resting between my breasts, pushing up further you push your cock head against my lips as He spreads my legs to gain access to my pussy lips. I take your cock into my mouth, to taste me on you, to feel the hardness of your cock in my mouth. As His tongue massages your rosebud, licking and tasting himself on you and in you. He moves from you to my pussy lips massaging them with His tongue opening them up to allow His tongue to enter. He tastes us in one lick. As I take your cock into my mouth He is tongue fucking me. Tasting you and me together, Oh NO! not certain I can take this so soon after you fucking me but there He is taking me again, taking me to higher heights with His tongue. Gripping your sides I look at you, you know this is what we wanted, to play hard together, sucking you taking you in deep tasting me on you this time, I cum you cum, as you grip the headboard to wait, to wait for the pleasure to subside. He brings my legs together as we wait for the tremors to subside. Pushing yourself from the headboard you ease yourself up and sit on the edge of the bed, I curl up next to you. As your hands caress me and your eyes tell me yes this is what our dream fantasy was all about. He sits in the chair resting as He watches us. I see His eyes, He has questions for us but will He ask them.
You lean down towards me, asking me to go down on Him. Your eyes are asking but is this what you want me to do? I go to the bathroom, pee and come back. In my hand I have a wash cloth and towel; I proceed to clean you and then Him from all the wetness and stickiness. Looking at you I kneel in front of the chair and begin to fondle Him with my warm hands, caressing his balls with my hands as I lick Him like a lollipop. Letting my wet tongue slide up and down not ready to take Him into my mouth. Taking His hand I lead Him to the bed push Him on to his back as I come between His legs. His knees are bent, feet flat on the bed and legs spread slightly apart. I go down on his cock. Taking him fully into my mouth, not gagging but in deep, I let my teeth rub His cock as I let his cock slip from between my cheeks. I hear Him moan, He has been told, I am good. You know how good I am. You know when He moans He is getting it good. I begin to slide up and down with Him in my mouth, listening for Him. My eyes are closed my hair falling brushing against His short hairs caressing His balls. I feel you near by. I feel your hands begin to caress my cheeks, your hands cup my pussy, tugging on my lips, your fingers reach in deeper to find my clit, your thumbs massage my clit letting me get aroused. Pushing my white panties to the side you let your cock reach in and touch my pussy but not entering, letting my clit feel the hardness. He is stretching out to hold on to sheets as you know I will have Him cumming, He will reach higher heights as I go down you push your hard cock into me and out taking the wetness from my pussy to penetrate a tight entrance. I slide down His cock and wait for you to enter. You push in and out in again going deeper. We are in rhythm. I go down and you go in, I come up you come out. Together in and out, up and down. Together we are three but one in rhythm, sliding up and down in and out. You hold on to my hips. He is ready, ready to cum explode in my mouth but no! Not in my mouth. With one last thrust you push in and out, I want you to cum but not inside me, catching your eye I ask you to stop fucking me. I want you to go down on Him. I slide out of the way giving you room to take him into your mouth. I got Him to this state of hardness now for you to finish what I started. You take His cock first in your hands, sliding up and down, feeling the rigid hard cock pulsate in your hands. I whisper for you to ride his cock, take him into your mouth. You take Him in first just the head, then you take Him in deeper, all the way down and back up. I see your eyes. I see the uncertainty but I whisper again for you to finish Him off. You ride His cock going down and up, using your mouth juices to keep Him hard. Riding His cock up and down, He takes the pleasure, enjoying the tension caused by me and you taking Him into your mouth. As I slip to the side I reach for the lubrication, squeeze it into my palm, rubbing my palms together as I gently take your cock from your white panties into my hands, slowly letting my hands slide up and down your shaft, made hard again by my hands as I slowly stroke your cock. Now this is the fantasy we have shared you sucking cock for me, me watching you as I stroke you to an explosive orgasm. He moans with readiness, telling you He is ready at a seconds notice. He wants to fill your mouth up but not yet, not yet as you slow down His readiness. You tease Him lick His shaft, suck His balls. You realize you may not get a second chance to have cock in your mouth. He is dripping down His hard shaft as you taste Him. He is begging for you to finish, begging to cum. You slide down His hard shaft and once again ride His cock this time in rhythm with me as I stroke your cock. I feel you are rigid, hard, dripping down your shaft. I feel the tremors coming. Both of you are concentrating feeling the pleasure; not ready for Him to cum in your mouth to taste His cum, you let him slip out of your mouth and He explodes in your hands, you cum in my hands. I feel the tremor. Letting us have a moment He watches. Still with his questions unanswered.
He gets up off the bed. He takes me by the hand, kisses my palm, moves into the bathroom. He showers, and comes out drying himself. You follow him taking a shower. He comes to me. We talk He knows this was a dream fantasy fulfilled for you and me and possibly Him as well. He dresses, leaving behind an invitation for more to come. My turn to shower as you come out of the bathroom, I enter the bathroom take a shower. Drying myself off with a towel I come out of the bathroom you are dressed and ready to get on home. I dress quickly not drying my hair but it is time to get on home. You see the open invitation from Him. We grin, laugh and know our dream fantasy was full filled handing me the invitation I slip it into suitcase for safe keeping. One last check of the room, we have left things behind before never to have them again, everything is packed. We walk out of the room leaving the 3 room keys behind knowing there will be more play times to come.

Gentle Kisses

Gentle kisses along the chin, neck and ear
Moving my hair away to get a closer kiss.
Sniff the air you catch the lavender scent that I shampoo in and bathe in
Sliding hands over my breasts drawing me closer
Inhaling my breath
Sharing kisses and tongues
The moan and purring of the closeness of touches
So intimate
Unbuttoning my blouse, slipping it over my head caressing my breasts within white satiny bra
Leading to the bed
Standing in front of you
You unbuttoning my slacks
Pulling down both slacks and panties
Brushing ever so slightly by accident of course my intimate parts
Knowing the scent of wet hot intimate parts
Slipping a finger in between my legs
Separating my lips
Gentle kisses and caresses
Bringing me down on the bed
Spreading my hair over the bed
Running your hands thru my hair, ouch don’t tangle it
Touching and running your hands down
Licking and teasing my nipples listening for the moans of pleasure
Slipping your fingers thru my hairs finding swollen lips and clit
Wetness fills your palm
We share the taste
As I notice a definite hardness as I press my palm to your slacks
Sooooooon to be resting inside a warm wet home


Do you know what VPL stands for?
I'll be back with an explanation and more.

When I was first introduced to guys in panties, I really had no clue about what VPL meant. It was a moderator on a forum, he told me VPL= visible pantie line. I don't intentionally look for pantie lines but they are noticeable on the ladies. It is amazing because pantie lines can be observed. Even the type of panties the ladies are wearing can be seen. The styles worn are bikini to full brief panties. Some smooth and caressing the cheeks nicely or so baggy I wonder if they are comfortable.

I have yet to observe a pantie line on guys. Even when I knew the guy had panties on I couldn't actually see a pantie line. When I slipped my hand into his back pocket then I could feel the panties he was wearing, which lead me to caress his firm round cheeks. If you have a VPL I would love to see a picture. Remember a VPL is visible after you have slipped on your clothes. Do you check yourself out in the mirror looking for VPL? Just wondering!

Let me know.