Golf -1

By now you know I am not a participant of sports. I do make a great spectator. I know today is Thursday and you will be taking off for the golf course, I decided to be there also. This is crazy, but whoever said my life was dull.
It was easy to get in the club and onto the golf course. I just had to see your sexy legs without stockings. He plays golf in shorts! Whenever I mentioned I wanted to see you in shorts you just laughed and changed the conversation. Yes legs can be sexy, when combined with a firm butt; all you need to do is let your eyes travel from ankles to knees to butt. I know you wear panties but do you have them on today? My bet is that you are in panties, will I win the bet, only time will tell. I walk around getting a feel for the place not really paying attention to anyone. I get a bottled water and settle into a deck chair waiting for you.
Watching as people come and go, some leaving to go on to the course others walking towards the parking lot. As I take a swallow of water I see you walk out onto the deck. Now I really do turn away hoping I am hidden enough for you not to notice I am around. I stretch my neck to get a glimpse to see what you are wearing on the outside. You didn’t let me down. There you are in shorts and a typical golf shirt. I get up from the deck chair and walk around to the other side to get a better look at those legs and butt. Damn! I do like your butt. Do you have panties on right now? Knowing that you are getting ready to walk out on to the course, I leave the deck and walk towards the first tee. I want to see if you are in panties. Staying near the tree line, I watch as you come up to the tee. I step out of the tree line to get closer; close enough to see the stance, feet spread apart, shoulders square to the feet, as the club rises over your shoulders, shorts hug the butt and oh yes!!!! There it is! a nice line that slips around, caressing cheeks. I let my breath out slowly, wetting my lips, bringing them together, letting out a low whistle, as you hit the ball. I didn’t mean for anyone to hear including you, but you did hear it. Turning around you do see me, give me one of those serious looks, laugh your laugh then look away. I am not the least bit embarrassed. I watch you walk towards that little white ball. Yes absolutely that butt is covered in panties. Did I see you tug at your butt as if to unstick panties from your butt cheeks?
I walk back towards the parking lot, get into my car. My cell phone is ringing. I look at the caller ID and it is you. I am surprised but I listen and respond, telling you I came to see what I saw. You in shorts and that firm butt in panties. No denial, and then I ask what color, pink is the response, I tell you that I will talk to you in the morning and enjoy the game. On the other end is your laugh and agreement that we will talk in the morning.

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