Golf-5 the end

In the Car
With the bottled water in hand, I walk back to my car, unlock it, get in, put the seat belt on, keys in the ignition, start the car, put the car in drive, step on the accelerator and slowly slip out of the parking lot. Thinking about what just transpired, I get so embarrassed. Where did that wild girl come from? If anyone beside you knew that I like to play with you in lingerie and with toys, they just woulds’t believe it of me. The somewhat quiet and mild mannered teacher of middle schoolers. Who would of thought?
With the windows down stereo on, I hear my cell phone ring just barely. I roll up the windows and answer the phone. I didn’t have to look; I knew who would be calling. There is your laugh and one question? Call me tomorrow?! I answer yes, then ask higher then today’s temperature or lower? We both laugh and I tell you I will talk to you tomorrow, knowing my floral panties are in good hands.

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