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expire end of august

personal issue

Since the sites I used to post on have crashed or just disappeared, I am posting here and hoping those who know me can keep me in their prayers.

I have had breast surgery back in 1996, well this is happening again. Not certain when or how complicated the surgery will be as of today. I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


Double Divas

It's a new program on one of the cable stations, Lifetime. The lingerie shop is in Atlanta and proclaims to be the sexiest underwear shop in the city.  From what I have seen of the show I would agree. One show I happen to catch, was a show when the seamstress tried to create a 'brobra' for guys. The bra wasn't very sexy but then again the bra was being created so that a guys nipples wouldn't rub raw on his athletic clothing during a work out. Go figure!

I haven't seen any guys in the shop so I don't know if they would help out a guy to make purchases. if you happen to be in the Atlanta area drop in and let us know.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Yes it is a book and yes I knew the theme of the book before I made the purchase. I did ask a friend to read the 1st chapter of the book, you can on Amazon, and tell me what he thought was the theme of the book. I haven't heard back from this guy but I will give it a few more days.  This book is a NY Times Bestseller probably because of the erotic nature of the book.  My question to the author how did she write the book without first hand knowledge of the theme. 
I finished the book in a couple of days and was pleased the female character, Ana, had the courage to leave a relationship that made her feel different, creating a personality that she wasn't, even though she loved the guy.  I really like Ana, her character showed courage and strength.

Fifty Shades Darker is the 2nd book in the series. I like the character so much I had to read the 2nd book in the trilogy. After reading the opening pages I am disappointed in Ana. What happened to her courage and strength?? I had to put the book down for now, I hope Ana finds her strength and follow what she knows is right for herself.
I won't give up the theme of the books, go to Amazon read the 1st and 2nd chapters, find out for yourself.

Let me know what you think.

cotton panties

I was in Manhattan about 10 days. I was with family eating at Blue Smoke, its a jazz barbeque restaurant. Walking back to Penn Station, my sons and friends began talking about how wet their behinds were, really guys. First I told them that was not good conversation with me and girlfriends around, they laughed and said Ohhh, Mom! When my sons were growing up it seemed my home was home central for the kids on the block. But lets get back to wet behinds, when I told them they should be wearing cotton briefs during the extreme heat in NY . That got a good laugh from everyone. I guess talking about briefs and panties with family is taboo! What a group of kids. They are all family maybe not by blood but family anyway.

I have personally been wearing more cotton panties then my beautiful soft nylon, micro fabric panties.  The heat on the east coast is just unbelievable, 90+ days and several over 100+. Then wicked storms took out the power for millions. Cotton is the way to go until the temps reduce enough to enjoy my beautiful panties and bra sets.

Is PFM back?

I am wasting some time this morning before heading out to a school conference. So having this time I went looking to find out if pantiesetc came back online. No Such Luck. There are times I miss the site and all the folks that left posts. But also I knew pantiesformen crashed as well during that time when petc disappeared. But low and behold, pfm is back. Doesn't look to be a good following at this point. I will not advocate for that site ever, but it is up with an all new look. my old log-in to the site doesn't work and what I browsed I wouldn't go back to it. The site doesn't have that friends attitude or look as before.
Its getting late and I need to dress for the conference the only good thing the meetings are just around the corner from me a 5 minute drive.

Be careful over the weekend, we are in for lots of rain. Whatever happened to winter and snow? 

Lace Panties for Guys

I love lace and I love guys in panties put them together I love guys in lace panties.

These lace panties are 100% lace and 100% designed for men. I know this will be somewhat contentious for some men, who prefer their panties to be made for women, but for those who have been waiting for lingerie manufacturers to get around to giving men some visually appealing underwear they may be very welcome indeed. Also for those men whose partners whine when they don’t wear ‘men’s underwear’ – well, here’s your men’s underwear!

Happy New Year 2012

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2012.
I have put several items for sale up on Ebay. 2 items sold, thank you to those folks for making the purchases. I have several new itmes up on Ebay, so please take a look for purple items. I have made a few purchases over the years and just never got the reason to wear the items. Instead of giving them away to the GoodWill I am trying to sell these items. Also which is a very good thing the sizes are just too big for me know. The items listed on Ebay have been hanging in the closet. So go ahead look thru Ebay and possible make a purchase. I know 2 items are being watched as of this moment.

I will probably put up 2 items for Valentine's Day. Beautiful Bra and Panty set  in red, deep jeweled tone red.

this item sold on Ebay just this week

he wears panties

Since a couple of the sites have crashed and doesn't seem they will be back, I was surprised to get emails from 'he wears panties'. The person that owns that site, I thought she was finished with men and panties or lingerie, is back with pantie emails. Recently I have gotten emails showing panties I really would love to see on a guy. I will try to post a few of the pictures.
These white hikini panties with lace,mmm a smooth touch to the butt and caress  the package!
"sometimes a man who wears lingerie wants to feel a little more covered than that. Sometimes smooth fabric from lower back to belly button is the panacea for that which ails one"

bisexual men

I am wondering, this isn't the first time I have thought about this but the first time I am  writing about it. I met a guy online several years ago. Not until recently maybe last year he said he was bi and didn't I know it all the years before. I said 'no'. He lives quite a distance from me so meeting up was out of the question and besides we weren't heading in any direction but a friend online to chat with and share woes.

My question is if a guy who is married has a wife but after a few years she doesn't want to have a sexual relationship him any longer for whatever reason, no separation or divorce, they somewhat  enjoy each others company and wealth together, why would a guy instead of looking for another lady to full fill his sexual needs  turn to a guy for that need to be full filled.  Is having a male partner to full fill your sexual needs make it legitimate as opposed to having a relationship with a lady.  Can the guy then say he isn't having an extra martial affair ?  Tell the wife he is hanging out with the guys but actually meeting up with his guy lover?

Just wondering?