cotton panties

I was in Manhattan about 10 days. I was with family eating at Blue Smoke, its a jazz barbeque restaurant. Walking back to Penn Station, my sons and friends began talking about how wet their behinds were, really guys. First I told them that was not good conversation with me and girlfriends around, they laughed and said Ohhh, Mom! When my sons were growing up it seemed my home was home central for the kids on the block. But lets get back to wet behinds, when I told them they should be wearing cotton briefs during the extreme heat in NY . That got a good laugh from everyone. I guess talking about briefs and panties with family is taboo! What a group of kids. They are all family maybe not by blood but family anyway.

I have personally been wearing more cotton panties then my beautiful soft nylon, micro fabric panties.  The heat on the east coast is just unbelievable, 90+ days and several over 100+. Then wicked storms took out the power for millions. Cotton is the way to go until the temps reduce enough to enjoy my beautiful panties and bra sets.


  1. Even with the "heat" I love my soft nylon and micro fabric panties at all times. Perhaps it is a "constant reminder" of my gentler side. :)

    Glad to see the new posts as I have always enjoyed your blog.

  2. LOL, funny story, thanks for sharing it. Try putting your panties in the freezer for ten minutes, then slip them on. Nice pick me up on a sweltering day!