Sleeping Partner

I have a sleeping partner. I can cuddle up and squeeze him. I can take over the entire bed and take all the covers, he wont say a word. I can talk to him and he won't roll his eyes he listens, I can share my best and worst days and I can shed tears he wont blink an eye or tell me its my fault. When the radio and alarm go off in the morning he doesn't complain he knows its a work day. Finally when I ask him how I look before I leave in the morning, he has a smile for me.
Best of all he is waiting for me when I get home. My sleeping partner.

thank you

I want to thank all those that wished me a happy birthday, especially friends from PFM. I had a good day.

thank you, N

Touching and Sex

Bring her breasts into sex. Breasts are a sex organ, enjoy her breasts.

The light touch. Run your fingers just above the skin on her chest. Have her do the same to her breasts without touching her nipples or coming in direct contact with her body. Skimming her skin like this brushes the tiny hairs on your body into a delightful tease.

The new touch. Nipples get all the attention, but the areas right above the nipples—think 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock—are actually the most sensitive parts of your breast. The pressure from your tongue will activate a tiny muscle just beneath the surface that will harden her nipples so flick your tongue over her nipples gently.

The wet touch. Put your mouth on her nipple during sex. This additional point of contact increases intimacy. The sense of connection heightens the pleasure for both of you.

The hard touch. Another great nipple move is the twist. Grasp her nipple between your fingers and lightly twist. Have her do it while you are focusing on another part of her body. She will appreciate the additional sensation.

The no touch. The easiest way for her to enjoy her breasts is simply to have her look at them. Next time you're having sex, grab a mirror and let her watch how her breasts move during sex, how they look when she is lying down, how they sway when she is on top of you.

Breasts are sexy, enjoy her breasts and yours. Touch, caress, taste.

What was the subject of your last sexual fantasy?

Do you fantasize? Do you only fantasize about your partner? Or maybe you claim you don't fantasize at all! Chances are that you do fantasize and the fantasy has been erotic and illicit. But rarely, if ever, do we talk about those fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are something we rarely discuss, even among good friends. Our deepest sexual thoughts are often considered too weird, perverse, or just plain wrong to be shared amongst polite company; fantasizing might indicate there is something wrong with our relationships, or worse, ourselves. Having sexual fantasies is an absolutely normal, if not necessary, part of being a sexual being. It's not having them that is aberrant. Those of us that admit to fantasizing are reluctant to discuss what it is that gets us going.

Many people suffer shame and guilt about the perverse nature of their fantasies, even though what we think of as "perverse" may actually be quite common. Though a typical and unremarkable fantasy for both men and women is dreaming about sex with their current partner; bondage, incest, sadomasochism, and voyeurism are also part of the varied fantasy life of "normal" people.

Shame regarding sexual fantasies may stem from earlier notions about the role of fantasy in our lives. Fantasies are no more harmful for us than masturbation. Fantasies allow us to think about doing something we would never actually do, or about things we've done before and would like to do again. They allow us to sleep with celebrities. Fantasies may help our sex lives by increasing desire and arousal; those who fantasize frequently also tend to have more sex. And cerebral foreplay has certainly helped millions of masturbations to end in success.

Sometimes fantasy is a way of putting a positive spin on a negative childhood memory. For example a happily married woman whose fantasies help turn memories of sexual abuse by an older brother into an arousing experience. In this way, fantasy can be a coping mechanism. Women may fantasize about being dominated by a stranger, but we are able to control every one of their actions. Our minds are a safe place to try new and risky deeds without ever getting hurt.
Safety is the concept that functions as the key to unlocking the meaning of our fantasies." Being bound and gagged by a dominating partner may not seem safe, but somewhere in the unconscious, submission is desired.

All this is reassuring. Rather than feeling guilty about thinking about another person while having sex with your partner, we can see it as a way to help spice up the sex, without committing any transgressions. Just keep it in your head.


Gifts for Me

Happy Weekend!
Its been a long week. It has been the first complete week of school for this school year. The students make an appearance on Tuesday. A few of my students have come by to ask about book club. It was great to see them. What also is great, my school district will not interrupt the 1st day back to school for the presidents address to public school kids. I t will be great to see the students again. You should hear the buzz of the past few days. Bulletin Boards going up, teachers planning, lockers opening and the doors being slammed shut. Its the sound of a quiet school building opening up ready to greet the students. Are we ready for the 1st day no one really knows until the students arrive. Then it is a running start until we reach the end, by looking at the calendar the end is 180 school days away. So lets begin by putting on our track shoes. Oh, don't forget to wear your school spirit wear!!!

I did title this Gifts for Me. I was given a few items on Tuesday. I have been purchasing and mailing panties and lingerie around the world for a couple of years. Money would arrive in my paypal account and I would get an email telling me what they want. I would go shopping, stop by the post office to mail the items. But on Tuesday I was given lacy bold colored panties and a beautiful teddi. I wasn't given any items like this ever. My friend who gave them to me, I have known for a few years now. We met on a pantie forum and have met a couple of times. I get to select items and he allows me to dress him. Panties, stockings, garter belt, bra, slips, teddis, and more. He has many lovely lingerie items. OMy to touch and caress makes me aroused, damn he is a beautiful guy dressed in lingerie. I brought home our lingerie to launder. The only way he gets them back is to plan another meeting. He is the same guy that is 100% masculine, tough and rugged. His birthday is tomorrow, he will get a birthday greeting.
From me to you find yourself a mate that will help you dress in your sexy lingerie and let her dress for you. Then have fun. Fun I won't define you define fun!