Touching and Sex

Bring her breasts into sex. Breasts are a sex organ, enjoy her breasts.

The light touch. Run your fingers just above the skin on her chest. Have her do the same to her breasts without touching her nipples or coming in direct contact with her body. Skimming her skin like this brushes the tiny hairs on your body into a delightful tease.

The new touch. Nipples get all the attention, but the areas right above the nipples—think 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock—are actually the most sensitive parts of your breast. The pressure from your tongue will activate a tiny muscle just beneath the surface that will harden her nipples so flick your tongue over her nipples gently.

The wet touch. Put your mouth on her nipple during sex. This additional point of contact increases intimacy. The sense of connection heightens the pleasure for both of you.

The hard touch. Another great nipple move is the twist. Grasp her nipple between your fingers and lightly twist. Have her do it while you are focusing on another part of her body. She will appreciate the additional sensation.

The no touch. The easiest way for her to enjoy her breasts is simply to have her look at them. Next time you're having sex, grab a mirror and let her watch how her breasts move during sex, how they look when she is lying down, how they sway when she is on top of you.

Breasts are sexy, enjoy her breasts and yours. Touch, caress, taste.

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