email answered, I hope!

Pantie wearing is a fetish, you know I enjoy guys in panties. I am not even certain why I find pleasure in the lingerie fetish, to caress and feel the softness on a guy makes me aroused. It could be the silhouette, just as a guy dressed in slacks and shirt catches my attention. Other postings have alerted you to the fact I people watch. Being on the soccer field yesterday all afternoon, I did check out the guys to see how they dressed in their uniforms and how they presented themselves. It is the guy who takes care in how he dresses I consider 'more' beautiful. He can be wearing jeans and a t shirt or a business suit or something in between. Presentation of who you are begins on the outside only later to reveal the you on the inside.

To know that the guy I am with or talking to enjoys that same fetish is very pleasing. It is a society issue that tends not to accept guys in panties. It isn't discriminating. Go to and read the conversation over there! If our society and culture would let people be people, to enjoy themselves in whatever they endeavor many would have a happier life. I believe more people would be happy with themselves and their lives. When guys openly express to their SO their desire to wear lingerie it should add to the relationship but in some cases it hasn't. I am sorry for that, it hurts to hear a SO doesn't want to accept and enjoy his lingerie fetish. A guy is a guy, all man who simply enjoys lingerie. Enjoy the new excitement that the lingerie fetish brings to your relationship. Our parents in many ways have set in our minds what the world should look like, how to behave, what is 'normal' clothing for your sex. Guys in panties/lingerie aren’t gay or homosexuals. That is the fear so many SOs have. That the person they love isn’t the person who they thought they were.

I am not certain I have helped, your SO enjoys the lingerie to a point and that is good.

Please remember I am not a psychologist. and hold no degrees in mental health or behavioral science.

Need Confidence

All men need self confidence. Slip on panties before dressing. Be confident all day.

Men's Health

Its a magazine. As a matter of fact I was sitting in the lawyers office waiting to see Howard. Howard will be part of another discussion, omg he is beautiful. I usually have a book with me but this time I left it in the car. Sometimes it is good to glance at a magazine that is 2 years old. I don't think I have seen this magazine before but on the cover is a gorgeous guy, tight /hard looking nipples and muscular. Oh Lord! his pecks and stomach are for caressing and pleasuring. The cover got me looking inside the magazine, but the table of contents got me turning the pages. I can say I haven't looked in a men's magazine before but I did ask Howard if I could take this magazine home with me. I can say by looking quickly at the magazine I would recommend getting a subscription for your SO. I will be giving this magazine more then a glance. The articles! I have looked at are advice columns how to pleasure themselves when the SO is away and more. Men's Health is definitely a guys magazine.

I did it, today

I left a posting a few days ago about a group, I was the assistant manager. Today since I am home, the group has been deleted. It is very hard because it is like saying good bye to someone you have told your deepest darkest secrets to and now that person is gone. Its like a part of you has died, left a hole in a place that was once filled by friends across the internet.

Saying good bye to friends has always been tough for me. Even tougher when they just stop IMing, emailing and talking. What is worse you get caught up in your own world of stuff when one day you realize they are gone, you haven't heard from them in a few days, you leave an IM only to not have it replied to. Then you know they are gone not saying bye just leaving.

my heart hurts, i don't like good byes. but i guess no one really does. so u stop the emails, and the IMs and you turn off the cell phone because you know that person will not be there to answer your call.

life hurts at times.

panties and bras

You will need to use your imagination to make that bra red like mine.

I really do try to match my panties and bra. Sometimes they aren't actually sets but the same color and fabric. I recently found my red bra and panties in the drawer. My lingerie drawer is over stuffed. You could walk into my bedroom and find panties and bras laying on top of the dresser. Its amazing I can find matching colors let alone matching sets at 5:30 am with that mess. I bought my red panties and bra for Valentines Day this year. Last Valentines Day I bought heart covered panties. This year solid red. I don't own alot of red clothing but this set I like, is red a sexy color?? Right now I am in pink underneath.
I really like the red bra. It is one of those molded type, my breasts fit nice and smooth inside the cups. I even think it is a nicer fitting bra then the lace and embroidered bras I own. The underwire gives the support 44DD's need. A shopping trip is in order for the new style and hopefully new colors will be in the store. I love color.
This bra rambling on is about my guy wearing a bra; me wanting to caress his nipples, lick his nipples and yes even making them hard as pebbles. I know I do! He may not want to admit it. So please give me another wake up call at 5:30 am. I want to know what you are wearing to work.

closing of a group

I am a assistant manager of a worldgroup group! LOL The manager of the group has been locked out of the group so he has asked that I approve members and postings. I have done that for him. There is very little traffic on that group. I post messages but rarely does anyone else. Many love to look at the photos that have been uploaded. Recently Rob has asked that I go ahead and shut done the group. Reluctantly I have begun to do that. I approved that last 2 members today. I will give them a chance to look over the group then one last time I will email the members telling them the group will be gone.

Rob is in poor health asks that he be kept in prayers. He was a Conservative speech writer before retiring. My kind of speech writer. I will miss the emails that we shared. He kept me on my conservatives toes. You can love your country but not always the people who run it.

Light a candle and keep Rob in your prayers, N

Shopping, again

Being away from home for a few days, has made me feel so tired. Then this week I have taught 18 classes in 2 days, helping students with online class work and assisting students find biographies for their 4Th quarter book reports/projects. My day didn't end at 3:18, one afternoon I was at a professional development class (the history of Loudoun County) and another day after school I was at a department meeting and this afternoon I was after school cutting letters for a new bulletin board. Last but not least completing my grant proposal for next school year. I am tired. So I am taking tomorrow off. Just to sleep in and to run needed errands here at home, stuff I can't do on the weekend. This Saturday my PD class meets for a field trip. I need a vacation. At least the weather has gotten a little better.

All those reasons are my excuses for not getting to my email this week. Just too tired to respond intelligently.I have emails from the friend who wants me to go shopping with him. His second email request included a story about how our shopping trip will go down. I have agreed to go shopping with him before but I know that is scary for him no matter how many emails he sends asking me to go shopping with him, it is his fantasy.

this is his story from the email:

We'd meet up at Leesburg Premium Corner, outside the Lane Bryant Outlet. We'd go in together, heading immediately to the lingerie section. If any of the sales staff asked, you would say we're shopping for bra and panties. They have a big table filled with satin panties. We would grab a bunch, and we would hold them up to each other. I would say that you would look cute in these, and you would hold them up to me saying these panties would be so cute on you, we should buy a matching pair. You would grab a few tops and skirts, and we would go into the dressing room together. I would try the bras on you, and you would see how I looked in the panties. You would be bottomless, and I would finger your pussy and asshole as you tried on bras. You would pull out my cock and rub it on the satin panties. We would then buy panties and bras, and you would ask if you could wear some of the items out. We'd go back in to the dressing room, where you would take off my pants, take my boxers away from me, and dress me in panties. We would then go to the Maidenform and Hanes outlets, where you would tell them you are looking for bras and panties to match my panties (pulling mine up to show them). We would repeat at Kohls. Very important ---- at some point either in the dressing room or the car you would blow me to completion, swallowing my load whole. You would also lick my asshole after you blew me. You in?

He has a good fantasy some day it may become more then a fantasy for him. Many talk but no one really walks the talk. I know that first hand.

On the Road, again

No pantie talk this morning, so my apologizes. But anyway.....

Yes, I am on the road again, living out of a suitcase for a few days. At least I get to be with family this week, running errands with them, it seems when I am with them it is an endless list of appointments and stuff to do. These trips aren't restful.

I did finally get my car washed. I have wanted to do that all winter but no car washes in my town! Once my car had its bath, I could put on the recent magnets I purchased at the Dulles Airport and the one from Florida which I got, after donating a few $$ to relay for life, the others I bought at the Americas Store waiting for my flight to Florida. I have always wanted a USA flag, finally found one and the other magnet I think speaks for how I feel about the newly elected officials in Washington. "I love my country, its the government I don't like". I have some intense discussions with a friend, he keeps me on my toes with all matters of the world. I keep my eyes wide open!

It is time to dress and get to another appointment, I need a vacation. This morning it will be pink underneath blue jeans and blouse.

So enjoy this glorious day but a sad day, this is the day HE gave his life for us.

Now I am rambling!!! waiting for my turn in the bathroom!!!


snuggled under my warm covers waiting to make the call in the morning sliding my fingers into my panties the first touch of the day over my unaroused clit and dry lips waiting to hear the voice that will begin a ride of pleasure slipping my hand under the pillow touching my dildo that is there the vibrator that is there pulling them both out first to slip the c__k into my mouth, wanting to feel the head and firmness desiring a c__k in my mouth to feel soft to firm to taste the first drops but not this morning slipping the vibrator between my lips to begin between the lips riding up and down accidentally touching my clit or is it on purpose? feeling the warmth begin the wetness to ease my dildo in but first to reach for the phone dial the number that will bring a pleasant start to my day there is a subdued hello and a laugh he laughs usually at this time, why? he tells me what panties he is wearing this morning he tells me he has on 2 panties, he can even tell me the brand and style, I am still amazed how guys in panties know brands and styles! i know he will cum with me this morning we do cum together it is the beginning of our day easing us into the real world of being awake and alive he has gotten more aggressive using words that arouse being explicit gone the nice nice words the aggressiveness brings me to higher heights more explosive orgasms if only he knew my secret? or should I tell him slipping my dildo in and out hearing his encouraging voice i am close so close, i hear his voice get deeper with anticipation so ready with him the words have gotten shorter, his voice gotten deeper i know he is so ready ready to explode with me, I am begging for him to cum with me, i hold waiting for that time to cum together then its there over the top together then a more subdued oh yeah! then in parting it is get out of bed lazy one, shower and get on to school we will talk later hanging up the phone, i don’t do as I am told immediately but stay in bed still aroused cumming again with the aid of my vibrator hearing the time, I now know it is time to rush into the kitchen put on the kettle for tea take the needed shower and dress for school

People Watching II

I did travel to Florida on Saturday. As I was waiting for my flight, I just had to sit back and watch people. I did spot a few watching me, why I have no clue except to say I was dressed in pink bra and panties and black; jeans, blouse (tank top, fitted nicely 44DD) with an over blouse of pink, white and black stripes. Anyway watching others is what I enjoy. The first person that comes to mind tonight is the lady that sat down near me, she had on white capris with her lace hi cut panties showing through, the lacy panties fit nice, no baggy panties on her. If I noticed I am certain others did. A couple of others caught my interest but they were 2 cute little girls watching their Dad wave at them to come to him. Those 2 little girls stood their ground until Dad came for them. Cute kids. No one else in the gate area caught my interest. But over time I seem to watch guys butts. I check them out looking for the round firm cheeks, that I would love to caress checking for panties. Its the firm curved cheeks that would fit perfectly into panties. There would be no bagginess but having the pantie cling to his cheeks, possibly showing a pantie line. I keep watching and hoping one day to catch a guy with firm cheeks in panties.

People Watcher

I will be headed to the airport in just a few minutes. I am getting abit anxious I don't know why, it just happens. I have traveled to many places by myself this time it just feels different.

I have checked emails and IMs even caught a few old friends online. One friend is in Kuwait to assist Georgetown University setting up the IT stuff in one of their buildings. He just arrived and I know already his family misses him. He has had some tragedy in his family this past year, beginning with losing his job in Arizona, his wife having breast cancer and now he is in the Middle East for a couple years. Hopefully his family will be able to join him during their summer break.

Then even an older friend caught me online. Being caught online probably has something to do with spring break, everyone is online. He is bi, he is one guy that I knew before moving to Virginia. He and I talk about everything and anything related to his sexuality. He has multiple fetishes, so many I wonder if he knows his sexual identity. He is cool, a computer wizard. You need to remember I am not a psychologist, I talk from my heart and experiences. Being discreet, honest, open, and non judging.

I do love to people watch. I guess it began when I noticed how people eat ice cream or french fries. Usually it is finger food that attracts me to watch people. If they could see themselves in the mirror just how erotic and sensual it is for them to eat finger foods, licking their fingers, letting their tongues slip around their lips. The next time you are eating fries, pay attention to how you eat them and how you lick your fingers to taste the seasonings. Better yet watch the person that is sitting across the table from you or next to you. Maybe a message is being sent to you and you haven't learned the secret code.

Guys in Panties

This is so strange, really it is. Repeatedly I get asked how or why I love guys in panties. Here is the answer.

Where to begin? I met a fireman, 6 years ago who wore panties and lingerie. When I first met him he introduced me to men in panties forums. I still do check in with those forums weekly. It still surprises me how many guys still order their lingerie by mail or if they have a girlfriend or wife the two of them shop together. Which I think is terrific! Lingerie is so sexy, sensual and erotic, keeps the relationship fresh. I love to see a masculine guy, all male in lingerie. It is such a turn on to touch and caress that guy in soft satiny silky lingerie. I do miss this part of my life, I know 'J' is really busy, too busy for his health, I want him to take time off from work so we can both enjoy what we find exciting and pleasurable. Talking this afternoon, I found out he is working over the weekend, again. Why does everyone need their cable/internet hook ups, I say to 'J' let them read, he laughs.

This week I heard from a friend, he lives very close by but we have never met. I have not sent him panties nor have I gone shopping for him. Doing any of those things would send him into frenzy! Its true many guys are fearful that others will find out. This week alone I had gotten several emails from him begging me to take time off from teaching to go shopping with him. Its not just selecting lingerie but also to join him in the fitting room. This wasn't the first time he has asked me to do this with him and it won't be the last. This is an absolute turn on for him to fantasize me joining him. I do encourage him to shop for himself, he does. He did go shopping, he sent me a list of what he purchased. I won't hear from him again until he has the urge to go lingerie shopping again. It would shake his foundation if I ever did agree to shop with him.

When someone finds out I am into guys in lingerie I don't push the issue. I will talk about it but not ask that guy to wear panties, pantie wearing guys is my fetish, not theirs. I have written stories about couples enjoying each others sexuality, they have a good relationship with each other, lingerie is the frosting on that relationship. Lingerie keeps that relationship fresh and exciting. My writings are fantasies. I don't know of many relationships that are solid when the husband wears lingerie. Some husbands hide their fetish waiting for that minute when the wife goes out or others wear lingerie routinely with the wife smirking or shrugging her shoulders. How sad! It breaks my heart. But that guy isn't mine, my guy is in the stories I write. He lets me into his life if only through the words I write.

On the forums many talk but few walk the talk. I know that because to walk the talk means moving in a forward direction, some prefer to stand still sinking deeper with each step, change is the step moving forward, this is scary and fearful. Now I wonder did 'P' purchase panties after reading one of my stories? for that answer I need to go to the forum and read.

Being Me

I have a friend that is in a very unsafe place in this world. He is a embedded Army journalist in Iraq. He has written a couple of books that I want others to take a look at, the first being 182 Days in Iraq and the second being Iraq in Pictures. The first book is Phil's life in Iraq for 6 months. I haven't gotten to far into the book because it is very tough for me to read. The dedication and prologue brought me to tears. My heart ached. I told Phil he owes me a box of tissues. But I will read it but probably in small doses. The second book is full of pictures that Phil and other Army soldiers had taken while they were in Iraq. Both books need to be looked at and read. The books illustrate why it is important for American troops and other troops to be in Iraq. I am one American that is proud of what our troops are doing in Iraq. I lived close to the World Trade Towers before 9/11, during the clean up and afterwards when everyone was trying to heal from that massacre. I know I can't come close to the war like place Phil is in right now, Camp Striker, but I know what it was like to have helicopters fly just above tree level going back and forth over Long Island and then going to the beach and seeing a US carrier sitting off the coast. No matter how you feel about the Iraq War, you must support the troops and pray for their safety every day.