snuggled under my warm covers waiting to make the call in the morning sliding my fingers into my panties the first touch of the day over my unaroused clit and dry lips waiting to hear the voice that will begin a ride of pleasure slipping my hand under the pillow touching my dildo that is there the vibrator that is there pulling them both out first to slip the c__k into my mouth, wanting to feel the head and firmness desiring a c__k in my mouth to feel soft to firm to taste the first drops but not this morning slipping the vibrator between my lips to begin between the lips riding up and down accidentally touching my clit or is it on purpose? feeling the warmth begin the wetness to ease my dildo in but first to reach for the phone dial the number that will bring a pleasant start to my day there is a subdued hello and a laugh he laughs usually at this time, why? he tells me what panties he is wearing this morning he tells me he has on 2 panties, he can even tell me the brand and style, I am still amazed how guys in panties know brands and styles! i know he will cum with me this morning we do cum together it is the beginning of our day easing us into the real world of being awake and alive he has gotten more aggressive using words that arouse being explicit gone the nice nice words the aggressiveness brings me to higher heights more explosive orgasms if only he knew my secret? or should I tell him slipping my dildo in and out hearing his encouraging voice i am close so close, i hear his voice get deeper with anticipation so ready with him the words have gotten shorter, his voice gotten deeper i know he is so ready ready to explode with me, I am begging for him to cum with me, i hold waiting for that time to cum together then its there over the top together then a more subdued oh yeah! then in parting it is get out of bed lazy one, shower and get on to school we will talk later hanging up the phone, i don’t do as I am told immediately but stay in bed still aroused cumming again with the aid of my vibrator hearing the time, I now know it is time to rush into the kitchen put on the kettle for tea take the needed shower and dress for school

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