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Pantie wearing is a fetish, you know I enjoy guys in panties. I am not even certain why I find pleasure in the lingerie fetish, to caress and feel the softness on a guy makes me aroused. It could be the silhouette, just as a guy dressed in slacks and shirt catches my attention. Other postings have alerted you to the fact I people watch. Being on the soccer field yesterday all afternoon, I did check out the guys to see how they dressed in their uniforms and how they presented themselves. It is the guy who takes care in how he dresses I consider 'more' beautiful. He can be wearing jeans and a t shirt or a business suit or something in between. Presentation of who you are begins on the outside only later to reveal the you on the inside.

To know that the guy I am with or talking to enjoys that same fetish is very pleasing. It is a society issue that tends not to accept guys in panties. It isn't discriminating. Go to and read the conversation over there! If our society and culture would let people be people, to enjoy themselves in whatever they endeavor many would have a happier life. I believe more people would be happy with themselves and their lives. When guys openly express to their SO their desire to wear lingerie it should add to the relationship but in some cases it hasn't. I am sorry for that, it hurts to hear a SO doesn't want to accept and enjoy his lingerie fetish. A guy is a guy, all man who simply enjoys lingerie. Enjoy the new excitement that the lingerie fetish brings to your relationship. Our parents in many ways have set in our minds what the world should look like, how to behave, what is 'normal' clothing for your sex. Guys in panties/lingerie aren’t gay or homosexuals. That is the fear so many SOs have. That the person they love isn’t the person who they thought they were.

I am not certain I have helped, your SO enjoys the lingerie to a point and that is good.

Please remember I am not a psychologist. and hold no degrees in mental health or behavioral science.

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