Let's talk about Howard. Remember Howard is the lawyer I know from another state. When I first met Howard he came to the meeting straight from court. Let me say it was November and cold but anyway he looked so rushed and disshevled. I believe his tie was untied and top button of his shirt undone, he must have had a long day in court. Nothing about him caught my eye. We had a good conversation, I signed some papers, he said he would get things moving along, I left the meeting hoping what he said was actually going to happen. Attire is so important.

Let me jump to Spring, I had to meet with Howard again, signed more papers, had a discussion but this time we met in his office. I knew from a conversation we had a week prior that he was going on vacation, he didnt mention where but when we met on that spring afternoon, I knew where he went. This beautiful gorgeous guy went to a warm climate and came back with a tan. But it wasnt the tan that really had me thinking about Howard in a non professional way. It was tough to stay tuned into the conversation. It was the way Howard was dressed. Even now when I have the image of him in my mind, I can yes to wanting to caress him, hoping under the slacks he would have panties on and under his mock turtleneck shirt a soft bra or camisole. It is one of the things I do when I see a gorgeous guy. I let myself think just how beautiful that gentleman would look wearing panties and bra. If I have enough time to think and watch without being caught I would even go beyond the panties and bra, perhaps a slip or a teddi. I was sent a site last night from a friend from downunder damn I know several items on that site I would love to purchase and send to a friend north of the border or even to a friend just a few miles down the road. Perhaps if either of them read this he might ask for the site. Possibly make purchases of their own, hey they might know the site as I write this posting.

Even the way Howard was seated in his office chair so relaxed, it was tough keeping my mind on the matters at hand. How do guys do it? Feet on the desk, reclined in the chair, fingers entwined together behind his head, just having an ordinary conversation. Not realizing what was going through my mind. By the way Howard did have shoes and socks on, socks matching his slacks. For me it is one of those items about guys, white socks have their place just not with dress slacks.

Guys take care when you dress this morning, I might be the one watching and wondering just how you wuld look in panties and bra!

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