At this very moment I am having a conversation with a guy that I haven't heard from in awhile. The last time was when his then girlfriend now wife found pictures of him in very sexy sensual erotic lingerie. I kept him on the friends list but sort of thought he was going to try to purge the panties and bras. And I didn't think he would be back online, at least not talking to me. As he has said and others have told me I am one of a kind, even unique in my understanding of the lingerie fetish. The wife understands his lingerie fetish accepts it to a degree, especially the panties, you know the standard line, its just underwear! But this friend from the UK has stayed with his lingerie fetish. He wears stockings, thigh highs so he doesn't shave the legs he said it would make his wife real uncomfortable. I like that, a husband who thinks of his spouse and her acceptance of his fetish. He is another 100% masculine guy who loves lingerie. Dresses in lingerie when he can, wears as often as he can without making the wife uncomfortable.

There are many guys who wear lingerie they look for another person who understands their 'fetish'. Someone who they can share pictures and have a conversation. They want a person who accepts them for being a guy without their sexual identity being challenged. I have had many of those types of conversations with guys from around the world. They say I am unique maybe so but what is upsetting many of these guys have wives who are frightened. Many of these wives worry their husband is gay or bi or somthing else. They worry they might lose their husband. Make the wife comfortable, like my UK friend dress up when she isn't around but also enjoy the parts of your fetish with her that makes her most comfortable. We all want to feel secure in our relationships. I must also add that any lingerie fetish of any kind, you or your spouse shouldn't be talked into doing something that doesn't make you both feel comfortable. A new friend found out about my love of guys in lingerie. He purchased panties. Yes he got a hard erection but don't most guys get an erection when they slip into panties. This fetish is more then wearing panties, to an extent it is a life style. Something you cant be talked into its more then snagging panties out of the clothes dryer for self pleasuring. I have lost panties from the dryer.

It's not only your fetish, its your spouses also, it's about relationship and comfort zone.


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