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I was in the middle of taking a shower this morning and realized I need to purchase shower gel/soap. I got to wondering just how many products I use as I get dressed in the morning. In the shower I use 4 products; shower soap, hair shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner has two purposes as most of us know. I also use a shower shaver under the arms, up and down the legs, and if time permits a touch up on the most sensitive area. Once out of the shower I use one maybe two more products. If the face feels too dry after the shower just a light touch of lotion. The other products deal with my teeth. My dentist has been getting on my case so I try to take extra care of them. Now to walk to the bedroom and get dressed. One more beauty product, the scent of lavender under the arms. Then slipping into lingerie, slacks and blouse, then socks. I don't wear stockings or pantyhose with my slacks, just too much clothing. With my shoes I wear a thin pair of anklet socks, matching of course to my slacks. I very rarely not match under the clothes. Then a quick look in the mirror to be certain everything is tucked in and looking just right. Go through the earrings to find the right pair to wear. They need to be better organized, some mornings I have to dump the tray on the bed to find a matching pair! That can be frustrating for me. Now to step back into the bathroom, eye drops so my eyes don't dry out, oh the pain of dry eyes. The finishing touches, makeup! OMG! look at the time! touch up under the eyes, a little color on the eyelids, a little mascara on the upper lashes only! Another quick look, looking good, lol!! Walk back into the bedroom slip into shoes as I reach for my fav cologne from Victoria Secrets. I love the scent, a spray up and down the arms, around the neck once into the hairbrush to run through my hair. Now I think I am ready to head to the front door. I can accomplish all this in 45 minutes!!! I didn't mention the hair drying either!

I count 14 items, how many products do you use as you are getting dressed in the morning? I never realized how many I used. Now to add up the expense maybe not, just to get out the door in the morning!!! Its amazing all the fuss and cost. But I do look good!!! LOL

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