Do you think guys should shave or wax down there?

For decades women have been shaving, waxing and Nairing their bikini line, and during the "Sex and the City" era, some of that grooming pressure was transferred to men. Well, the people at Gillette have declared ball shaving season, and even launched a series of instructional videos including "How to Shave Your Groin."Sure, women may like the look and feel of a less hairy man, but Gillette lets guys in on another advantage: "trimming the bush to make the tree look taller." This line is guaranteed to work on guys: if they can make themselves look more endowed just by shaving, why not give it a try?Now for the real question: do we really like our men shaved? Sure, some regular maintenance is appreciated, but do we need our guys hairless? Would it be strange for a guy to have less hair down there than we do?
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Its a Girl Thing

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Its a Girl thing!

Wives and Girlfriends

I am not a wife or girlfriend of a guy who enjoys the lingerie fetish. I have had guys ask why I find pleasure and enjoyment with guys in lingerie. I was slowly brought into the world of a pantie/lingerie fetish. I have a good friend or two who introduced me to this fetish. At times it is difficult for me to answer this question, but it is sensual, erotic and I get warm fuzzies all over. To be able to caress touch and slide hands over a guy in soft fabrics is erotic. My palms get itchy. I want to pleasure him in sexual ways as much as I want to be pleasured. I have been told I am unique one of a kind, I don't think I am. I am certain there are wives and girlfriends who would find pleasure with their guy in lingerie, wives and girl friends need to be brought carefully into the lingerie fetish world. To go beyond the lingerie fetish is another discussion.

You need to help your wife/girlfriend be comfortable with the pantie/lingerie fetish. I believe this to be important to a relationship. Taking the wife or girl friend into consideration will make any relationship stronger. Explaining your fetish may take time on your part. This acceptance will not happen over night if at all. Tolerance maybe the word instead of acceptance. Think, what are the right words, the right time and place. Definitely not after a long day coming in from work or when uncertain feelings arise or when other issues are being discussed. Don't wait to be 'caught'. To be caught is frightening to the wife or girlfriend. The feeling of being cheated on is difficult on the wife or girlfriend. It is more then the cheating it is a sense of betrayal and fear of abandonment. It is a emotional roller coaster for women. Like any new development in a relationship you need to explain or discuss your pantie fetish handling it carefully. Dragging out all your lingerie at the beginning probably isn't a good place to begin. Neither is flaunting your fetish in her face. Don't even bother with self portraits you have taken. You need to use your words to explain your desire for wearing lingerie. At the same time you need to talk about your sexuality. She might think right away that you are gay or bi anything but heterosexual. You need to explain how wearing panties makes you feel, why you like to wear panties and possibly other items. Just mentioning anything related to the idea that it makes you feel feminine or you like the girly feeling you get when wearing lingerie will scare her, if you are into wearing womens clothing that is for another discussion. Its a concept most women don't or won't understand. Remember she got into the relationship because she thought you were all guy, 100% masculine any other sexual identity will have her concerned about her role in the relationship. What role will she have in the relationship? Will she be competing with you, who has the more beautiful lingerie or who looks better wearing the lingerie. You enjoying your fetish isn't a competition with your wife or girlfriend. Remember she got into this relationship knowing or thinking you were all guy. This might take time for her to accept and trust you once she acknowledges your lingerie fetish. Once she acknowledges your fetish her trust will need to be restored. The doubts will be there and the questions will resurface, especially at times when she sees more items being bought. Don't be selfish there 2 of you in the relationship, it's not all about you.

Women are emotional sexual beings. Which makes us different from men, when dealing with relationship issues. We deal with issues with our hearts first, then we deal with issues using our heads.


At this very moment I am having a conversation with a guy that I haven't heard from in awhile. The last time was when his then girlfriend now wife found pictures of him in very sexy sensual erotic lingerie. I kept him on the friends list but sort of thought he was going to try to purge the panties and bras. And I didn't think he would be back online, at least not talking to me. As he has said and others have told me I am one of a kind, even unique in my understanding of the lingerie fetish. The wife understands his lingerie fetish accepts it to a degree, especially the panties, you know the standard line, its just underwear! But this friend from the UK has stayed with his lingerie fetish. He wears stockings, thigh highs so he doesn't shave the legs he said it would make his wife real uncomfortable. I like that, a husband who thinks of his spouse and her acceptance of his fetish. He is another 100% masculine guy who loves lingerie. Dresses in lingerie when he can, wears as often as he can without making the wife uncomfortable.

There are many guys who wear lingerie they look for another person who understands their 'fetish'. Someone who they can share pictures and have a conversation. They want a person who accepts them for being a guy without their sexual identity being challenged. I have had many of those types of conversations with guys from around the world. They say I am unique maybe so but what is upsetting many of these guys have wives who are frightened. Many of these wives worry their husband is gay or bi or somthing else. They worry they might lose their husband. Make the wife comfortable, like my UK friend dress up when she isn't around but also enjoy the parts of your fetish with her that makes her most comfortable. We all want to feel secure in our relationships. I must also add that any lingerie fetish of any kind, you or your spouse shouldn't be talked into doing something that doesn't make you both feel comfortable. A new friend found out about my love of guys in lingerie. He purchased panties. Yes he got a hard erection but don't most guys get an erection when they slip into panties. This fetish is more then wearing panties, to an extent it is a life style. Something you cant be talked into its more then snagging panties out of the clothes dryer for self pleasuring. I have lost panties from the dryer.

It's not only your fetish, its your spouses also, it's about relationship and comfort zone.


Roaring Ocean

This morning I woke up with the ocean roaring, a gentle breeze and quiet. I made a cup of tea and walked out to the ocean. With the waves crashing on the beach, sat down to watch the sun come up. I miss the ocean, the roar of the waves crashing on the beach. Even the quietness when the beach is deserted. Hopefully the beach will be quiet for a few more minutes. Its a long weekend and the first weekend of a promising summer.

Before I could take a 15 minute drive and be at the beach. I would go early in the morning to watch the sun come up. Its peaceful if you can call the ocean peaceful. I have seen the ocean when it was angry, waves rushing in churning up the sand. I have seen the ocean when it was silent, still and smooth as a piece of glass. I have been to the beach when a storm has came in, and when a storm is in the distance, listening for sound of thunder then watching for the lightening bolts. When the storm has passed over wishing for a rainbow to appear. I have seen many rainbows; a double rainbow (one inside the other), then the other day after a terrible storm the brightest rainbow appeared with colors so distinct and bright. I watched this rainbow from the rear view mirror of my car.

Today, it was very early in the morning when I arrived. I had to drive several hours to get to the beach. So I could take a cup of tea, walk out to see the ocean. Being at the beach for a day or two will be restful. There is something about watching the ocean come in, high tide then low tide. I am not certain I can explain it but its that feeling, the salt air, the breeze and the cold water on the toes, then scrambling back when a wave breaks. Its just is.....
Now this evening, I will watch the sunset at the beach, this time with a margarita enjoying the quiet to come as all the families go home. Listening again to the crash of the waves as they roar onto the beach. Walking along the shoreline stopping to pick up a shell or two. I have an assortment of shells, I collect as reminders of my walks on the shore, the coast. What is so amazing, I can walk along the shore here and know this same ocean with its waves is crashing onto a distance beach just up the coast.

Its just so amazing ...

Memorial Day

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This weekend we as Americans celebrate Memorial Day. If you come up to NYC, it is fleet week. Many military folks will be around taking in the sights of the city. Take the time to say Thank You. They are doing a job that keeps us all safe. Not just today from terrorists but in years past WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Iraq and Afghanistan we have been kept safe. Then of course thank all the military folks stationed around the world they should not be forgotten.

This weekend especially display the Stars and Stripes with pride. Don't own the Stars and Stripes then this is the weekend to purchase a flag and display it with pride. We have lots to be thankful for and to be proud of every day.


A couple of days ago I had a conversation with a friend. I am not certain how to describe him; like most he is all guy but loves lingerie and is as kinky as hell. For some reason he likes to test me. He knows me, he knows I am open minded and won't judge him. He asked once again about guys wearing skirts. I am trying to remember if there are other guys that I know from different forums that would wear a skirt for everyday wear,there isn't. I do believe Steven is the only guy I know that wants to be able to wear a skirt to work instead of dress slacks. In the last couple of days I have heard about 2 guys; where wearing a skirt wasn't acceptable. In one case the man was harassed by a police officer. The second item was an incident at a middle school the student wanted to wear a kilt but the principal told the boy that the outfit could be misconstrued as cross-dressing. So much for open mindedness.

The discussion goes back to what our society will permit guys to wear. It seems acceptable for girls (women, ladies and females) to wear whatever fashion or style we want. I wear slacks more often then skirts because of my profession, its easier. So why not guys in skirts. Just remember wearing a skirt isn't the same as wearing slacks, especially when bending over and on windy days! My next statement may get me into trouble but a skirt coordinated with his jacket and shirt is appropriate. (OT: that could get my mind wandering.) I always tell Steven go for it. He does try a lot of stuff, he wears lingerie under his suit each day. I hope there will come a day when he will take the step and wear a skirt to work. I also know he wouldn't do anything that would make his wife feel uncomfortable. What a good guy!

Guys wear shorts (all different lengths), and bathing suits why not a skirt? Show off the legs!

Rascal Flatts

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Here Comes Goodbye

Beauty Products

I was in the middle of taking a shower this morning and realized I need to purchase shower gel/soap. I got to wondering just how many products I use as I get dressed in the morning. In the shower I use 4 products; shower soap, hair shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner has two purposes as most of us know. I also use a shower shaver under the arms, up and down the legs, and if time permits a touch up on the most sensitive area. Once out of the shower I use one maybe two more products. If the face feels too dry after the shower just a light touch of lotion. The other products deal with my teeth. My dentist has been getting on my case so I try to take extra care of them. Now to walk to the bedroom and get dressed. One more beauty product, the scent of lavender under the arms. Then slipping into lingerie, slacks and blouse, then socks. I don't wear stockings or pantyhose with my slacks, just too much clothing. With my shoes I wear a thin pair of anklet socks, matching of course to my slacks. I very rarely not match under the clothes. Then a quick look in the mirror to be certain everything is tucked in and looking just right. Go through the earrings to find the right pair to wear. They need to be better organized, some mornings I have to dump the tray on the bed to find a matching pair! That can be frustrating for me. Now to step back into the bathroom, eye drops so my eyes don't dry out, oh the pain of dry eyes. The finishing touches, makeup! OMG! look at the time! touch up under the eyes, a little color on the eyelids, a little mascara on the upper lashes only! Another quick look, looking good, lol!! Walk back into the bedroom slip into shoes as I reach for my fav cologne from Victoria Secrets. I love the scent, a spray up and down the arms, around the neck once into the hairbrush to run through my hair. Now I think I am ready to head to the front door. I can accomplish all this in 45 minutes!!! I didn't mention the hair drying either!

I count 14 items, how many products do you use as you are getting dressed in the morning? I never realized how many I used. Now to add up the expense maybe not, just to get out the door in the morning!!! Its amazing all the fuss and cost. But I do look good!!! LOL

Have you been Replaced

Self pleasuring is self gratifying, it doesnt replace the real thing. I have toys, a couple I keep under my bed pillows, within reach, others i keep in the dresser drawer. Self pleasing occurs daily. It is a good start to my day and a especially nice way to end a stress filled day.
So have you been replaced?


Let's talk about Howard. Remember Howard is the lawyer I know from another state. When I first met Howard he came to the meeting straight from court. Let me say it was November and cold but anyway he looked so rushed and disshevled. I believe his tie was untied and top button of his shirt undone, he must have had a long day in court. Nothing about him caught my eye. We had a good conversation, I signed some papers, he said he would get things moving along, I left the meeting hoping what he said was actually going to happen. Attire is so important.

Let me jump to Spring, I had to meet with Howard again, signed more papers, had a discussion but this time we met in his office. I knew from a conversation we had a week prior that he was going on vacation, he didnt mention where but when we met on that spring afternoon, I knew where he went. This beautiful gorgeous guy went to a warm climate and came back with a tan. But it wasnt the tan that really had me thinking about Howard in a non professional way. It was tough to stay tuned into the conversation. It was the way Howard was dressed. Even now when I have the image of him in my mind, I can yes to wanting to caress him, hoping under the slacks he would have panties on and under his mock turtleneck shirt a soft bra or camisole. It is one of the things I do when I see a gorgeous guy. I let myself think just how beautiful that gentleman would look wearing panties and bra. If I have enough time to think and watch without being caught I would even go beyond the panties and bra, perhaps a slip or a teddi. I was sent a site last night from a friend from downunder damn I know several items on that site I would love to purchase and send to a friend north of the border or even to a friend just a few miles down the road. Perhaps if either of them read this he might ask for the site. Possibly make purchases of their own, hey they might know the site as I write this posting.

Even the way Howard was seated in his office chair so relaxed, it was tough keeping my mind on the matters at hand. How do guys do it? Feet on the desk, reclined in the chair, fingers entwined together behind his head, just having an ordinary conversation. Not realizing what was going through my mind. By the way Howard did have shoes and socks on, socks matching his slacks. For me it is one of those items about guys, white socks have their place just not with dress slacks.

Guys take care when you dress this morning, I might be the one watching and wondering just how you wuld look in panties and bra!