Is PFM back?

I am wasting some time this morning before heading out to a school conference. So having this time I went looking to find out if pantiesetc came back online. No Such Luck. There are times I miss the site and all the folks that left posts. But also I knew pantiesformen crashed as well during that time when petc disappeared. But low and behold, pfm is back. Doesn't look to be a good following at this point. I will not advocate for that site ever, but it is up with an all new look. my old log-in to the site doesn't work and what I browsed I wouldn't go back to it. The site doesn't have that friends attitude or look as before.
Its getting late and I need to dress for the conference the only good thing the meetings are just around the corner from me a 5 minute drive.

Be careful over the weekend, we are in for lots of rain. Whatever happened to winter and snow?