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expire end of august

personal issue

Since the sites I used to post on have crashed or just disappeared, I am posting here and hoping those who know me can keep me in their prayers.

I have had breast surgery back in 1996, well this is happening again. Not certain when or how complicated the surgery will be as of today. I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


Double Divas

It's a new program on one of the cable stations, Lifetime. The lingerie shop is in Atlanta and proclaims to be the sexiest underwear shop in the city.  From what I have seen of the show I would agree. One show I happen to catch, was a show when the seamstress tried to create a 'brobra' for guys. The bra wasn't very sexy but then again the bra was being created so that a guys nipples wouldn't rub raw on his athletic clothing during a work out. Go figure!

I haven't seen any guys in the shop so I don't know if they would help out a guy to make purchases. if you happen to be in the Atlanta area drop in and let us know.