Lace Panties for Guys

I love lace and I love guys in panties put them together I love guys in lace panties.

These lace panties are 100% lace and 100% designed for men. I know this will be somewhat contentious for some men, who prefer their panties to be made for women, but for those who have been waiting for lingerie manufacturers to get around to giving men some visually appealing underwear they may be very welcome indeed. Also for those men whose partners whine when they don’t wear ‘men’s underwear’ – well, here’s your men’s underwear!

Happy New Year 2012

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2012.
I have put several items for sale up on Ebay. 2 items sold, thank you to those folks for making the purchases. I have several new itmes up on Ebay, so please take a look for purple items. I have made a few purchases over the years and just never got the reason to wear the items. Instead of giving them away to the GoodWill I am trying to sell these items. Also which is a very good thing the sizes are just too big for me know. The items listed on Ebay have been hanging in the closet. So go ahead look thru Ebay and possible make a purchase. I know 2 items are being watched as of this moment.

I will probably put up 2 items for Valentine's Day. Beautiful Bra and Panty set  in red, deep jeweled tone red.

this item sold on Ebay just this week