Being Me

I have a friend that is in a very unsafe place in this world. He is a embedded Army journalist in Iraq. He has written a couple of books that I want others to take a look at, the first being 182 Days in Iraq and the second being Iraq in Pictures. The first book is Phil's life in Iraq for 6 months. I haven't gotten to far into the book because it is very tough for me to read. The dedication and prologue brought me to tears. My heart ached. I told Phil he owes me a box of tissues. But I will read it but probably in small doses. The second book is full of pictures that Phil and other Army soldiers had taken while they were in Iraq. Both books need to be looked at and read. The books illustrate why it is important for American troops and other troops to be in Iraq. I am one American that is proud of what our troops are doing in Iraq. I lived close to the World Trade Towers before 9/11, during the clean up and afterwards when everyone was trying to heal from that massacre. I know I can't come close to the war like place Phil is in right now, Camp Striker, but I know what it was like to have helicopters fly just above tree level going back and forth over Long Island and then going to the beach and seeing a US carrier sitting off the coast. No matter how you feel about the Iraq War, you must support the troops and pray for their safety every day.


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