On the Road, again

No pantie talk this morning, so my apologizes. But anyway.....

Yes, I am on the road again, living out of a suitcase for a few days. At least I get to be with family this week, running errands with them, it seems when I am with them it is an endless list of appointments and stuff to do. These trips aren't restful.

I did finally get my car washed. I have wanted to do that all winter but no car washes in my town! Once my car had its bath, I could put on the recent magnets I purchased at the Dulles Airport and the one from Florida which I got, after donating a few $$ to relay for life, the others I bought at the Americas Store waiting for my flight to Florida. I have always wanted a USA flag, finally found one and the other magnet I think speaks for how I feel about the newly elected officials in Washington. "I love my country, its the government I don't like". I have some intense discussions with a friend, he keeps me on my toes with all matters of the world. I keep my eyes wide open!

It is time to dress and get to another appointment, I need a vacation. This morning it will be pink underneath blue jeans and blouse.

So enjoy this glorious day but a sad day, this is the day HE gave his life for us.

Now I am rambling!!! waiting for my turn in the bathroom!!!

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