I did it, today

I left a posting a few days ago about a group, I was the assistant manager. Today since I am home, the group has been deleted. It is very hard because it is like saying good bye to someone you have told your deepest darkest secrets to and now that person is gone. Its like a part of you has died, left a hole in a place that was once filled by friends across the internet.

Saying good bye to friends has always been tough for me. Even tougher when they just stop IMing, emailing and talking. What is worse you get caught up in your own world of stuff when one day you realize they are gone, you haven't heard from them in a few days, you leave an IM only to not have it replied to. Then you know they are gone not saying bye just leaving.

my heart hurts, i don't like good byes. but i guess no one really does. so u stop the emails, and the IMs and you turn off the cell phone because you know that person will not be there to answer your call.

life hurts at times.

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