People Watching II

I did travel to Florida on Saturday. As I was waiting for my flight, I just had to sit back and watch people. I did spot a few watching me, why I have no clue except to say I was dressed in pink bra and panties and black; jeans, blouse (tank top, fitted nicely 44DD) with an over blouse of pink, white and black stripes. Anyway watching others is what I enjoy. The first person that comes to mind tonight is the lady that sat down near me, she had on white capris with her lace hi cut panties showing through, the lacy panties fit nice, no baggy panties on her. If I noticed I am certain others did. A couple of others caught my interest but they were 2 cute little girls watching their Dad wave at them to come to him. Those 2 little girls stood their ground until Dad came for them. Cute kids. No one else in the gate area caught my interest. But over time I seem to watch guys butts. I check them out looking for the round firm cheeks, that I would love to caress checking for panties. Its the firm curved cheeks that would fit perfectly into panties. There would be no bagginess but having the pantie cling to his cheeks, possibly showing a pantie line. I keep watching and hoping one day to catch a guy with firm cheeks in panties.

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