Guys in Panties

This is so strange, really it is. Repeatedly I get asked how or why I love guys in panties. Here is the answer.

Where to begin? I met a fireman, 6 years ago who wore panties and lingerie. When I first met him he introduced me to men in panties forums. I still do check in with those forums weekly. It still surprises me how many guys still order their lingerie by mail or if they have a girlfriend or wife the two of them shop together. Which I think is terrific! Lingerie is so sexy, sensual and erotic, keeps the relationship fresh. I love to see a masculine guy, all male in lingerie. It is such a turn on to touch and caress that guy in soft satiny silky lingerie. I do miss this part of my life, I know 'J' is really busy, too busy for his health, I want him to take time off from work so we can both enjoy what we find exciting and pleasurable. Talking this afternoon, I found out he is working over the weekend, again. Why does everyone need their cable/internet hook ups, I say to 'J' let them read, he laughs.

This week I heard from a friend, he lives very close by but we have never met. I have not sent him panties nor have I gone shopping for him. Doing any of those things would send him into frenzy! Its true many guys are fearful that others will find out. This week alone I had gotten several emails from him begging me to take time off from teaching to go shopping with him. Its not just selecting lingerie but also to join him in the fitting room. This wasn't the first time he has asked me to do this with him and it won't be the last. This is an absolute turn on for him to fantasize me joining him. I do encourage him to shop for himself, he does. He did go shopping, he sent me a list of what he purchased. I won't hear from him again until he has the urge to go lingerie shopping again. It would shake his foundation if I ever did agree to shop with him.

When someone finds out I am into guys in lingerie I don't push the issue. I will talk about it but not ask that guy to wear panties, pantie wearing guys is my fetish, not theirs. I have written stories about couples enjoying each others sexuality, they have a good relationship with each other, lingerie is the frosting on that relationship. Lingerie keeps that relationship fresh and exciting. My writings are fantasies. I don't know of many relationships that are solid when the husband wears lingerie. Some husbands hide their fetish waiting for that minute when the wife goes out or others wear lingerie routinely with the wife smirking or shrugging her shoulders. How sad! It breaks my heart. But that guy isn't mine, my guy is in the stories I write. He lets me into his life if only through the words I write.

On the forums many talk but few walk the talk. I know that because to walk the talk means moving in a forward direction, some prefer to stand still sinking deeper with each step, change is the step moving forward, this is scary and fearful. Now I wonder did 'P' purchase panties after reading one of my stories? for that answer I need to go to the forum and read.


  1. That is nice candy

  2. I am a man that wears panties everyday, one thong, then a full pantie over that for support, my girlfried of 2 years absolutly loves it, feeling them on me, its an incredible turn on and made our sex life more then I ever could have ever imagined, thanks for this site, sincirly slc, ut.

  3. that is hot and you should go shopping with him i love to shop to and would love it if someone came with me