panties and bras

You will need to use your imagination to make that bra red like mine.

I really do try to match my panties and bra. Sometimes they aren't actually sets but the same color and fabric. I recently found my red bra and panties in the drawer. My lingerie drawer is over stuffed. You could walk into my bedroom and find panties and bras laying on top of the dresser. Its amazing I can find matching colors let alone matching sets at 5:30 am with that mess. I bought my red panties and bra for Valentines Day this year. Last Valentines Day I bought heart covered panties. This year solid red. I don't own alot of red clothing but this set I like, is red a sexy color?? Right now I am in pink underneath.
I really like the red bra. It is one of those molded type, my breasts fit nice and smooth inside the cups. I even think it is a nicer fitting bra then the lace and embroidered bras I own. The underwire gives the support 44DD's need. A shopping trip is in order for the new style and hopefully new colors will be in the store. I love color.
This bra rambling on is about my guy wearing a bra; me wanting to caress his nipples, lick his nipples and yes even making them hard as pebbles. I know I do! He may not want to admit it. So please give me another wake up call at 5:30 am. I want to know what you are wearing to work.

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